• matrix

    Lol this nigg Jacc thriller be everywhere damn…chuuch….

  • King Chandler

    LMAO at that dude in the front row with his eyes closed throwin bows, he’s in the zone.

  • DJ Game

    dude doesn’t know his own lyrics; and I’m a fan.

  • soulja slim

    TDE needs to sign … SMH .. dude is like COLLEGE DROP OUT VERSION of YE’ .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMqbXIGpyPY

  • I’m guessing he doesn’t know this song yet,No diss just noth best perfprmance but this song is fucking fire.Shit goes hard
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  • b.m.n.killa

    Oh yeah, lets hear this weak ass nigga spit a freestyle real quick. Oh wait, he cant. Just ask Mystikal.