• Big Gucci

    This nigga need to be done like Jesus and be burned in the stake! Nobody fucken with this, not a good look Mannie from someone who’s been cold for a minute!

  • Happy Christopher Walken’s Birthday!

    Game’s “Black Jesus” > this

    Mos Def has been pretty annoying lately. And yeah, I know, the name change, but I think the last song I actually liked from him was “Taxi”, so until Yasiin Bey makes something good, he’s Mos Def to me.

  • Leon

    I can dig this loving the beat

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Where is the verses? Its just a bunch a ad-libs and I’m a Mos Fan son!

  • O block

    Clean but I don’t like how he stole the games song title and concept

  • Jus10

    lol @ people claiming Mos Def stole Game’s “concept”. On another note, not really sure how I feel about this song. It’s soulful, but this song might be a miss. I’ll give it a few more spins, but… ehhh.

  • Truthhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • aboriginal EarthLing

    Can’t get with it.

  • Iran The Race

    Interesting song… it seems as though the black gods are trying to resurrect once again.

  • D!A!E!


  • Kanye’s Half sister

    Don’t know what yall shorties are listening too…but this right here is ill…besides its a start-up single not that serious…..

  • Gary Paulson

    This was awful …

  • boss don

    aint this nigga muslim?

  • Mos gave us a early Christmas carol

  • onla

    this is awesome. drums are on PIZZOINT

  • Strong Johnson

    Sounded like a good idea initially. This is trash though

  • The Wave

    @bossDon yes the Brother is Muslim and Muslims accept Jesus as a Prophet and Messenger of GOD…as he stated in the record “Prophet Black Jesus” we accept all Prophets and Messengers 30000 of em many names in Bible #Champ

  • JOHNYblaze

    WORD! This shit is MAD weak tho sounds like a horrible kanye x d block x 03 timbo joint, but IT def is a BAD look for Mannie Fresh, atleast this track……

    I was expecting some CONSCIOUS bars not some weird funk bullshit voiceover…….

  • naaah

    the drums are fucking dope tho….

    Kinda mot really feeling it other than that.

    its cool i guess.

  • C’mon Son

    @ Big Gucci

    Dude… Jesus was not burned at the stake. There’s seriously no way you could possibly even think that.

  • jesus

    im proud of this Dante Terrell Smith

  • brza

    Obscure to say the least.

  • koa29

    I don’t see a point in this dude renaming himself Yasiin Bey. If anyone’s talking about him, they gunna be like “Who the fuck is Yasiin Bey, oh right, it’s Mos Def”

    so why even bother changing your name?

  • TOY-T


  • KingTut


  • Marc

    Mannie Fresh drums back!

  • Set303

    I can confidently say that this doesn’t hit as hard or is nearly as dope as what I know they have. He did this record that could have only been done by Mannie Fresh at a Black Star show. That shit was crazy.

  • Verbalvirgo1

    the way he started off wit that everywhere we go people wanna know i thought of tony the tiger and D- Block am i wrong 4 dat.. lolz

  • dll32


  • vzed

    Just vibe wit it , Bounce wit it , Just groove and relax. JAZZ