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    Wow….regardless of the genre, and they say albs don’t sell. You (read: artist) give your fans good music they will flock to iTunes/stores. #facts

    Rappers take notes.

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  • troof

    Kanye lost.

  • LikeJordan45

    Son has an incredible body of work, strong marketing presence & 7 years of anticipation behind him….well deserved numbers. Hopefully someone in Hip Hop (and outside of YMCMB) tops this number by year’s end

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  • Donn

    Well deserved!!!


    980k units, god damn, i aint seen numbers like that since the 90s

  • shit

    Rap is different when it comes to sales because any little nigglet knows how to download albums and rappers put 2 mixtapes out before an album..when was the last time you seen JT saying this album is gonna be a “classic” and best album of the decade and putting out MIXTAPES..Its just different

  • Capricorn Religion

    “If the tally holds up, it

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  • ayyeee

    A good body of work,great promotion, and being white can get you plat in a week lol congrats tho.

  • WindyCityG72

    its not surprising, although I was thinking more like 650k-750k range but then again dude is on SNL, Target commercials. Getting out what you put in basically . doesn’t happen much

  • onla

    weezy numbers.

  • JT put in that work. Super congrats!

  • mundL

    album is trash pop

  • rahrahrah

    What is the ratio of black to white in America? That’s what makes it so incredible when we do crossover. This is like d’angelo selling 180,000.

  • Deee

    That’s because WHITE People….. If you can cross over to having white people like your music then your good. Blacks don’t support each other like whites support each other. White people love Wayne as ignorant as he is.

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.


  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.


  • mike



    JT is shittin on ya favourite nigga FACT!

  • markmyword

    this dude has nothing to do with hip-hop..why is this posted here..RR has become a joke just like that dude’s singng….fake crooner who uses black and hip hop culture as a means of making himself cool and then alienates himself at his convienence

  • Black Shady

    Good lord……….I never thought we’d see that type of numbers anymore…


  • ***BLACK MIRROR***


  • Hating Is For Suckas

    True statement @Mac diesel… But funny thing is you be hating on every artist on Rap Radar lol. Straight hypocritical statement even though its true lol

  • Come Get Me

    So now the top r&b artist is white and the top rapper is white. Hhmmmmm that must just burn these guys in the comment section up. And they call it black culture. Ha!!

  • Evil

    Good shit.
    JT stays winning,Kanye lost.

  • it’s the roc

    besides the fact that he’s white, you have to admit, this was the best and most cleverly promoted album in a long long time. maybe since get rich or die trying.

  • Hating Is For Suckas

    @come get me, who is this top white rapper? JT goes in and I’m assuming your talking about Em who isn’t the top rapper but he goes too.

  • Yeezus Christ

    its not like justin has a ginormous fanbase or anything…. smh dumbasses we have been waiting for his return to music and he puts out nothing but quality pop music, he also has a past you know…. cough N Sync cough

  • White Lightning

    LOL. Still with the “White Fan” shit. Come off it you bunch of racist fucks. Black people are the most racist people on this planet. Every single thing eventually comes down to race with you guys. You all act like you the victims still and if you think people still got sympathy for that shit then you’re wrong. Everybody bored of your whining. That’s 2002 when Ali G came out with that “Is It Cos I Is Black” shit. Black rappers that a lot of you on here try to compare to JT, people like fucking Gucci and Wacka are the wackest things out. That’s why they ain’t selling. Not because of the colour of they skin.

    Ignorant people, stuck in your ways. Lol.

  • the brain trust

    Happy for dude.

    Put out the best album i’ve heard this year.

    And of course, I copped it

  • That Guy

    Cosign @***BLACK MIRROR***

    @ markmyword, Hip-hop came to him, all he did was do him. Only 10 tracks, only 1 feature, and he moves almost a mill units, meaning it is all him; have to respect and recognize the talent. Why disparage the guy if he receives world-wide appeal while not selling out, that’s only commendable. Good for you JT.

  • Man I see people making excuses and wanting to bring up the race arguments and who has what kind of fans and why this music is supported vs hip hop fans not supporting and what not.

