KiD CuDi Leaves G.O.O.D. Music

B.A.D. news CuDi fans. While on L.A.’s Power 106’s, KiD CuDi announced that he’s no longer associated with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music. Guess he’ll be getting out his dreams elsewhere.

“Man, everything is cool. Everything is peace with everyone on the label, but I’m announcing that I’m no longer on GOOD Music. And this is something that no one knows really. I’m no longer on GOOD Music. Me and Kanye were actually talking on the phone the other day, and there’s been things I wanted to talk to him about. About me wanting to start my own direction, and he got because he’s trying to start his own new path, and trying new things as an artist. And he was just like ‘Man, I feel you. It’s cool.’ This is just from a business standpoint. There’s no beef with anyone on the label. It’s all love.”

Part 1: Wants to focus on his artist King Chip and his band/label, Wicked Awesome.

Part 2: Says he made the decision 6 months ago and talked to Jay-Z and Don C on the move.

Part 3: No bad blood. Just business and plans to continue to make music with G.O.O.D. Music


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  • The Narrator


  • I don’t vibe cudi lik the next man. Bt I think he’ll get by, within or outside music

  • Nein6ixx

    wtf cudi?



  • J.T.

    GOOD no pun intended. But G.O.O.D. music was dong nothing for CUDI. He does not need them, glad there is no bad blood though. He will be fine, cant wait for his album

  • it’s the roc

    i’m actually not mad at this. probably a good move for him. cudi doesn’t need to be a member of any crew, he is more of a solo act

  • Big Al

    He honestly didn’t really fit in with any of them, except maybe Kanye. I’m just glad they are being mature about it. Good luck Cudi!

  • mac DIESEL

    SO WHAT!!!!

    …………..*KANYE SHRUG*!!!! HA!!!!


  • Hol’Up

    the decision doesn’t really matter, but he had issues with less radio play and less promotion I remember, prollly the reason he left, wonder if Indicud’s comin out Independently… He’ll do good without G.O.O.D and would be even better if he still continues to work with Kanye and Co. in future, though I doubt that’ll ever happen, there is certainly some rift goin on, No G.O.O.D features at all on Indicud.

  • Slim Baller


  • My Swag Sags its Swagtastic

    Kanye aint put that nigga on cruel winter

  • Canyonero

    A lot of niggas PR stuntin’ like that’s the movement.

  • Hol’Up

    Common left, nothin happened, Cudi leaves, prolly nothin will happen, hope he too continues to work with Ye’ like Common does. Pusha T will follow, and after that, Big Sean. Kanye can’t handle G.O.O.D, they’re all musically different somehow… evident.. Cruel Summer was a bummer.. Yasiin Bey will be the only one left on G.O.O.D and wont release a solo album from it.. HA!

  • Champ is here

    The GOOD in the group is missing now…which is a great thing, because Cudi will make more money independent.

  • Word

    Yall should’ve known this was gonna happen based on the fact that he was NOTICEABLY absent from the GOOD music album save for one song. They’ve been distant recently so no surprise. Oh well, like he said..different paths.

  • Rod Markie

    Man this been coming, at one point good was all about kanye cudi common and john legend. Once the big sean and pusha wave came in I knew exactly where cudi would end up, it already didn’t seem like he was there so this just confirmation. Advice to artist, NEVER sign with another artist cuz when they go thru phases the whole label does, I understand its easier for a artist to put you out but in the long run you gonna regret it, this always happens

  • Dashing

    You mean Cruel Summer? He got a solo cut on it. The only person besides Kanye to get a solo cut.

    Like people said, Cudi is definitely his own entity. And people who listen to hip hop often hate on him cause he’s not really a rapper. He’s more like a black Beck who moves in different genres so the association with GOOD Music didn’t make the mose sense and restrics him in some ways.

    Eager to hear thedirection of the next album.

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  • dave

    nooooo fml this cant he nooooooo. ima kill myself fuck this -shoots self-

  • Wow. Tired of ghostwriting aye. Ye will jus spend the extra funds on Pusha. Yay!

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • @tshiamofs

    I am sad as hell!

  • Word

    @Dashing Yup. He got the solo cut, which I loved, but it seemed tacked on. Think it would’ve been too obvious he was leaving if he wasn’t on the album entirely, but the writing was on the wall. None of this is bad though nor should it be viewed as a negative thing. Cudi will move on and do his thing and maintain his success, and Kanye will always be Kanye. Nobody loses from this split, which is RARE when you observe how groups have split up over the years.

  • dave

    cudi needs to start his own label and make king chip his first artist or go to some independent label like where he could get the attention and promotion he needs.its not good being on a artists label when its full of stars.people get he needs sonething like what fools gold did for danny brown.but i think he shouldnt go to another major.his fanbase is so strong and dedicated he be perfect on an indie

  • Hol’Up

    In other news, lil wayne’s IANAHB 2 sold almost 220K.. Hence proven, Garbage Sells. And people don’t really care about good music.

