New Video: Vado Ft. Mavado x Ace Hood “Gangster”

Gangster’s don’t die. They shoot videos that end up on Worldstar and YouTube. Here’s Vado’s new clip featuring his We The Best comrades. Download V12’s Slime Flu 3 here.

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  • kush

    Slime flu 3 best mixtape or album out so far this year. This song….ehh lol

  • rahrahrah

    Vado and Movado…good to see these two combine, but damn this is another serving of wack sauce. This isn’t music. I can’t believe Vado even enjoys sitting in his car listening to this? I thought dude had a good ear..what do you do to this music. Smoke one, Chill at the club, analyze the wordplay, vibe to the beat…it just fails on so many levels. Who in the crew was gassing them to believe that this was worthy of promotion?

  • bumpy johnson

    dope all the way …..

  • LikeJordan45

    Vado my nigga but idk son….all his We The Best efforts are sounding too formulaic. I miss those D Ferg bars he used to drop over Aarab Beats but maybe that’s just me

  • ^^^^ hahahaa

  • Vado’s a Beast but i dont see him with We the best. but he doing his thing hit me for Beats @OneManBeats

  • bawseOGPurp


  • PsychoBoy

    I don’t believe these clowns lol

  • Oj da Cornball


  • i told u niggaz watch my moves

    the work ethic kinda maken me believe
    lololol word.

    i keep hearn bout & c’n niggaz n it aint bad at all
    pussy niggaz b lyin out here but respect to khaled
    for still breakn artist

  • ppthetruth

    Stop trying to make ACE HOOD happen.. Its not going to happen.. Seriously.. All these rappers outta miami not named trick daddy or uncle luke are cornier than Vanilla Ice.. Whiter too.. Why the fuck do they keep letting them put out bad music like this? Honestly… Ooo hes got a hard work ethic.. I dont givva fuck.. I want good rappers.. Not rappers who can hustle and can sit back like slaves and play the game i.e. Waka Flaka/Trinidad James/Tyga/Mack Maine/The third guy in MMG/Mac Miller/Macklemore.. All that faggy corny ass emo/rap shit that the media machine is tricking you into believing has a chance to be relevant when it comes to history.. The new rappers who made it to the main stream from the year 2006-2010 are going to be nothing more than a bunch of videos on Vh1’s pop up video and their countdown of the hottest one hit wonders from the years 2006-2010.. Fuck this noise.

  • WindyCityG72

    Ace Hood is Meek Mill , Meek Mill is Ace Hood. they sound the same on many many tracks.

  • ” Gangster’s don’t die. They shoot videos that end up on Worldstar and YouTube ”
    Thanks for jacking my line B Dot


    Ace Hood: the guy who claims everyone “stole” his flow
    I managed a store in ’08 and one of the worst sells of the year was Ace Hood’s music.
    They used to send us promo copies every other day to get us to like it and then play it.
    I played the edited album in the store but ::::: Crickets ::::::
    same for the Dave Banner album. People actually ASKED US to take it off the cd player

    Vado , from Cam to Khaled . They call that inertia (Google it)

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    lester Bangs of hip hop
    Save your tax return money Vado

  • starfox64

    @ppthetruth thank you! Son they keep tryna push ace hood , “all rhe rappers in the industry jocking hisxadence” lmao ace hood wacker than caki swag district..

  • brza

    Will never take Ace Hood seriously. Vado did his thing.