New Music: KiD CuDi x Too $hort “Girls”

Cudder and $hort Dawg got their eyes set on pretty girls everywhere they go on their collaboration. Off CuDi’s forthcoming set, Indicud on April 23. Pre-order it on iTunes today.

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  • D

    Cudi’s 4/4…this is dope

  • I wouldn’t lie to you


  • O block

    Hop off fags^^^
    This is booboo

  • dd

    ahhhhh tooo fucking clutch!! cudder

  • chasee

    I’ve never liked one kid cudi song in my life…

    With that being said, this is dope!

  • Clutch

    Lol these MMG fans don’t know what music is…This is dope!

  • Champ is here


  • boss don

    I’m single in the streets’bout to get it in/ Talkin’ bout some drinkin’ and some mingling… Banger!!

  • Sarah_Underwood

    DB Rap

  • DMVinyourchick

    Wtf what u mean u never liked a cudi song in ur life?? U buggin

  • BooBy Boi



    dude is singing a song about girls with “surprises”

    surprise, i have a dick

  • Isee

    Hip-Pop, the dope type!!!

  • KingTut

    Meh. I’m all for alternative music but this is for absolute druggies. Miss me…

  • Despite

    Dopest dope I’ve ever smoked.

  • nice

    wow produced by cudder too

  • Nein6ixx

    “Cudder and $hort Dawg”
    Really tho Big homie? lay off the bottle when you post man

  • fredtheFATson

    This guy never disappoints

  • Showboat

    Some artist just know how to make a hit. Kid Cudi is definitely one of those artist.

  • Showboat

    S/N : I was REALLY afraid Too $hort was going to ruin this song. Im glad he did not. LOL

  • jfraz1992

    this shit is a banger i like!!

  • distance

    Idk… I kinda hate Cudi’s singing, and he never seems to actually rap anymore. Like he used to do a hook or something, but somewhere during MOTM2 he decided he’s just gonna the off key sing-song thing ALL THE TIME, and he’s never looked back.

    I’ll still check this album out, but honestly, I might be just about done with him. Just not my style anymore.

    PS- I have nothing against singing. It’s just that he can’t actually sing.

  • i’m feelin this

  • Genesis

    True original….. Dope….

  • Balla

    @Distance, word. I was hoping he’d go back to his MOTM 1/A Kid Named Cudi shit, but it looks like those days may be long gone. But i’ll give this album a shot

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  • You buggin if you don’t think this hook is dope.

  • ink

    beat is cool. chorus is cool. verses are fucking terrible.

  • Yo

    Im a fan but this album isnt sounding like no chronic 2001 haha

  • PsychoBoy

    Not feeling this

  • Iya

    HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son is back, unlike these other so called “artists” cudi know how to make dem international tunes.

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  • Evil

    Nothing special


  • k


  • LikeJordan45

    Ya’ll still using the lo-fi ass version of the cover art, get on your fucking job

  • The Wise

    beat is cool he couldve came better on the track .was hoping he wouldve spit solid rap verses..but this signing jus aint working this guy has never been the same since his first album…an for the worst..iv heard all his albums b4 i see sumone say sum dumb shit..even that throw away album wzrd..

  • cuddddder

  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    Hook killer! Shit narley bro. Short the savage

  • koa29

    Space jams.

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  • Dai

    Best Cudi song i heard in awhile he been experimenting a lil too much to me lately that he cant really b considered a rapper anymore. N i been a fan since Day n NIte on myspace days lol.

  • ayyeee

    Can’t wait to get high on that indicud.