• That Guy

    If you’ve been following this hip-hop culture, you’d know that rap stars rocking one gold chain a few years ago would be looked at sideways. Now? OG’s are rocking what used to be cool at hip-hop’s genesis. No more ostentatious, tasteless bling. I like the direction. I fuck with it.

  • trayway

    This need to be jeezy song! the hell with a usher album

  • jeezy is wack.

  • Jeezy hasn’t been popping since he dropped Gibbs matter of fact I ain’t tryna say Gibbs made Jeezy hot

  • Facts

    Jeezy does not have to be ‘hot’ since he has one of the most loyal fanbases

    R.I.P. gets mad spins in clubs all over the world and it’s just a mixtape cut

    Haters gonna hate

  • Black Shady

    Gibbs? LOL good one…

  • Bruh.Be.Real.

    ppl hating on jeezy is house niggas. the fact is jeezy got a loyal fanbase so he always winning and he always hot whether if its a mixtape or verse on another artist song or album he stay winning.. RIP is one of the hottest song right now. and it was made for a decent mixtape smh. jeezy hotter than most niggas . dont even bring up rick ross. or gucci mane lmao

  • just stop

    Cte is with atlantic records now like mmg. Jeezy is vice president at atlantic records. jeezy is boss at def jam. HE STAY WINNING

  • usher looking like ll cool j circa 91′ rampage video


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Should be a hit song. Snow ! Snow ! Snow !

  • #PaidDues 2013 youtu.be/njTICFl-jQE
    Gangsta Gibbs hoe!!!!

  • Devante

    Lol the white folks took Usher from us. I haven’t like the has last couple of albums..

  • brollya

    no one knows freedie gibbs but the people on blogs…. no one even cared wen he said he left cte cuz people was lik “whos dat…. never knew he was on cte” jeezy one of the last niggaz i listen to that be on that trappin shit

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  • young

    It looks like dj drama was also here (last pic)

  • really 23

    schoolboy usher

  • ramondfresco

    shout out to the cup of syzzurp. hip hop gotta do better w/ the drugggzzzzz.

  • atown don

    Has anybody notices that everything tha boy Rozay does this copycat ass nigga Jeezy does… First wit the beards, now wit the cups wit the Labels on it in the photos! You didnt see this nigga Jeezy with the cups until Ross started promoting his.. But the only thing is MMG is a legit label with thiriving artists….. What about CTE!? Oh my bad i forgot about Tone Trump LOL… Not hating just observing

  • dumbass

    nigga please are you serious its a fucking beard and you say jeezy cop that with ross? lmfao i guess every other million ppl on earth copy ross too then dumbass. plus ross copy the real rick ross with beard and name

  • Foreign luccini