Big Sean’s 25th Bday Weekend

It was no days off, even for Big Sean’s birthday. Here’s a recap of his celebratory weekend including his shows in NY, L.A. and his surprise party.

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  • It’s the roc

    For some strange reason I actually liked this video. Maybe because of the way it was shot. Felt very authentic compared to some of the mysticism you get in Rick Ross’ vlogs.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This isn’t a real birthday celebration, Kanye didn’t give him a birthday cake with candles. #sarcasm

  • watchthethrone

    Wiz look crazy


    Yeah he can rap better than you….so can alot of people.

  • Wiz is so Funny!! HahA

  • My Swag Sags its Swagtastic

    Niggy, you know who else rap better than you? Those nigga rappin at Taco Bell menus


    as soon as i heard wiz say big rap better than him , i immediatetly knew the haters were gonna take that and run with it and surley enuff ^^^^^^ lol #irony .

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    Wiz look like he got the MONSTER