B.o.B Vitamin Water Commercial

B.o.B. turns an average flight into a soul plane as part of Vitamin Water’s latest ad campaign. This isn’t the first time Bobby Ray’s performed on an airliner though. Back

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  • Salute to the whole BOB camp, TJ, Playboy Tre, Jesse Heavyweight, Amir, JG, Big Country, and Shane.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

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  • B

    :05 [real passengers] doesnt look like any plane ,with any group of passengers, ive ever been on. haha. everyone looks really young, and like b.o.b. fans

  • Brendan74

    Bobby Wants 50Cent money!!

  • b.dot and yn are some weak dick riding motherfukas…. why haven’t you “BLACKOUT” on Rick Ross yet? seriously… the craziest shit I ever heard a rapper say. Date Rape rap ain’t a genre. Stop letting the business compromise your common sense. Be men and stand up against what you know is wrong. Stop being groupies.

  • Craziest you heard a rapper say?! Eminem raped his mama and made light of rape on more than a couple of songs. I don’t condone it but let’s not act like its something new.

  • It’s wrong either way… eminem or rick ross. my point is these blogger won’t say anything because they’re Hoes.

  • meezy

    this is stupid af.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I’m tired of rap being a scapegoat for all things wrong. Yes, freedom of speech come with consequences, but to believe Ross meant any harm is foolish. I have yet to hear any member of the media ask a movie star if his/her movie promotes violence, drug use or anything else.

    This thing called rap come with a ‘parental advisory’ sticker. And there’s a secret to that, the biggest ‘parental advisory’ sticker is guess who? PARENTS. Lets stop attacking rappers.

    I understand SOME kids look up to them, but ALL of them be responsible for ALL children? I don’t know the answer to that. I’m not a parent.

    I grew up listening to rap, started in elementary school AND I’ve NEVER wanted to be a rapper, act like a rapper. I just want to purchase their music and listen to them report their circumstances, be it growing up in the hood or otherwise. What you want them to talk about? Their dad that went to Harvard and their Mom that went to Yale?


  • How a big corp like Coca-Cola gonna lie and say real passengers? These jews get away with anything and everything.

  • My point is these bloggers have so much power. More power than most readers even realize. I don’t got MTV.com or even watch it for music news and neither do most of the readers of this site. This is the core audience. These blogs have the power to change but because the groupie mentality is so prevalent amongst them they just let shit like “date rape” references ride. You bloggers need to stand up and be men and rep for what’s right and denounce what’s wroung before hip-hop goes completely into the gutter.

    The sad thing is YN ain’t no young dude. He’s from the days of when Hip-Hop was real. He should know better.

  • Facts

    TREVEL EIDDE (THE BOSS DOG) said some of the realest stuff I ever read on these websites. Really

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Trevel

    Oh ok. I,see your point.

  • TopDogg

    BOBs more white than bieber

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  • Real passengers yeah right! Theyre all attractive 20 year olds. Nonsense. Almost as bad as bogus Mcdonalds commercials with hipsters amd models eating crap “food”. NO truth in advertising. Drink tap water with a brita filter.