• Jake

    Logic is that nigga!

  • Aubrey Graham

    Best Class Lineup ever

  • bibb

    No chance the rapper but they add kirko, dizzy and angel haze folks with virtually no buzz?
    Is angel fill their ny quota?

  • cmon fool

    dope but im missing lil reese or lil durk

  • fh

    Kirko bangz is that dude

  • TroopUP

    Why is there suddenly a need for an 11th man?

    Funny how only the left half of the cover is talented lol

  • Slime

    I can’t wait to hear this cypher

  • Slim Baller

    Honestly it’s a bunch of irrelevant rappers who are trying to be all “90s” style. Fuck outta here only ones I like are schoolboy q & kirko bangz

  • Most these guys are dope artist..but none have superstar status

  • 2 cents

    Trimidad James ?? Really? Just one hit and he’s here? Where is cash out then? I mean he had that one hit as well right?

  • That Dude

    Honestly the only people that actually have MUSIC attached to their names are: Trinidad, Kriko, and Q.

    Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson can’t make a hit song to save their life. I agree with what @slimballer said


    whos the white dude?

  • B.Dot

    The guy with his hands praying made himself even more anonymous. Who is that? Serious question.

  • Showboat

    You guys make me sick . . . in years past, people would excuse XXL of putting people on the freshman class that are already had gained high commercial status.

    Now ya’ll complain about them putting people on here with no buzz??? That actually should be the point of the issue. Putting people on here with little buzz but could gain star status.

    GROW UP!

  • JustMyOpinion

    This cover doesn’t matter to me, I bought my LAST xxl magazine last month.

    *shrug shoulders*

  • Starfox64

    half decent list..

  • Showboat

    That being said . . . I have no grips this year Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Joey Bada$$ were the only people I wanted to make it. Lyrically they are MONSTERS but I know ya’ll dont care about lyrics because most of you read on a third grade level.

  • Showboat

    i meant accused. on that first post. SOrry I was typing fast. But ya’ll know what I mean.

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  • Jungle

    Young Scooter?????? Foh

  • ayyeee

    Joey Bada$$ and Q!!! Those them Niggas right there.

  • Swag king cole

    Who is dizzy wright, logic and angle haze O.0

  • Devante

    No Keef Chief?

  • Cobra

    The “white” dude is Logic and the guy with the praying hands is Travi$ Scott…and he can’t be unknown if he signed to G.O.O.D Music dumbass

  • DJ Game

    Ab-Soul and Logic finally get recognition on a higher level. Dope look!

  • quese

    I don’t think Q or soul should be on their their long overdue they should of been on there last yr, I’m glad 2 see logic on their tho I kno a lot of u niggas are like who’s da white boy but logic has bars

  • Mic Jonez

    Honesty this list is pretty cool outta everybody Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Trinidad James, & Joey Bada$$ all deserve to be on the list.

    I’ve never heard of Logic, Dizzy Wright, or Travis Scott.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    The guy with his hands praying made himself even more anonymous. Who is that? Serious question.





  • http://yoland92.wordpress.com deveen92

    Best cover yet my ass … Best cover was the wiz n j.cole

  • LikeJordan45

    LOL click on the “Logic” and “Dizzy Wright” tags if you wanna see Rap Radar’s extensive coverage of these so-called buzzworthy cats.

    Aside from the fact that half the list is wack/unknown my biggest gripe is the lack of “fresh” faces. Joey, Schoolboy, Soul, Kirko and Bronson are all deserving but other than Joey they’ve all been somewhat “big” for more than a year.

    Then on the right half you have Logic/Dizzy/Angel who are all pretty unknown and unworthy…Travis Scott who admittedly I’ve never heard but I know he’s G.O.O.D. and Trinidad who “deserves” to be here buzz-wise but like someone brought up since when do cats get the cover off one hit?

    Technically a good list but idk…technically a really wack list too.

  • KoldCase


    dopes ass dude

  • LikeJordan45

    B. Dot: “The guy with his hands praying made himself even more anonymous. Who is that? Serious question.”

    Translation: “I suck at my job.”

