• Midsize Jerm

    This track is more than ridiculous. Actually better than I was expecting, but that beat was all over the place, and the whole “turn up the treble, pump up the bass” thing got really annoying, especially since they used the wrong spelling in the song title! Some good sounds made their way into this track tho, and maybe with a little bit of practice Harry Fraud could make this a regular thing.

    Or, maybe he should stick to his day job. Seriously, if Just Blaze couldn’t do it, what makes him think he can?


  • rahrahrah

    Full Papoose album. The real.

  • KingTut

    Fraud’s about right. This is a fraud.

  • Slim Baller

    Fraud…please leave the rap scene and take washed up Pharrell with you. You’re both beyond overrated. Smh

  • Wild trash