• Slim Baller

    He forgot the part about sizzurp. That definitely contributed to the seizures

  • Hewh

    Slim Baller, i’m sure that was the biggest contributor to it. he wouldnt come out and just admit that though since its common knowledge its just a lame-brain thing to drink

  • Slim Baller


  • O block

    Started from the bottom we still here

  • dat flagpole

    say what you want about Lil Wayne, but like him or dislike him, he somewhat had a valid point about TMZ releasing a false story that he almost died. gossip columns always need something to talk about no matter how ridiculous it is.

    In this day and age where everyone spends most of their time on the Internet, they make people automatically believe anything that is fed to them.


    Yeah i agree with both of you. It was the sizzurp and we can confirm that because we were there. We’re not just gossiping like females. Right Slim Baller and Hewh?

  • PhuckThought

    On my mama, Wayne stays at the SLS in beverly hills when he’s in L.A under 2 different names. Dont let this nigga fool u.

  • ItsMeKay

    “Basically, I could

  • Converse

    Cosign colddeath..Wayne still that nigga

  • DMVinyourchick

    ^^^ that’s what I was thinking, like you just said you could’ve died soooo what exactly did they twist up

  • Slim Baller

    Pretty sure he’s a self admitted sizzurp consumer. We’re not “gossiping” dumb ass, it’s a fact

    @cold death

  • Donn

    If you don’t like Wayne your gonna think anything negative and believe anything that helps paint him in the likeness you want. Ppl who aren’t fans want to believe bad shit about artists they don’t like.

    Remember Mario was accused of abusing his mom and u guys went in on him and then his mom said she was on drugs and said whatever and everyone had to apologize to that man. Living in the spotlight is stressful

  • Slim Baller

    And I’m a wayne fan, I enjoy his lines (though very repetitive) I still believe he hasn’t lost it

  • LiLMannerz

    I love you Weezy, take care of yourself please.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Emmitt Till Boycott

  • Slime

    Damn I didn’t know Wayne was a epileptic

  • Weed & Syrup Wayne >> The Rappers Of Today >> Sober Wayne





    HA !

  • Slim Baller

    ^mac diesel?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wack Weezy gotta take better care of himself.

  • Yeezus Christ

    love how people speak about wayne like they know him personally LOL

  • assmaster

    Benzos and Opiates, hence xanax, k-pin, valium, (ect.) and opiates like syrup (cosine), hydrocodone, oxycodone. are common for doing this when you dont have them. look at juicy j. talks about “xans” all the damn time. you seize when you get hooked on them and detox from them.

    i hope he gets a damn clue. and he should have said his anti seizure drugs(valium rectal) wernt working. because thats what they give for cluster seizures.

  • LiLMannerz

    Cosine? Stfu

  • son

    Y’all stupid syrup has nothing to do with seizures

  • Really now


    Acting like you have a damn clue.

  • rap game benladen

    he says tmz trying to come up with a storie but he says he could die ! i mean that what tmz whas saying he almost die and he did almost die.

  • LA

    Stay strong Weezy!

  • Black Shady

    so….TMZ was right then

  • Ppffffff

    Talks like he raps… Like a 10yr old

  • Original Ty

    Is it just me or do all of this dude’s pictures lately look so pitiful and sad?

    He probably caught himself actually enjoying the rest when he was in the hospital. Baby probably came like,”When you gettin’ up and goin’ on tour?” Nigga been used for a long time. No longer he has to self medicate to deal, in spite of his fame and money.

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  • IM730

    @ashymaster you’re dumb nigga shut up. I’ve seen people come off of each of those heavy and never have a problem. Y’all so focused on adding your theories than to actually look at what he said. Lack of sleep is a HUGE problem for someone who is epileptic. This dude has been goin hard for years with his using.. Y’all don’t think he’s figured out what he can and can’t do by now and how much???


    hold up if this niggas epileptic the limelight aint the life for him flashing cameras stage flashing n shit


    Dude has Epilepsy, Relax. Lemme see one of YOU have an epileptic seizure gracefully, in full swag mode……

    I’ll Wait…….

  • As Real As It Gets

    He forgot about Mollies. They contributed to the seizures too.

  • Zip It Remix

    http://snd.sc/10lOonY Lil’ Wayne & Turk

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