Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Debuts High On Charts

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Two is not a winner, but Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being 2 will take home the silver medal this week on the Billboard charts. As far as sales go, the album clocked in 217,000 copies in its first week. Decent numbers, but no where near his previous effort of 965k with Tha Carter IV.

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  • IIG

    Good for an obvious offshoot album.

  • eastpointvet

    shows you how hard it really is to clock 12 #1’s in a row

  • Is english your second language? I swear the grammar/ writing is so bad on this site.

    “Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Debuts High On Charts”

    “Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being 2 Debuts at #2 on Charts” is much better.

  • onenutned

    sorry wayne..Jay you’ll never be.

  • Black Shady

    album sucks. he should be more than lucky with the #s

  • Devante

    Decent numbers, but those are low for an icon like Wayne…

  • tha OG

    Lil wayne music= garbage

  • Devante

    Anyways those sale truly reflect the album… How do you go from Tech 9, Nas and Andre 3000 collabs to Soulja Boy, Gunplay and 2 Chainz

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    good for wack weezy.

  • The_Insider

    Good numbers for a pet project or whatever. Wayne been a hit or miss since C2 but he definitely got some bangers on the new album. Rebirth 2 coming next.

  • LikeJordan45

    Now people are throwing around the phrase “pet project” to explain weak sales…which I dig, but don’t condone in this case. 808’s was a “pet project” or Cudi’s “WZRD” those were clearly meant to be unlike those artist’s previous efforts.

    Wayne still rapping right? I don’t see how this is any different than “the Carter series” or any other weak project Weezy’s dropped. Wack is wack…and this is that.

  • Honestly

    Just stop with the pet project off shoot side project talk. He put out a BAD album point blank just say what it is. Maybe if you hold artist accountable and tell them there shit is garbage when it clearly is we wouldn’t get another heap of garbage. I love Wayne that’s my homie but he fell off fora WHILE now. But yes men and Stan’s keep his ego juiced so y wud he improve or try to push himself. Y’all let him serve you piss and tell thank you for the wine


    not suprised the carter albums always do alot more but still i think waynes shit is weak now so i dont care about his sales

  • BlackAnastasia

    I’m from NewOrleans and this guy is Repulsive.I have to question the mental state of anyone who supports this man.

  • PistolPistol

    Proves there’s no legend here

  • Fried Chicken

    Damn so this nigga talked about beating the pussy up from track 1-15 and sold 200K… Nas gave you life on LIG but sold 100K! SMH

  • Baby was like fuck it son,I can’t be using my money for all ur albums and let Mack Maine burn them afterwards just to boost ur first week sales

  • Word

    This album was just BAD. I don’t even hate Wayne, I dont. Loved Carter 2, 3 No Ceilings, Da Droughts, Dededications and all that, but he is nowhere near that level nor will he ever be. This album proved it. The album was just HORRIBLE start to finish. Carter 4 wasn’t even bad, it just wasn’t memorable. It was blah. But this is bad music here folks.

    The Wayne loyalist will proclaim how these sales would be fine if it was so and so’s favorite artist, but thats not the point. Wayne loyalist will say this album was just a side joint, a “fuck it” album. Still, this is Wayne here folks. The album was promoted and the singles did well. Wayne going from high 900s to low 200 is bad. That drop off is terrible. BUT, overall these are solid numbers but at this point we all know Wayne is flop proof. Dude will never sell below 100k first week. And he’ll most likely go Gold every time. He’s just selling off his name and image now. I dont wanna hear “This was a good album” because it simply wasn’t. I’m just glad we got Wayne out the way for the rest of the year hopefully so we can focus on some better releases in the future.

  • Wayne is smart and these 1st week numbers beat every black rappers album all year. If u say the album is garbage u are in agreement with Weezy. 1 smart cookie.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • Word

    Its crazy how far past Wayne that Drake is at this point. Clearly the best rapper in YMCMB and yet Waynes fans will forever support this dude no matter what. That 200k number represents the true number of Waynes fan base at the point. Proves ppl just buy the Carter albums just for the sake of it being a Carter album. Call this album “Carter V” (which it could’ve been because whats the fundamental difference between Carter IV and this? Aint none) and watch it would’ve sold upwards of 500k-800k. Yall love Waynes image and what he portrays, but not his music.


    sorry industry dudes, commercial success only matters after critical. wayne has been a lame rapper since day 1, dude has zero lyrics. i dont care if you sell 10 million units, if you can’t actually rap, units dont mean shit.

    dude could never rap anyway, who cares

  • big steve

    i guess birdman stopped buying his albums, they must be beefing or running low on cash

  • Martijn

    I am not a lil wayne but you dont even know the facts inhab 1 sold 100 k or more and this one 200 k so how do you come with dropping from 900 to 200 k

  • @BlueScalise

    Birdman only buys CARTER Albums.