  • Peekay

    Who’s the white kid?
    Love Bronson but he’s not a freshman.

  • Black Shady

    Shouts to Soulo and Q

  • pistalonthedressor

    what happened to Jeff Chery? these dudes clowns

  • mac DIESEL

    @ LikeJordan45

    B. Dot:

  • E$SO

    I agree with what Brian said, you can’t even make out that nigga’s face. LMAO He gon tell his momma, hey, that’s me on the cover? That can be anybody!

    Joey Bada$$ sucks. Don’t know why he’s on there. Hype sells i guess. The other people outside of Kriko and Trinidad and School boy don’t even have records u can place them with.

    Watch what happens a year from now. All hype and no songs.






  • Taz

    Dude said Logic is unworthy? Please……. DMV stand up. Listen to his music, look at his YouTube views, and just did a tour in Europe. He’s a beast

  • http://rapradar lja1797

    This is a joke Rittz is better thsn every rapper pn here and he had a bigger year too this is wack just because Tech N9ne is gettin that indepedent money and not playing the industry games Rittz doesnt make it? Im done with XXL and hip hop it took three years for you to put logic on the cover now you are gonn na sleep on rittz xxl you ae officially house niggas

  • Original Ty

    When did Kirko go from being a Drake wanna be to a real rhymer? Schoolboy, and Ab are good choices.

    Honestly gotta get up on most of the rest. Except for Joey of course. That’s the good thing about these covers. You hear about a couple of dudes that might be worth following or checkin’ their bars. Their so much garbage out these days I can’t sift through everybody who SAYS they can rap. I appreciate a nod in the right direction from a source that has SOME standard. These covers are ALWAYS good for at least one or two of those, sometimes more.

  • addyourcomment

    I think Rittz should be in there but whatever. Q, Soulo, Bronsolino, Angel Haze & Joey Bada$$ tho.

  • addyourcomment

    and Los also damn.

  • http://sackrome.com RyanJones

    If you ain’t heard of Dizzy, then you aint paying attention to Hopsin and Funk Volume killing the indie scene. Dizzy Wright is tight… but no super star. Still more worthy than half on this list.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    B. Dot:

  • Cheeba

    They did a lot better this year but NO – Troy Ave, Casey Veggies, Earl Sweatshirt, ASAP Ferg. Instead you got Travis Scott, Logic, and Dizzy Wright (who is nyce but not enough work/songs) C’mon man!!

  • aaronmich

    Every year ppl say the list is trash but every year there are 3-4 freshman who really establish themselves. Last year it was french, macklemore, future, and mgk. The year before it was meek, kendrick,k.r.i.t, and mac miller. The year before that it was j.cole,wiz,big sean,and nipsey hussle. Even if u don’t like the artist now they’re on the cover for a reason




  • http://none The Walkin Truth

    kirko is def no freshman come on yall… rest is obvious..

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    The Truth: “Does the 2013 XXL Freshman Cover live up to the hype?”

    In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

  • / R K V N E

    Ab-soul and ScHoolboy Q as well as Joey BadA$$ nice. but wheres Young Scooter? yall got Trinidad James but no SCOOTER!?

  • the truth

    That nigga Mac diesel is funny as shit hahahaha

  • Respect

    Logic the best one on there

  • whisky jonez

    trinindad is a cool dude… action is nasty, the whole pro era and black hippy shit is cool…what happened to ASAP ferg tho? none of these guys are gonna post huge numbers….but then again…who does in hip hop? good list but id make a few changes. as soul, action, q, TJ & joey….for sure. please stop putting a girl in the list just “because”.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohhsosupreme OhhSoSupreme

    Ab-Soul, Joey, Q .

  • Peter Pan

    Rittz Jon Connor and Jarren Benton should’ve been on the list! If u don’t know Jarren check him out he’s a beast!

