Vanilla Ice Performs At Bucks Halftime

During the Milwaukee and OKC game last night, Robert Van Winkle took the Bradley Center back with a medley during halftime. Above is the crowd favorite, “Ice Ice Baby”. Full show below.

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  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    Who cares?


    They are dope for even entertaining this idea

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  • Peekay

    slow news day

  • mrholloway

    Man white folks love that shit. Know the words verbatim.

  • It was 90’s night at the Bucks game. 90’s prices, jerseys, etc. that’s why he performed at halftime

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Your favorite rapper wishes he can Vanilla Ice records nowadays

  • Joeylugnut

    That was great to bad it was at the bucks game!! I would of rapped my ass off

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  • Playboy69

    Vanilla Ice >>> Rick Ross the rapper in Street Cred!

  • Easton West

    Thank you Vanilla Ice for bringing us Marshall Mathers. If it wasnt for your dumb ass career, the GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME would not be around.

  • ^

    If you’re trying to say that Eminem couldn’t have existed without a white rapper paving the way, A) you’re wrong, and B) the Beastie Boys were selling millions of albums years before Vanilla Ice picked up a mic.

  • ironic

    first as tragedy, then as farce

  • @ ^

    Someone that knows music. Your the man

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  • Shout out Vanilla Ice, that joint is a classic!

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