• ShamGAWD

    This song is horrible & I’m a big Future fan so there is no hate. This song just sucks

  • Trillionaire

    Lol..dis nigga

  • Rare User

    ShamGAWD den u fake ass fan cuz this is aight

  • ShamGAWD


    So I’m a “fake fan” because I’m real enough to admit a song by an artist I already said I fuck with is trash. You new niggas kill me lmao. That’s why we have so much dickriding in hip hop now cause of niggas like you. Who’d rather say they like corny shit just because an artist they like made it. You sound dumb lil nigga

  • xstephco

    aint feel in love with no pussy

  • troof


  • The Wise

    u fuck with future but this sum shit u would here if u walked into the Disney store lmao!

  • Only need one word


  • Slim Baller

    It’s ight

  • Rare User

    ShamGAWD lol i listen hip hoprap 11 years u better f urself

  • Southside_StL

    @rare user smh 11 years ? You must be an expert by now huh ? This isn’t tight either. If southern music is what you like , go listen to ugk , face, and outlast early shit . Because this isn’t hip hop it’s rnb. Ole skinny era fuck boys I tell ya . I’m not hatin on futures music either dude is talented at what he does . But just like t pain in the mid 2000s he is over saturating the game w music to the point were all his songs sound the same and repetitive . I remember back in the day when a new song was something special now w the Internet shit is getting ridiculous

  • Balla

    This shit is a fucking mess. I turned it off after about a minute in. I fuck with future too, some of his shit is tight but this right here is straight garbage

  • King E

    I don’t bangs with ya music Future, but I can’t knock your hustle, make your money chief.

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  • Tev Milli

    The Wise says:

    Tuesday, March 26 2013 at 1:10 PM EST

    u fuck with future but this sum shit u would here if u walked into the Disney store lmao!


  • producer nice how he flipped the “sonic the hedgehog NOT FOR RESALE” sample Future came dope as usual. Unorthodox different rhyme pattern and always entertaining.