Scarface Scraps Mac & Brad Album

While at the Paid Dues Festival this past weekend, Scarface tells FUSE that his collaborative album with Beanie Sigel isn’t going to happen. His reasoning is due to the over saturation of rap music. This is probably the smartest thing an artist has said in a long time. He also spoke on his appearance on Beyonce’s “Bow Down (Remix)” and possible Geto Boys tour.

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  • The Other P

    For Scarface fans there isn’t an oversaturation of his music.

  • Devante

    Duh, how else was it gonna happen?

  • onenutned

    over saturation my ass…what he meant to say is that bol beans won’t stay outta lock up so we can get some work done and I’m too old for all that fuckery so I’m movin on to more profitable projects. FACEMOB!


    This dude needs to hit the gym badly.

  • Exile

    ^ I never understood why legends let themselves go. Scarface, MOP, NORE, Pfife Dog,Too Short to name a few. They might sell more records if they slimmed down and hit the racks.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    ^theyre not hungry anymore

  • i told u niggaz watch my moves

    face on his feature $$$$$ shit
    strait bar swishas & barbque

  • mike

    Can someone ask mr.scarface about a “Mac and Brad” Ep? At least a Ep….

  • yaboy

    they’re not hungry anymore? haa

  • sinofmidmobb

    Face was never a sex symbol type of guy lol… I think people respect him as SCARFACE enough… The music speak for it self. There’s not one rapper in the game who wouldn’t jump at a scarface collab

  • JustMyOpinion

    Rap album collaborations rarely ever go as smoothly as artist make them out to be. Think: Lil’ Wayne & Juelz Santana.

    Honestly, I forgot everything about them mentioning doing an album. Albums don’t stick just as album dates don’t.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Scarface & Beanie Sigel on a track together is SICK. But i had a feeling it wasnt going to happen. Remember Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek were going to do a album together but Beans & Bleek studio time didnt match up right.


    What’s the background music playing the video. I cut for that beat.

  • PsychoBoy

    I need a new Scarface album