    I think the fact here is that dude made a quality album that doesn’t sound like anything else out and he allowed his fans to stream it entirely for free one week before the release date with the pre-order link directly under it. His label was entirely behind his promotional push and got him on all the right outlets before his release date and being a resident on Jimmy Fallon for a full week before your release date also helps.

    Personally I think GREAT marketing backed by over good music pushed this album to surpass even initial sales forecasts.

    The point we in Hip Hop need to take note of is simply putting out good music. That is where we have gone wrong as a culture, to think that people want to hear the cookie cutter bullshit is just obsurd to me.

    And don’t bring up the white fan base argument because 90% of these rappers will tell you that is majority white people at their shows right now. Rappers have a huge white fanbase right now but the quality of the music is shit and the labels aren’t promoting their albums like they used to be. Get these guys on the right media outlets and infront of the people who are buying albums with good music and people will buy it no doubt.

  • John John

    I too cosign @ BLACK MIRROR. Good Music will always do big #’s. I wasn’t a big fan of his Suit & Tie single but the rest of his album is pretty tight. I give props when props are due even if it aint hip hop. Congrats Just

  • Kendrick

    @white lightning.

    If I was white, I’d still be saying the same shit. Whether u dig it or not, it comes down to that shit (white fans) Now, I don’t compare JT to any other rapper, artist, etc. Dude is talented in his own right, but there are a lot of soccer moms, middle class suburbia, blue collar workers etc… (most likely white) that are gonna go cop this JT album before they attempt to get anything urban. U gotta be easy on the hostility and think logically G. It is what it is. At the end of the day it still comes down to race. Ma fuckas out here in 2013 hatin on the President b/c of his skin; so u already know what the deal is.

  • KingTut

    @Kendrick for president. Bang on the money there homie. Race is still a major factor in 2013. FACT!


    Jay z bought half of them

  • DJ Game

    I bought three copies (2 vinyl, 1 cd for my car). I bought three copies of Kendrick Lamar’s debut as well (2 vinyl, 1 cd for my car). Put out good music, we will buy it. It’s simple.

  • Tbones

    All these niggas above postulating abt why JT sold that much are missing the main point. JT is a dope pop artist, is well promoted and is well supported by the fans that spend dollars the most on music or any other thing for that matter. Black peeps dont buy shit n consequently dont support their artists. There is a reason why Nas’s Illmatic arguably the dopest hip hop album of all time did just a milli plus n a modern day classic in Life is Good did just gold. It was mainly geared towards the black hood and Nas dont have too many white fans cos he makes them uncomfortable with the things he says and stands for.

    On the other hand rappers like LIl wayne, Jay, Eminem have huge white fan bases and will continue to do good numbers. Note Jay n Em are dope rappers and deserve to sell, while Lil Wayne is just plain retarded now n still sells cos the white peeps that spend their money love him regardless.

    In a nutshell, blacks like us dnt support enough our fave artists. although i am an exception cos i out my money whr my mouth is.


    @ B.DOT

  • Devante

    That’s what happends when you make music that appeal to everyone…

  • JHP

    JT has a large fanbase, his marketing and promotion has been excellent, radio play and single downloads high, and people have been waiting seven years. And then on top of all that, the music is great; he was initially expected to do like 600k and now he’s pretty much around 1 Milli; I credit that to positive word of mouth, it’s not really a surprise.

  • cmon fool

    goooooooooood damn it i thought this dude was gonna do like 100-200k jesus!!! i need to cop this album

  • cmon fool

    lol what you mean aint seen numbers like that since the 90’s… carter 4 and 3 did a million first week
    tylor swift too i think

  • In all honesty this isn’t rap news. U guys should start promoting Taylor Swifts album sells along with Lady Gaga and Adele. Or just change the sites name. UrbanRadar, PopRadar, TopRadar anything but Rap because this ain’t rap. PS if u thought JT was gonna sell anything less u don’t understand how the music business works. What’s truly sad is how Jay Z is attaching himself to this mans music success.

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  • Jungle

    @ Come Get Me
    There wouldn’t be a Justin Timberlake had it not been for “black culture”. Who produced his album? A black man. Where did Justin get his crooner style from? Black culture. We run this music sh*t. Whites can’t even claim Rock music as their own. Rock is an extension on Jazz and the Blues. Pipe down buddy, Ha!

