New Music: Ice Cube “Crowded”


Ice Cube is mobbin’ and throwing them bows on the latest single off his upcoming 10th LP, Everythang’s Corrupt. Better get out the way.


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  • tucq

    Cube is my fav rapper…. I don’t know if I’m ready for this one.

    No hate intended, Cube. I know u gotta experiment….

  • Mr.Opinion

    I’m Upset With O’shea!!!!!

    Bumps “Steady Mobbin”

  • gammaboi

    Man, beginning to think Laugh Now, Cry Later is his last solid work.
    This sounds so dated.

  • Ppffffff

    I do believe, that some artists should just not try to evolve… And this doesn’t even sound close to an evolution
    Sorry cube. Wack

  • trayway

    I agree with everybody comments above me. expected to hear something serious when i clicked on this. Cube usually have something real to say, even on his singles. i can’t fuck with this

  • recordpusher

    April fools???

  • evol

    Wtf, i thought i would here some og westcoast shit ? Wut is this

  • Jus10

    I guess he didn’t learn from his last mistake… errr… I mean album.

  • wizsucks

    beat is doo doo

  • b.m.n.killa

    He gotta change it up now n then you weak ass niggas. Yall know damn well he aint gonna put out a whole album of this shit. He always try to change it up with a few on each album and if you clowns didn’t like that last album he dropped go listen to French Montana then kill yoself.

  • Chillthrills

    Naaaah!!!!!! Non cipher kid,,,,,he never was good at party tunes,,,,,he need to talk the official real,,,listen to his old shit,,,,that’s totally him,,,shit if he can write a movie,,,put a movie on wax the game needs that,,,,glad he still workin though,,,,


    cubes a legend but i dont think hes ever gonna drop shit like he did before

  • tucq

    @the Majestic Niglet

    No diss, homie.. ur name is hilarious. I think of ‘tales from the hood’ when all these tiny black puppets swarmed an old white man or somethin like that. But on the real ur name made me LOL