GZA Teaches Science At NY High School

The GZA is no stranger to the classroom or science. The Genius was recently tapped by Columbia University’s Dr. Chris Emdin and his program which uses hip-hip-hop to teach science.

“The people who most embrace hip-hop culture are the same populations who are most disinterested in school and disinterested in science. To me, the markers of success are the students who see themselves as scientists, who are having conversations about science, Emdin said”

GZA also tells CBS :

“The goal is just to awaken the children, make them more aware and embrace science and everything connected to it”

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  • Ran

    Why are these artist going to schools? soon as they listen to his & wu tang music they will hear violence & downgrading of females. Stop any negative artist from helping our future, who’s next marilyn manson?

  • Boom

    ^^^^^^ Ran = Hip Hop Cop

  • rahrahrah


    You know those jams in the park, I produced the spark
    Made me feel words how I read books in the dark
    I always took it to heart, loved the art
    A lifetime of darts, ripped crews apart
    Made their stay real short, I stamped the passport
    Couldn’t bring through no wack shit of no sort
    I walked the borough challengin’ the best that stood
    Torched metal mics, they conduct better than wood
    Once I electrify and only expect to die
    Rounded Bed-Stuy, ZZZZ, nigga fry
    My opponent block, the beat comin’ from his box
    Investment banker who’s a juggler of stocks
    Keep a rhythmic pace, maintainin’ great balance
    Movin’ in steps of unheard of silence
    Normally progressioners, they’re slow steepin’
    Niggas wanna light up when there’s gas leakin’

    Great to see GZA in the schools. Lecturing at Harvard, talking to the kids in high school.

  • Ppffffff

    Teaching how to cut and count the Cokeup
    Perpendicular to the Square

  • Johnny Ryall

    I have a homework assignment for you; Go actually listen to a Gza album or his verses. Then comeback here and comment with some non-bullshit.

    GZA had me looking up words in the dictionary before the internets were poppin. Teachers come in all shapes and forms.

  • Ran

    @johnny ryall Wu-Tang doesn’t make violent music & dog females or nah?

    No Hip-Hop cop over here, Like your favorite Rapper who takes another man’s name…

  • rahrahrah

    @Ran..if the main thing you got from the wu-tang is to be violent and to slut out females then you weren’t listening too hard.

    “The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum” RZA “RZA beats make me wanna fight, aight..” Yeah it’s in there but so is “Preach the truth to the young black youth..”

    If you weren’t listening to Wu-Tang and collecting jewels then your time was not well spent.


  • logan

    Since when did Columbia college become a high school?

  • Johnny Ryall

    Like I said teachers come in all shapes and forms so I’ll be yourz. We ain’t talkin bout Wu-Tang we talkin bout Gza. Is he responsible for the content of the other members? No. In his day, would a high school let Big Baby Jesus in the door? No. Gza recently visited Harvard, sat with the worlds top physicist and his upcoming album is called Dark Matter. If you’re not familiar with The Genius get acquainted but don’t lump him into the “this kinda hip-hop is bad for you” pile. Just say “I don’t know shit about the guys music I’m commenting on.”
    Bong, Bong son.

  • poetic assasin

    Cats came through before I could even say anything lol- every child should grow up listening to GZA

  • Ran

    We can all collect the jewels but who’s collecting the filter in between the lines? The kids? The ignorant? The soon to be ignorant? If the music makes you wanna fight or “The dumb is mostly intrigued by the drum” then why choose to be intrigued like the dumb?

  • yak

    ^they’re referring to you, you drum-listening dumbass. GZA was called “the Genius”, his shit has always been intellectual. You’re just too pathetic to distinguish between him and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Ran get your dumbass of this site. Bun B is a professor at Rice University and UGKs content was violent sex drugs with a message. This right up GZAs alley. Listen to Liquor Swords and get a life lesson.

    Cold World B.I.B.L.E. ShadowBoxin Gold will give you curriculum alone. Labels one of the most creative records ever!

  • Kaly

    hey Ran, who would you rather have in place of GZA?

  • Ran

    Your a dumbass for standing up for a hypocrite in this industry even tho he might have some jewels idiot, & then have the balls to defend bun b who dresses like a 16 year old & still talks about that bs. Ugk & Gza dropped jewels in a lot of records, but are we going to ignore the fact that the industry did not set them up to promote that, stop defending the guilty, I bet y’all would defend Ross too.

  • xx

    “are we going to ignore the fact that the industry did not set them up to promote that”

    The industry didn’t set them up to promote education and intelligence, and STILL they rise above the stereotypes that ignorant assholes like you buy into in order to do righteous work. That makes what they’re doing even better, dumbass.

    Don’t post again. You look worse every time you do.

  • Jus10

    Great work… but I don’t think many kids are like “OMG! GZA said school is cool!”
    Most kids in that class are daydreaming about Rick Ross & Nikki

  • Shaun Ackson

    Actually some kids were “like OMG GZA said school is cool” when he was in te Bronx

  • jesus

    wu tang is for the children

  • Ran

    Xx I’m your an idiot, they are not promoting shot but negativity. Dumb loss nigga

  • ^

    ^this kid just will not stop failing. pathetic.

  • C’mon Son.

    @ Ran

    Science and language arts are “negativity”? Because that’s what GZA is promoting. Your head is so far up your ass by now that you’re just babbling nonsense. Seriously, read your comments… maybe you should take some classes yourself. (I’m your an idiot? promoting shot?) The illiteracy is unbelievable.

    Gratitude and commendation are owed to GZA and Dr. Emdin, for this creative and evidently effective new method. We desperately need more forward-thinking educators like them.

  • DDT

    why does anybody care what Ran thinks? he’s too stupid to matter, and nobody agrees with him. leave it alone, he’s worthless.

  • Ran

    Like I said man if Ross was on here y’all would defend him too, & those typos were from my iPhone. Btw DDT, I’m worth a lot more than you think, I care about our future & I’m a stand up guy on or off the Internet.

  • Ran

    I know cats who work for the industry comment on this site, not real individual’s comment often. So I’m prolly arguing against a bunch of label heads but who cares man, you gotta fight this system, Gza himself prolly commented because he doesn’t have much better to do with his time. But keep the music positive man and let’s focus on the future.

  • C’mon Son.

    As much as I’d like to point out that not a single person here has supported Rick Ross in any way, and that you’re delusional, bordering on insane, if you really think you’re arguing with label heads in the comment section of Rap Radar, the guy is right. You’ve already taken up more time than you’ve ever been worth.

    It’s hilarious, and mildly appropriate, that somebody as stupid as yourself has spent so much time arguing against education.

  • Ran

    C’mon son your a fuckin idiot if you don’t think any label heads or anybody that has to help their artist isn’t on the number one hip hop site in the world helping their artist out. A lot of people always stands up for Ross, you can’t speak for the people on this page saying they didn’t, most people who defends Ross, are people who defends hip hop no matter how hypocritical the artist is. And for you to come to a comment section a day late buried under more post to comment proves your not worth shit, Internet thug.