• Batman

    If You Started From The Bottom Then Come Out The Closet

    Legggoo Breeezy

  • Scrilla

    Damn Drake u let him get u….Again

  • blackJew

    Young jeezy forgot his boy on this record –

  • Beaming

    Going commercial in 3..2…1…

  • Westside

    Damn. They killed this shit. Kendrick didn’t sound great on this type of song, but it was still a good verse. Good looking for YG tho, he’s gonna get a few looks for this. Even though this should have been his beat in the first place. And that was a weak diss by breezy. He just said he was droppin that shit with drizzy on Big Boi… smh. but overall, good remix.

  • tha OG

    Dope remix!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Indifferent about the remix, more a fan of the original.

  • he said he was dropping it, so you think he recorded that verse two hours ago?

  • Loaded

    in the words of the great Drake

    ” Hate is Love and Jealousy at the same time”

    sorry Chris.

  • damn breezy!

    lmao if you started from the bottom go and come out the closet! damn!

  • MJ


    lol im pretty sure its “Jealously is just love and hate at the same time”

  • Guess

    I like Drake’s music but yup he’s definitely keeping his real orientation a secret so is Wayne. They are both obviously bi. Him and Chris should end this whole beef though. Its going too far.

  • J UK

    Didn’t suit Kendrick but he still body it. I’d rather have 2 Chainz still on here though…Chris Brown, seriously?? Leave the rapping to the big boys, and no rappers are ok with such homophobic lyrics these days, little bitch

  • KingJugganott

    Decent remix minus the hate.

  • Black Shady

    I like it!!!

    and damn…Drake…time to catch another body on the track. the blonde guy gonna get it

  • kermit

    Breezy went in! Drake should a know Chris wasn’t gon let that 5am diss against him and his girl go unanswered. Didn’t care for kendrick or YG’s verse. Breezy and yeezy was the best. Ain’t nothing homophomic but what he said. He just said if you a bottom come out the closet. dat’s real!

    p.s Breezy was rapping before he was a singer before Drake. he just better at singing but don’t sleep his rap skills better than half dem guys outhere who proclaim to be a rapper

  • This shit hot off the top. This shit been fire before.I fucks with it.
    Follow @Loch121 http://twitter.com/loch121

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.





    can we get a chris-brownless version of this?

  • Baby of Stan

    Chris Brown killed it!


    Baby of Stan

  • boss don

    kermit get off cbrowns piece

  • almost

    Kendrick’s flow was flawless

  • eminemstan

    yeah, kendrick is really impressive

  • Killaz

    Kendrick is just too good

    inb4 drake kills chris

  • potoq

    Delete chris brown’s verse please, Kendrick and yeezy murdered this shit

  • Devante

    And that’s coming from a guy with blonde hair and nose ring?

  • ratzer

    Kendrick killed it

  • Gayke

    Those two fucking boys are still chasing Rihanna’s cheesy, man looking ass? Drake should suck Chris Brown’s big dick ’cause talentless Rihanna wasn’t really somebody before him. Fuck Drake and his next album. Everybody is going to make sure to buy a copy except me probably lol. A lot of people admire/defend basic phonies and puppets these days. That single he released was garbage. It’s exaggerated. Im not gonna comment anymore on these old pop stars. They are all a waste of time. That society and those demons always bother someone with celebrities.

  • rahrahrah

    “Bumping suga free”…K. Dot shouting out Pomona’s finest.

  • joe

    stop hating C Breezy verse was good, luv his flow and cadence

    gotta give it to him, muti talented

  • Chris Brown does nothing more than an impression of the popular flow style out now

    You can tell he practices along to instrumentals & then bombards Rihanna’s Voicemail with is shitty “verses” & she claps afterwards with excitement like the empty headed peon that she is.

    Jeezy really allowed this tho?

    Well , Shaq DID make a track with B.I.G. once upon a time

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    lester bangs of hip hop
    This is why we can’t have nice things

  • joe

    whatever, however he does it, breezy still sounds good! be mad! aubrey sounds good singing on record but live sounds like crap!

  • DoinTooMuch

    Dope. But why did some of yall call jeezy, yeezy? lol

  • King

    wack shit….

  • Facts

    CTE !

    Drake lost
    Ross lost

  • Nickey Black

    Whole track was dope

  • Leanin’

    ALL i wanna know is Y E-40 Is Not on this Rmx!!?? smdh!

  • Nick

    can’t hate on breezy, anyone who has the balls to say something about another rapper in these times deserves some sort of recognition

  • Hol’Up

    Not K. Dots’s type! His verse wasn’t bad tho.. Chris brown was okay.. YG is somehow always on DJ Mustard Beats lol and Jeezy did good! Decent song overall.

  • Balla

    If You Started From The Bottom Then Come Out The Closet


  • SaveHipHop

    That was the worse diss I’ve ever heard….so elementary. Chris Brown needs to sit his overally emotional as down.

  • My Moment Remix

    http://snd.sc/YJtj9U 2 Chainz Meek Mill

  • spawn

    Kendrick flow was just perfect

  • theChef

    Kendrick killed that beat lol, impressive flow

  • mouRis

    Kendrick teaching chris how to ride a beat

  • Poli1sbbc

    Kendrick bodied that, again

  • azerttyu

    didn’t like the song but Kendrick was impressive on it, he saved that song for me with young jeezy

  • Bluster

    Kendrick keeps winning

  • caster

    Breezy really don’t like drake, lol. gotta respect his flow, str8 and direct, no subliminal there

  • Foreign luccini

    *niggas in the A aint feelin dis*

  • J UK

    RR, take the post down now. Foreign Luccini says niggas in the A aren’t feeling it, so that’s it, just delete the post and make sure noone else has to hear

  • The Wise

    was just listening to “my hood ” off tm 101..miss that good shit..but this is the worst jeezy single yet..ever since he lost that raspyness in his voive his flows an ryhmes have fallen wayside..the drake shot frm brown was bellow average…

  • pILLpusha

    What does that relate? If you started from the bottom come out the closet??? Like it don’t make sense bit I get it

  • Evil

    Ok song,nobody really went in.Sub standard track,could have lived without it.


    this nigga chris having a damn identity crisis he dont know if he wanna be 2pac or sisqo



  • Gaz

    Did you people hear the same song? Kendrick suited the beat and was on point

  • As Real As It Gets

    It was aight!

  • Lmao JEEZY WENT IN, even YG. CB and Drake are one in the same. Rapping the lives they never and will never lived. It’s a shame y’all arguing back and forth about the obvious tho.

  • Kendrick takes us to school of course. What else is new?

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