• La Verdad

    This is why Saigon is one of the most underrated and yet one of the best of all-time on the mic. Great song. I can definitely hear this on the radio too. Stand up Saigon. You did right on this one.


    Real shyt my niggs …real shyt

  • dope track & video

  • Saigon got bangers.I like this beat a lot.This could cross over on some other sshit.Kinda of got a rock feel to it.he should try to put this in some different markets.Dope.other dude is dope.I be hearing about him.
    Loch :Hip Hop Lives: Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape blog #10:Thank You. http://lochhiphoplives.blogspot.com/2013/03/loch-afro-american-horror-story-mixtape.html?spref=tw

  • ECU

    This shit bangin

  • Adrian

    I used to like Saigon. he’s mad corny nowadays.

  • As Real As It Gets

    From Gospel to God Rap. Lukewarm rap at its best Lecreezy!

  • jrose

    saigon is dope… this is a awesome track lyrics substance… that ignorant type music all sounds the same

  • DDR