The DEWeezy Project Documentary

Grab a snack and a bottle of Mountain Dew. In this short-film, we get a behind the scenes look at Mountain Dew’s “DEWeezy” project and the 10 NYC kids who helped bring it together. This is how they dew.

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  • gammaboi

    Come on this endorsement deal isn’t as innocent as it looks.
    Mountain Dew is Sprite’s competition and can be easily swapped up.
    Clearly Wayne uses this as a mixer for lean and they know it.
    Only thing is the timeline between the Dew endorsement and the beginning of the seizures coincides …hmm. Maybe Dew ain’t meant for that line.

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  • Despite

    @gammaboi Are you sayin he can’t buy Sprite without an endorsement?

  • Sugarshane

    That was really a cool mini doc and only had 30 seconds of Wayne. Very interesting.

  • ilexx

    This docu was real interesting. Hopefully other major brands take note.

    Our youth have so much to offer, especially from a creative standpoint. If our youth are given an opportunity to do something great, they will surprise you with the end product. It starts with giving them an opportunity though, whether at risk youth or not.

    Big up to Stoke and Mountain Dew for giving some kids a chance. I am sure this impacted their lives positively and that will go a longway.

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