  • ScHoolboy Q

    damn Justin eatin

  • mika

    @White Lightening
    Would you mention what you wrote to an African American in person? Highly doubt it. Don’t frequent sites that have an African culture basis if you don’t want to see our opinions nucka

  • Hawt

    justin reppin Memphis so i cant hate on the blue-eyed soulman, Tmbaland went in with the beats to.

  • Nova

    Good lawd!!!!

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  • skrillaxe

    cosign Jungle with the exception of the Beatles and basically ALL of that crazy heavy metal shit – see Elvis & Mic Jager

  • Bo Nation

    Bottom Line…If you enjoy pussy or enjoy just bein around pussy then you will definately need to cop this. Im a hip hop nut but you cant listen to hip hop 24/7…especially if you with a lil honey or sumthin. You gotta have balance. The fact that Timbo produced a good amount of this album also made it thump like it was hip hop even though this is an r&b album(not pop). Fact is with good quality music, great promotion, a mainstream fanbase and the fact that he was in one of the biggest boy bands ever it really should be no surprise he did these numbers.

  • Bo Nation

    This is what happens when good promotion, good quality music, impeccable promotion and a mainstream fanbase collide.Fact is its a good album. People tend to forget that he was in one of the biggest boy bands in America so these numbers arent really new to him…its just been awhile since he seen them.

  • Big Ups to Justin Timberlake


    Why are you all surprised? JT is one of te last true STARS/CELEBRITIES out. All these new acts are just POPULAR, there is a difference. JT has always been a likable character, on film an musically. You naturally just want to see him win. He is doing what he is suppossed to do. He was super tight with AALIYAH, he got love from black filks across the board. He is fucking soulful, give him his due.

    Salute the man, he earned that.


    You couldve made a smart point IF you didnt generalize EVERY BLACK PERSON with your lil hypothesis, there. We all dont look alike or think alike. The moment you make a generalized notion, you make yerself as ignorant as your case study specimen.

    Add on that if u like.

    JT did that tho. Good shit.

  • Hol’Up

    Remember he’s not just an artist but an actor too! More fanbase than anyone

  • brollya

    i bought this cd…. this go in… a real randb cd

  • Almost anything that Jigga man touches goes Plat.

  • Slik

    At this point, the only two people in Hip Hop who can realistically reach these sort of numbers are Eminem and Wayne. However, wayne will have to drop Carter V and it can’t be anything like Carter IV. Em has some real chances of maybe reaching such high figures. Anyone other rapper has no chance.

  • I am sure that 20/20 will be the best sold album of the year. One thing i like much for JT is that he is songwriter. When he sings a song he knows the actual meaning of the words comming out of his mouth. Thats why his second solo album is giving him such a boost.

  • King

    Fact is just put out good music w/o shit load of features and its gonna sell

  • crysis

    @kendrick name one president that wasnt hated on do tell me please you ignorant f**K.

  • Peekay

    R&B Radar
    Not a fan of the music but those are impressive numbers!

  • Besides the fact that he’s making the best MAINSTREAM GROWN UP R&B out there, white people just have a different respect for their established artists.

    Niggas don’t do nothing but try to tear down our legends, shit, we don’t even acknowledge them as legends half the time. I bet you Bruce Springsteen & Aretha Franklin could go on a tour across the whole world, and 95% of the crowd would be there to see him. And that’s our “Queen” supposedly. Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston had to die for niggas to act like they loved their music, and that lasted for like a week. SMDH….

  • nigga creep

    I thought this was RAP RADAR? Justin makes corny POP music. If you gonna post about this clowns sales, then you might as well post about my fav. snowbunny Taylor swift. Get back to the rap shit you weak ass blogging niggas.

  • White Lightning


    My best friend of 15 years is Nigerian. I know you or anyone else didn’t accuse me, but don’t think for one second my comment was meant to be racially insulting in anyway. Me and him talk about all kinds of shit and some things we agree on and some we don’t. However, this is one thing he fully agreed with. It’s not about any colour of fans buying music, it’s about hitting mainstream. Once you do that you gonna have every fucking race buying your shit.


    JT won. Timbo won. kanye lost

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  • David M

    J Cole will too him…

  • Who buys this crap?