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    Rick Ross

  • dmc

    This guy makes me sick.

  • fredtheFATson

    Fuck this fat Bastard

  • JOHNYblaze

    All these rappers love video hoe groupie wannabe bitches who are hooked on bars and Mollies.

  • rackboy

    so much promotion for an otherwise unnoticed track. stay winning

  • Romeo

    When are yal going to quite hating on Ross if u don’t like him don’t pay attention to him simple only reason u do is coz u secretly love his music

  • Chris

    I’m not really outraged by the line because, well, it’s rap music, but how was that line misinterpreted? It’s pretty clear what Ross meant.

  • G

    The fact is you put Molly in her champagne and she ain’t een know it big guy. That’s date rape ask Cee-Lo

  • pptheTRUTH

    Romeo.. Shaddup.. Most people that hate on Ross USED to be fans.. Before the machine brought his background to the forefront and he was exposed as a lying college graduate who doesn’t fuck with coke except on buying it on the customer level for hoes or his fat ass to try and get on some sort of diet and a former C.O. So thats why. He’s a liar. Plain and simple. He ain’t bout that life.. He has to hire people to corrborate his stories of getting shot at and make it seem real.. Nobody misses a target that big.. Ask B.I.G.

    I mean Vanilla Ice wasn’t able to fake that shit why is it cool when Rick Ross does it? Because he’s black?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shocker ! William L. Roberts lying again.

  • .

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ” misinterpreted “

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  • Luks

    Officer Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  • PsychoBoy

    lol william is such a looser smh

  • thatkidlerix

    @Chris “It’s rap music?” what does that mean. Don’t let these lames define what rap music is. Rape references in any music is not cool.

  • G SLIM

    Romeo says:
    Thursday, March 28 2013 at 2:02 PM EST
    When are yal going to quite hating on Ross if u don

  • G SLIM



  • Bo Nation

    Not surprised at all about the rape line…I mean he is damn near 300 pounds…Who gon voluntarily give this fat ass nigga some pussy

  • Knoitall

    I guess its ok when Eminem says he’ll “rape a Women’s swim team” in the song “I just dont give a Fuck” hmmm i wonder why he gets away with it?..could be cause he’s white???..that’s for the dipshit called ppthefruit or whatever his retarted ass name is

  • acidrap

    all these rappers be spittin the same molly shit n doin all that. its cause they got no game with women n gotta drug em or blow bandz on em.weak ass no game niggas

  • .


    Smgdh yeah ok everyone knows when Eminem says this it’s so ridiculous if he were to do it he’s the next Richard Manson what Ross is saying him and his peeps have probably done many many times

  • Canyonero

    @Knoitall Eminem’s always been a shock rapper. It’s kind of like William talking about selling coke. It’s been his MO always, people don’t even challenge that nowadays. But raping bitches has never been what Ricky got known for. That’s why it’s different.

  • Chris

    What I mean homie is that rap music should not be taken literally. Rape references aren’t cool, I agree, but was there any fuss when Ross rapped about murdering someone the dozens of times he has? Of course not.

    It was a dumb thing to say, no doubt, but I just think the whole outrage is silly and inconsistent.

  • atown don

    Laughing at all the secret lovers of this man Ross! Yea thats what i call HATERS… Stupid mfs sound like the racists white folk that hate on Obama… Hate all you want but the cat continues to WIN!

  • .


    “Rap music should not be take literally” hmm ok yet when these nikkas claim they got bitches and gwap and g5 jets and mansions and show them off constantly we should believe that but the minute isht that will make these same rappers expose themselves WITH THEIR OWN WORDS then we blowing it out of proportion smgdh he said what he said clear as day you can’t misinterpret that then again it doesn’t surprise me nowadays nikkas will defend anything and anyone no matter what it is

  • The Truth

    “Misinterpreted”….really? That’s your defense?

    As if the line had any other meaning. Pathetic. Rooting for the acceleration of this fat fuck’s impending heart attack.

  • @BlueScalise

    This is from a guy who is a documented lier. His whole being is fabricated.

  • Post no billz

    I mean those are the worse lyrics these ambulance chasing watch dogs could find.. I never even heard of this mix tape track.. shit the most fucked up rap line I heard in a while was from action Bronson where he says his four year old got sucked by a prosti lol.. I know its just entertainment but I found that line disturbing lol.. its all just entertainment

  • ness

    what a fake u pay for sex 50 already exposed your lying ass the only people buying your shit are retarded little kids who don’t know better

  • that dumb explanation doesn’t mean anything. he clearly bragged about date rape and now gives a half-assed apology when people call him out

  • TREV


  • tef

    Where were u activists when Eminem raps about raping? Homie even rapped about raping his mom..But then again he rapped about sucking his uncles dick n y’all called it art lol

  • Speaker

    Ross is an idiot…there’s no misunderstanding, he thought he could say whatever because it was on Rocko’s song..and when is the last time u heard Rocko on the radio?

