• Dashing

    Off -the-top freestyles. Respect.

  • zeee

    these young wipper snappers cant free style for shit. mystikal probably saying in his mind…. i don’t even have to say it yall know

  • Slim Baller

    I like schoolboyQ and I like “yay yay” ,

    But his drug raps are getting old

  • matrix

    lol mystikal like na youngin no writtens spit a freestyle lol…

  • it’s the roc

    mystikal, yes. schoolboy q, no.

  • real talk

    schoolboy q really bad on this

  • Shooga

    You know Q be high as shit everytime he tries to freestyle his brain lags lol.

  • E!

    Mystikal is a classic artist. A Soul man.
    Q dropped the ball on this

  • The Wise

    Havent watched the clip yet but bet my bOii Mystikal Killed school boy on of the top freestyle….this tde movent is overrated.. Honestly jay rock deserves more shine then this cat.jus watch kendrick seperate himself frm them by his sophmore debut on interscope

  • fredtheFATson

    Mystikal has bigger tits then me

  • iam

    @the wise tde over rated?? Obviously it wasn’t and still isn’t schoolboy who grabbed the worlds attention but he plays his part well in tde. Kendrick, ab soul, and jay rock over rated?? How picky can you mother fuckers be? Hip hop has the worst critics..

  • nigga creep

    This all you rap clowns need to see when it comes to old cats n new cats wit this rap shit. These new lil nigglets cant hang mane lol! Bro all these new rappers beside alley boy can eat dick. They all weak and boring as fuck n need to kill ltheyselves a.s.a.p.lol!!