  • BM Exquisite

    Once you guys realize that the XXL cover is not about lyrics, then you would not be so critical. Joey BadAss is boring and has no image. Trinidad James is more marketable, his music maybe dumbed down but its selling. The 90s are OVER! If you want to hear that era go buy it. Truth is the music business is about politics and politically speaking that style of music is not appealing anymore. Being able to brand yourself and be marketable is what the music game is about. The new age of artists ex: kendrick lamar, fab, j. cole etc is about as close to the 90s you are going to get. they all sample but it doesnt have that boring ass basic ass 1,2 drum pattern like almost all the so called “classic hip hop” songs, bottom line is that era is over if you dont like this era then stay off blogs! and radio! listen to what you want stop being critical … Im out.

  • http://www.twitter.com/djcognac dj Cognac

    Excluding any artist I work with personally Short Dawg, Choppa from Da Band, Young Scooter, Future, and Pusha T all should’ve been on this list.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • https://Twitter.com/XtraPotentG_Ho3 Anthony Graham

    No “Los” Or “XV” . . . XXL Tripping Hard As Fuck Ryte Now Gee!!! Ima Be On It Next Year Tho. Check Me Out Gee’s, https://soundcloud.com/boi-genuis. follow me on twitter “@XtraPotentG_Ho3” & Email Me For Features & Bookings ([email protected])

  • http://twitter Earl Johnson

    Why is there always 1 white kid or female(Iggy).Gotta be by default

  • Patrick Kelly

    See you guys always have something to say about the list! In my eyes Ive watched or at least looked in to everyone on this list and to me everyone deserves their spots for different reasons ….. Logic deserves his for this skill , dizzy for the hard work, kirko for not being included last year, actually same with ab and school .And joey badA$$ deserves his because i mean have you heard him the man, I mean Kid reminds us all of a young NYC great, style and everything but he still brings freshness to the table as well . Im not going to go through every single one but this freshman class is perfect to me. instead of putting stars on here they actually put rappers and emcees we can consider real freshman in the game and have a lot more proving to do ……….. This list is always supposed to be an introduction into young stars fame

  • Siy@

    Lists are lists but what I hate is when they just straight up dont make sense. How can Vinny Cha$e catch attention as for as here in South Africa and not make a list and then someone like Dizzy Wright and Logic barely anyone in America let alone here (South Africa) make the list ahead of Vinny Cha$e … I challenge anyone to give me a reason why/how Dizzy Wright made the list ahead of Vinny Cha$e ??? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

    And GOD i f++kin hate spineless groupies like Cobra… I dont care what label so n so is on, It dont automatically make you gud just coz of who you standing nxt to. Grow a pair pls Cobra and try make decisions for yourself.

    B.Dot Smarten up buddy you embarrassing yourself, and this is not the 1st time… Smarten up


  • nigga creep

    Just a whole cover of weak ass niggas.Alley boy the only real nigga that got my attention out of all theses new cats. Imma just stay listenin to the same ole cats I BEEN listenin too for 15 years like Juicy J, Master P,Dogg pound, E40,Devin,…yall can have these hipster rappers lol!!!

  • pb

    Where the fuck is Earl? Complex and XXL themselves say (among others) that ‘Doris’ is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, but he doesn’t make the list?

    What the fuck is the criteria of a freshman exactly?

  • watch my move$


  • Dai

    This probably is the best overall freshmen cover they ever. Ab-Soul, Joey, Bronson,Q , andTravis Scott (the guy with his hands praying) got good music and people behind them that’ll get em to pop. Plus like em or not Trinidad James and Cheif Keef gon be around for awhile with there hyperactive/hood music.

  • bsmith85

    Dizzy Wright goes hard, he is the real deal!! My Life by Dizzy Wright. look it up

  • Pat

    Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! Danny Brown Should be on this list! WHYYYYYYY IS HE NOT???