    Wayne disrespecting Emmet Till and nothing happened.
    Ross rapping about rape, and nothing’s gonna happen.

    The white men who control this culture don’t give a fuck about black women being raped.


    thats the jam yo, youdontevenknowit

  • Eddie


  • fredtheFATson

    Im a positive guy, but I despise this fat phony

  • Slim Baller

    “Said he his”

    Uhh. Don’t you proof read this shit at least once??

  • Stone

    From day one Eminem proved he Is an Entertainer that pushes the METAPHOR Limits… When he spits true life you can tell because its Obvious….P.s… With His Lyrical Ability and being the highest selling rapper of all time… It’s wise to say he has EARNED the right to Say WhAtever he wants…..

  • premitive 25

    stay off that ciroc

  • watchthethrone

    its just music people, stop being soooo sensitive

  • Shamba Menelek

    Well what the Fuck did he say.. Thats some lazy ass reporting.. And I cant believe nobody pointed that out or actually typed what he said.

    I watch that whole video and they didnt specify what he said either. Where MSNBC when yah need them? lol


  • Capricorn Religion

    Eminem is my favorite Artist and always will be. But, even have to throw his name in the mix when dealing with this….

    He talked about Rapeing his own Mother on the FIRST track of a album.
    He has talked about stuffing his Baby mother in the truck and driving her to a lake with his kid in the backseat
    He has talked about being raped by his Bi-sexual Step father
    He has talked about Sonny Bono and Christopher reed
    Etc, etc, ETC

    Miss me with this BS that Ross is getting. I’m not even a big fan of his but, c’mon now. This is tame compared to what is up above

    I’m not saying Rape is whatever but, when discussing “Entertainment” and this subject he shouldn’t even waste his time on this

  • SayItAin’tSo

    The stupidity here is astonishing!!! Ain’t no other way to take that line!

    Real Hip Hop has been built on the honest and true meaning of the words used in its songs. You come along and tryna tell me you got the freedom to take back what you clearly been saying in your shit because somebody is pulling your card on it, homie?

    Needless to say… FOH!!!

  • Itz Yourz

    @Capricorn Religion
    Knock it off…there is no comparison. What eminem was talking was fantasy. We all know he is not going to do those things because he will be in jail and wont be able to collect your money. What rick ross..the rapper, is spitting is fact! This happens more than we like to care to mention… dudes do, do this. …this played over and over in people ipods in the clubs…brainwashes them into normalizing rape. Naw its nothing fantasy about what he speaking. These victims once its done to them to still lives and still have to live with the FACT of what happened to them and ppl believing them that it was a crime and they “werent just asking for it”. So stop playing.

    There is nothing to misintrepret. Thats why he didnt try to clear it up. Now these bitches are queens and he not down with “that”..rape. Nigga please. SMH. Now we are all hypocritical at one point or another including myself, so the only reason I think pepple are upset and spot lighting what he said is due the recent Stuebenville ,Ohio incident and these boys not understanding what they did was rape. Why because niggas like him are normalizing it. But I cant be to disgusted with him because no one was outraged when DMX on his first album his song X is coming clearly states raping a girl 15 year old girl in front of her father. We cant be lukewarm about it and pick and choose when we want to be pissed off about lyrics…you either hot or you cold on what these rappers are saying and making your actions support your moral or beliefs…which is not supporting there music. Shit only change when you change…so until then rick ross..the rapper…has nothing to worry about.

  • Webbie

    ^^^ nobody gonna read all that homie

  • The Wise


  • Hannibal Lecture

    Not defending this clown but Biggie said his homie kidnapped kids fucked them in the ass and threw them over a bridge. Tragedy Khadafi raped someones sister on videotape on “Parole Violators” on the War Report. Slick Rick raped an Indian Girl on his song. Em has went past overboard. I can go on for days lol

  • the brain trust

    Although his excuse was incredibly lame, I really don’t give a fuck about this ‘controversy’.

    I’ve heard rap songs about rape, mass murder, torture, kidnapping etc.

    I’ve heard both female R&B & pop singers talk about murdering men (Rihanna anyone) and destroying their property after a bad break up.

    But when Ross says something admittedly silly, its a problem? FOH.

    I can’t stand hypocrites.

  • Rello

    Listen to all of odd futures old music, this shouldn’t even be a issue lol

  • Itz Yourz


    My bad my dude didn’t mean to exclude the A.D.D niggas out, my fault I’m not bias.

    Basically saying don’t complain about lyrics and still continue to listen to it. And they only scapegoating him because of recent rape incident in Ohio.