  • LikeJordan45

    This is both dope and trash. Trash because it was cool that GOOD housed a bunch of my favorite artists, Cudi included.

    Good because having autonomy usually spells prosperity for artists of Cudi’s stature.

    Hopefully it’s in the best interest of all parties.

  • EdIsARat

    Hate this guy anyway – hope he disappears. He is NOT HipHop. Stop raping my music.

  • TheTruthIs…

    Thought he left a couple of years ago…

  • the brain trust

    @ EdisARat

    You’re a delusional fuck. Hip Hop isn’t ‘yours’ to own.

    In other news, Cudi should be aight. He hasn’t been receiving the right push from GOOD anyway.

  • Set303

    This means nothing. He just isn’t contractually tied to the label. He’s still gonna make music with Kanye, Sean, etc… For example the Clipse haven’t been signed to Startrak for years yet more than half of Til The Casket Drops was done by Pharrell. Common hasn’t been signed to G.O.O.D. Music but he still makes music with them all the time and his next album will have Kanye, Travis Scott, & Pusha sooo yeah this means nothing.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    All well, dude not a nice rapper anyway. I liked his first album a lil bit. But I haven’t heard a nice verse from him in a long while.

    At least now maybe pusha album will come out some time soon

  • Evil

    Kanye stay taking L`s

  • smfh

    long over due kanye is keeping up with the kardashians

  • Dashing

    @Hol’Up, can we talk about how bad Lil Wayne’s album is? Arguably the worst release from a major artist in years. 220K seems like it’s still selling, but that’s a massive drop from his last album which almost sold basically a milli the first week.After this album Lil Wayne’s stock is dropping real hard.

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Wicked Awesome is a terrible name for a record label. I live in Boston. That dumb ass white boy lingo is played out. Might as well name his record label Crazy Swag!

  • brollya

    roc nation go sign em watch

  • boss don

    yeah bruh ye is spending 2 much time with the 3 little piglets

  • Shamba Menelek

    @ Dashing the album is trash but his IANHB series dont sell like the carters do. He actually sold more first week on this sequel. You cant compare those sales to the Carter album.

    For example IANHB 1 sold less unit than 2 and Carter 4 sold close to a Mill first week after IANHB 1 was released.

    We will see Waynes popularity when he releases Carter 5.

  • Reblogged this on The Music Nerdvocate and commented:
    This seems like a good move for Cudi in a few ways: he now gets to not be under the heel of Kanye, free to do more with his curious brand of Hip Hop, and he can experiment with many other kinds of music, as well as do things with his own artists. Still not that big a fan but I’m now more intrigued to see where he’s headed.

  • Reblogged this on GenRegardless and commented:
    Can’t say I haven’t seen this coming for a while, but it still breaks my heart. Looking forward to what Indicud has in store.

  • Hammertime

    Cudi and CYhi are the 2 best acts out of Good music,
    but instead we hear Big Sean and a past his prime Pusha
    With Kanye being on his KimYe shit and having a baby soon I wouldnt be surprised if he focused less on music

  • Original Ty

    Maybe he can free up lil’ burn for Cyhi now…..

    I hate to admit that out of all these people I’m the one not getting it, but I NEVER got Cudi…… I tried hard too. Only ever felt a song or two at most…… doesn’t mean he’s bad I just couldn’t get him.

  • HOV

    R.I.P. Kid… whatsh is name again?

  • Black Shady

    who cares??? this nigga SUCKS!

  • Hol’Up

    @Dashing considering album sales Carter 4 onwards, no album has sold big in first week, the last i think was drake’s Take Care. so according to current situation .. these are decent sales because the album is garbage, 1 would be mad to buy that shit.. you’re right tho, his career’s goin down hard after this shit.

  • I didn’t even know he was signed to Good lol. Then again I’m not much of fan. And it’s obviois he wasn’t a good for for good. His music isn’t hip hop. He has some hip hop influence but he’d probably do great elsewhere, like virgin.

  • PistolPistol

    … Heads to Shady Records

  • foekist


  • As Real As It Gets

    Great move! Cudi’s his own man. Always had his own sound. Never needed anyone.

  • Pardonmyswag

    As real as it gets totally agree with you. He brought his own flavor to G.o.o.d music. And he shouldn’t have no problem continuing with that.

  • Dodo

    Not a good look. Should of got rid of big sean

  • Dream On

    Cudi and King Chip finally gonna put out there Almighty Glory Us album. Cudi always has and always will be doing shit in his own lane!

  • nigga creep

    Dude sucks and so do Sean’s weak ass.

  • trapped

    GOOD kept him relevant.

  • bread and butter

    cyhi leaving next, not doubting him but he shouldnt be shelved i dont really listen to his music but from what i heard of the 1 or 2 guest verses he’s alright. kanye has taken far too many lessons from HOV.

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  • Bill Hustle

    2nd biggest bread winner on the label..glad for dude..cant wait for Indicud.