  • Wolf

    I already feel bad for whoever gets paired with Ab-Soul

  • j

    funny that ppl are saying Dizzy Wright has no buzz when he won the fan vote…fucking half-wits

  • http://ajb4.com AJB4

    what about Chris Webby, Dee-1 and Rittz

  • Pat

    Im joking I know danny was on it last year I just wanted to be one of those guys on twitter lmao

  • Notitolo

    They are treating Tito Lopez like Royce back in the day. Keeping him off the shelf so he can ghost write for others careers. Prob one of the best lyrically in the game right now… No respect. And I ain’t even from the south. Absol and q are not freshman but no disrespect both very talented

  • GINuine

    dizzy wright, joey badass, school boy q, ab soul…that’s a nice lineup right there by itself

  • MMG

    No ROCKIE FRESH??!! He is the freshest out now. ‘Electric Highway’ Mixtape is THE SHIT. XXL missed out.

  • Music

    Travis Scott is about to blow up. Q deserves to be on the list. These lists are just promotion. They aren’t legit. Most of these guys have been around for a while

  • TrippyMayne

    @B.DOT Who would you have excluded or just included into the list? Cause shit Childish Gambino got snubbed. And Dom Kennedy usually gets snubbed every year too.

  • bread and butter

    HOLD UP logic made the cover thats nice. man honestly i listen to about half these artist i was sleeping on action bronson because i thought he was just another white guy when complex made a list of artist to look out for about 2-3 yrs ago….i just downloaded rare chandeliers last week, dope tape…… wtf is a rittz never heard of this person and i listen to a wide variety of hip hop that makes sense. bronson and logic would destroy joey in a battle in my eyes. but hes got growing to do.



    Logic aint white…he’s half black like Drake and J Cole. I’m so glad to see Logic on here, as well as Absoul. XXL and us voters hit this out the park! Great Great JOB!!!

  • Just4_kicks

    No Dom Kennedy? smh

  • Westside

    Dizzy wright is the truth. Go listen to soul searching and hit me when you coming and tell me he doesn’t have bars. I’m glad to see him on here. People saying that these people aren’t superstars? Well that’s what their on the fucking cover for, is to get known and publicity. All the ones hating just mad cuz they aren’t eatin. It’s a freshman cover! Damn get off of keef and Reese dick so you can listen to some real music like dizzy, like Joey, like Q.

  • DoinTooMuch

    I thought Action Bronson made the list last year??? Hmmm Well half these other dudes I’ve never even heard of. Logic, Dizzy Wright, Angel Haze, Travi$ Scott – anbody wanna fill me in?

  • IIG

    Young Scooter was robbed.

  • Higgy

    Why no RITTZ?? U out ur damn minds missin that one

  • WTF B


  • Jinx


  • LouisDaKing


  • Drew

    For all the that’s hating on this list GTFOH…this might their best overall lineup yet. XXL got it right nd I mean overall you can’t just have one, two, or three good candidates nd the rest of the list be trash. All of these artists has their own shine in their own way. Talk bad about Trinidad James all u want but I bet u had All Gold Everything, Females Welcome, Givin No Fuckin TURNT UP in your stereo system last week #TRUESHIT!!!!

  • Drew

    You can be a good artist without being a talented lyrisist. Rapper are not gonna hit you over the head witty bars every time, it’s all about balance people!!!

  • Swaveyy

    How is Los not on there ! The Crown aint Safe was a smash. Becoming Kings is gonna be the hottest mixtape of 2013

  • Mister B

    Gunplay should be on there

  • JeL

    Too many $ signs in people’s names. lame.

  • Respect

    want to know who Logic is… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIGh4Nc1fAM

  • Mulato Gato

    Where’s Problem?

  • Brown Hippy

    Most of these rappers are relevant, I have no clue what any of you are talking about.
    Ab soul and Q are big on the west. Joey Bad is bringing his own BK Beast Coast style to the table, and Logic puts a new school twist to “old school” rap.
    Kirko has songs on the radio and Bronson is a def no brainer.
    Trinidad isn’t a one hit wonder, his whole album is a well produced mix.
    Chief Keef has catchy trap songs for being only 17.
    The rest of the list are really just nobodies trying to get their grind on, but thats what makes the best music.

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  • MMG


  • Kimbo Slice

    The black girl that was battling Xzibit during the lunch truck scene in 8 Mile deserves to be on this list more than Trinidad James…

    And Ab-Soul, Joey, Q & Logic are the best out this bunch in that order.