    Then the other part I was just have a friendly converse with KIng Chandler bout fantasy and fact. Nothing to major.

  • Kemosabi

    Rap Radar is the most biased hiphop site I’ve ever seen. How is this not YPY? Look at the way you even worded that paragraph before the video like its some kind of fact that he was misinterpreted. Meanwhile if that we’re another rapper w a crew that isn’t as hot B.Dot would have thrown shade on that post like he usually does. This is a sad excuse of journalism beyond this story, now ya know.

  • Kemosabi

    It’s not right to say let’s just be honest and or someone so old I’d respect him more for just saying he shouldn’t have said it and isn’t down w that. Awhile ago Weezy said some stupid shit about Emmit till nothing happened, rappers talking about pill popping like some ho fiends, nothing happens. Now this, let’s have another google chat about A$AP Rocky or some other dumb shit

  • Martin Victor

    Bitches need to start watching their drinks….dumb whores…..and quit acting like yall so shocked just cause its in the media now…only lame ass captain save a hoe ass niggas are offended by this

  • Let met take a WILD GUESS who posted this video

    @B Dot ?
    :::checks :::

    oh shocker

    I read somewhere in the comments that B Dot has responsibility as a “journalist”
    The guy writes 3 line bylines that you could read on anyone else’s blog
    He’s NOT a journalist

    Ross didn’t put his line about mollys in any context that suggested it was a joke, story, over the top line etc
    He just said it matter of fact-ly in a “things to do while out” list
    talk to bitches
    get bitches unconscious
    fuck unconscious bitches

    Rick Ross is an albatross (has he ever rhymed those two together?) on the credibility of hip hop artists. Nothing about him is even close to being real. He’s a former corrections officer who lied about being one, he got shot at & did nada about it, he now has cops surrounding him for his “safety” & the cherry on top is the fact that the “boss” has never even gone platinum.
    Even Chingy has a platinum album!

    But I digress
    Ross , say what you want cause other than a “controversial” line, no one cares anymore

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    lester bangs of hip hop

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    http://snd.sc/YJtj9U 2 Chainz Meek Mill

  • jake

    lol it’s the year 2000 all over again…critics going crazy about lyrics and whatnot…same shit happened to eminem. was all over the news and everything else for his songs like guilty conscience, kill you, etc..this shits not serious. rick ross is terrible but his lyrics in this were just funny…it’s only fucked up humor, grow the fuck up and stop taking shit so seriously. we live in the most bitch made society i’ve ever seen ITS NO BIG DEAL…it’s entertainment

  • Real Talk

    Rozay has to take a L for this one. That line was out of taste period

  • Cruel Thing

    This is Rick Ross’s attempt at shock rap. Look what happened, he got major back lash because people aren’t used to hearing that shit from a mainstream rapper like him. Nas did it, Biggie did it, DMX did it, Eminem did it, Odd Future is doing it so why is this getting back lash?

  • DA Chef

    Comparing Eminem’s raps to that of Officer Ricky? Come on.. like Eminem said in Criminal..
    “A lot of people think that.. what I say on records
    or what I talk about on a record, that I actually do in real life
    or that I believe in it
    Or if I say that, I wanna kill somebody, that..
    I’m actually gonna do it
    or that I believe in it
    Well, shit.. if you believe that
    then I’ll kill you”

  • Da VP

    Ain’t no “misunderstanding” in his verse. The line is clear: Ross is rich and famous but needs to rape a bitch to get the pussy. What a lame.

  • I’m all about music and I never thought that music should be censored in any way but this truly is the exception. He’s not saying something controversial to explain a story or etc. etc.

    He is just saying something that’s disgusting and will have a lotta wankers tempted to try some shit like that. Don’t get it twisted I’ll call a girl a bitch every day all that shit… throwing champagne of hoes in music videos … who gives a fuck ?! But you truly have to stop at a certain point. This made him truly sound like a piece of shit. Unless he gets a true apology… not this fake bullshit.. His music should be boycotted…

    Just my opinion

  • and by the way I read some of the other comments so I wanted to add… I understand what you guys are saying about it just being entertainment… but you have to try to understand. Some rappers have different flows… like if Eminem said some shit like this then it would just be like oh just crazy shady again… so on and so forth. But rick ross’ flow is about partying… about actually Miami living clubs.. and other people in the game know this. Whatever you think of him as being a wannabe or a fake … regardless. He carries the persona of ”being real”.

    I’m sure a lot of people would disagree and I understand your logic…. Yet shit like this is not cool… I listen to real shit… the wu .. dblock and all that.. and I know kids who listen to ross like seriously. Not hearing a song or two at a club… I mean assholes that actually go out and purchase his albums… and they are soft ass kids who are very wannabe and I would def see hearing this and getting ideas.