• b.m.n.killa

    LOL @ this nigga or thinkin he a real musician or artist. In 50 years angie, errbody gonna say he was a radio ass nigga that caught hella stupid cases.Don’t worry chrissy, nobody is lustin after her and her gigantic head and awful voice ‘cept niggas that’s blind.

  • Strong Johnson

    ^^^ Matt Kemp, Drake & Andrew Bynum are blind? Shut yo hatin azz up…smh…

  • The bnmkilla dude is hilarious. Anything Chris Brown or Rihanna related you are one of the first to have a comment, yet you spew hate towards both of them.

    So do you click on the article just to comment with hate?

    I aint saying Rihanna is the most beautiful chick I ever seen but the whole package, she is a pretty bad chick. If you can’t see that then you may not like women as much as you think lol

  • DJ Bobby Drake

    @b.m.n.killa If you dislike an artist or anyone in fact…Why bother checking for them???..I mean wouldn’t that bring less stress in your life..

  • Mela

    Chris Brown is talented . Rihanna is beautiful and alot of men lust over her . Do your thing chris .. I support you

  • Tay-Tay

    yal nigguhs aint got no life

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