  • TA

    WHERE IS RIFF RAFF?????????

  • guzman

    I never cared much for hip hop. But Funk Volume is making moves. Hopsin last year, and dizzy this year. Good to see artist who can make better music than the mainstream dudes get recognized.

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  • realbruh

    logic and joey bada$$ are the best rappers on this list hands down…if you dont know logic go and download his undeniable mixtape and be amazed…get on his nuts now because in a year everyone will know who he is.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/mcwest Cory

    Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson definitely deserve to be on this list for sure! I gotta question Trinidad Jame$, Kirko, and the rest. Wheres Rittz?? STRANGE MUSIC!!! They’re killin’ shit! Check out a future XXL freshmen here!: http://www.reverbnation.com/mcwest

  • 0utkast

    Where the fuck is Vinny Cha$e?? He shoulda been on here.

  • 0utkast

    Where The fuck is Vinny Cha$e??


    they missed YOUNG SCOOTER and LIL DURK not the best rappers in the world but have waay more star quality and also ROCKIE FRESH should in there. I cant see none of this guys getting bigger, surprise me

  • peter pan

    Rittz and Jon Connor deserved to be on this list! jarren benton will be on next year!!!!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    looks like its hutning season for action bbronson and school boy q LOL best c over

  • troofy

    some artist couldnt afford the price for the cover! point blank period!!! this was paid for like post on blogs,worldstar etc.nothing is free no more . dont matter if u have 10000% talent. no money equals no coverage on the internet!

  • crakavelli

    Best cover ever?

    2010 = J.Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Rock,Nipsey Hussle, Fashawn

  • http://thehiltonburnellfiles.wordpress.com Justin Burnell

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I’m very speechless about this.

  • ridge


  • A$VP J-MAC


    Pretty good List to me

  • troofy

    u can pay 50k for the cover of xxl ! get your$ up freshman 2014

  • JReezy

    Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q? There is justice in the world.

  • Balla

    Lmao @Still best rite now

  • http://jdareal.com sway-z

    Only niggas on there with any type of style or lasting skill is Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul. IF XXL really thinks this is their “best” freshman cover ever, it’s only because all their other ones were even more ass…

  • jesus

    ACTION BRONSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna be biggest thing in hip hop ever

  • K

    Where Tito Lopez at ?

  • privilege21

    Ab Soul is gonna blow…He Next UP!


    xxl should have put Riff Raff on the freshman cover. he would have gotten a lot of attention for the magazine alone, and maybe people would actually read it then. remember when they put Lil B on there?

    as to people asking why Earl Sweatshirt is not on the list, let alone Casey Veggies, those two do not need ot. they’re actually doing pretty well without it.



  • faizan

    Everyone saying how they dont know who logic is n automatically that makes him wack? What are u judging him off of if u aint ever even heard him???? Lmao the sad part is joey badass schoolboy n logic r easily the most talented lyricists on this cover. Chief keef aint a lyricist but he can still make incredible bangers like love sosa n kobe n a bunch of others. Trinidad had 1 song n its obvious his label paid for him to be on here. Dizzy wright is very good def worth checking out hes signed to funk volume with hopsin…kirko absoul n bronson all have their moments but I wouldnt bump anythig more than a few songs from each..angel haze is whack as fuck. N I died laughin at tht dude who said who is the dude praying makin his ass more unknown than he already is…to be honest I didnt know who he was either…

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  • swag

    Action bronson the nicest out them and joey badass


    Bronson and Q cool,Soul aight, every one of them other niggas is straight garbage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/therealcino CiNo

    Dizzy Wright has HUGE buzz, but Rap Radar never fucking wanted to acknowledge it. It’s B. Dot’s fault you don’t know him. It’s YN’s fault you don’t know him. Look up Dizzy Wright on youtube, watch at least 3 or 4 of his videos and then tell me he’s not dope! Dude is fucking amazing. I got one of his albums and his recent EP. I been a fan for a couple years now, and he’s gotten so fucking big. Don’t judge if you don’t know.


    Why TROY AVE on there? da fuk?


    I mean why he not on there^^^^