• MackJilla


  • Chris

    Jeeeesh, a lot of those rhymes weren’t good at all! I like the Bada$$ mixtape a whole lot, and I dig the couple records I heard off the Pro Era mixtape as well, but this wasn’t a good look, especially for the B teamers. Compare them to Casey Veggies’ booth session, dude was like a 10 year vet in comparison.

  • DEF

    I like the concept of the “Backroom Freestyle” but they play the corniest beats for the MC’s.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    joey badass >< Left brain

  • troofy

    the best rappers on earth right now yeah i said it all these dudes just went innnn! joey u gotta badass
    crew! lol!

  • Robama

    @Chris dudes are all like under 20 lol long way to go…

  • vinny maz.


  • Respect

    joey gettin whack, the pale nigga the only one who kindve went in

  • Boom

    Shxt was wack mane. Joey usually gets it in!

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Yeah as much of a fan of Joey as I am, this was weak sauce heavily poured over that wack burger of a crew’s rhymes. They usually go in…this time…none really did.

    It was either that or they was trying to style to much for the camera and didn’t project their voice into the mic to really let us hear what was being said.

    Either way a fail.

  • it’s the roc

    joey b and nyck caution are the only nice ones

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  • As Real As It Gets

    I didn’t understand not one bar from this shit. Smh.

  • HK

    3rd dude looked like Canibus. White dude and 4th dude was the nicest.