  • Martijn

    But lil wayne is the most terrible rapper after the carter 2

  • Word

    @Marijn We’re going album-to-album here buddy. His last album did 900k. This one did 200k. Loss of 700k off first week sales. And only reason theres an increase between IANAHB 1 and 2 is because he was in jail for the first one. First one was actually not horrible.

  • Conz_frontteeth

    Well, he told yall that it is a sorry album. I guess the 217,000 ppl did not blieve him.

  • Unknown

    Wayne fans only buy albums that have “Tha Carter” on the front cover

  • qbeezy

    i beat the pussy up like “——–” guess folks got tired of hearing that shit over and over

  • SoloK

    Should of stopped it at Tha Carter 3
    this shit is HORRIBLE!

  • Yeezus Christ

    lol why is this being compared to carter 4’s sales it is not a carter album and it sold 100k more than the first not a human being wayne won

  • WestCoast

    birdman 200 k Mack maine 17k

  • @BlueScalise

    Anyone that believes Wayne sold 900k FW of The Carter IV os smoking something.
    Hotter Artist:
    Ri Ri
    Can’t mo e those numbers, how can he?

  • doodooman3000

    Carter V to have big name producers kanye dr dre etc….in which he gonna announce this is my last album……

  • ilexx

    Look the numbers don’t lie. These numbers are representative of Wayne falling off and if you think differently you are in denial. Carter IV never got the best reviews but it still did numbers. The promotion and advertising budget for The Carter albums are MUCH MUCH bigger and we can see that. They didn’t position Wayne to promote this album in any serious way. You aint see Wayne doing no radio interviews like that or nothing. I understand that but lets go from the music itself. This album was straight ass, just like Dedication 4 was and Sorry 4 The Wait. Carter IV was better than those two but it had no replay value. We all can see Wayne is on the decline. Even though IANAHB 2 sold more than the 1st one, you have to remember that the first one was released while he was in jail and the first week was a digital ONLY release and then when they went to physical sales the numbers climbed back up. If you are honest with yourself IANAHB 1 was thrown together and it was still way better musically than this one is. If you also watch the trend, the numbers after IANAHB 1 after 4 weeks will be better than this one is and I promise you that and dude wasn’t even out to promote it. The music just sucks here and everybody who is real with themselves knows it.

    We are witnessing the decline right infront of our eyes….. What Baby/Cash Money and Lil Wayne aren’t realizing is that with every wack release they lose just a little bit more of his fans. Right now as it stands in my eyes, Drake is the only thing holding up the YMCMB brand right now as a solid artist.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Birdman probably bought half of these.

  • The_Insider

    Any project without CARTER in the titles IS a side project. I was a fan of Carter 1 and 2 Wayne now just like with 50 i’m only a fan of the rare banger he puts out so gtfoh with all that dick riding bullshit.

  • Hey yo

    This album is brunch of throw away songs put together…. cant seriously call it a flop. 200K with mixtape cuts, remade songs from 2008 and shit

  • nigga creep

    Gremlin lookin nigga BEEN weak since ’98. Im still amazed at how many niggas bump his shit. Its like an epidemic. Muthafuckas just brainwashed into feelin his shit cause its in they face all day on BET and the hoe ass radio. Cant escape it, cause Cash money got the marketing money n muscle to put they shit out there all the time. Fuck these niggas that’s on this midget’s dick n think he the greatest, kill yoselves.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Emmitt Till Curse

  • crysis

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis nuff said weezy nigga is done lol. this album made plastic coming out.


    Damn, that’s 217,000 too much

  • Bo Nation

    Im amused that u can sell 217k the first week and people say u failed

  • LikeJordan45

    If you consider this a “side project” you’re an incorrigible faggot and an undeniable stan. Knock it off.

    Shoutout to everything @ ilexx said

  • King Game

    The album was trash cant lie.

  • Real Niggas Aint Gotta Say Shit

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but … Macklemore >>>>> Tunechi at this point… Thriftshop was corny af and it still goes better than this whole Weezy record. At least that joint had an actual consistent theme. Not pussy punchline after pussy punchline… 200K is good but that’s a gauge of success not talent… Weezy aint talented no more

  • trayway

    Im not gonna lie, i was shocked when i seen those number coming from a lil wayne album…. i guess people are finally getting tired of him tho with all these other new artist out now with talent. I got a feeling that Drake is gonna outsell wayne album with first week sales.

  • dumbass

    dumb ass… over me.. watch if he realses carter V it will do over 500k smh

  • dumbass

    dumb ass… over me.. watch if he realses carter V it will do over 500k easy.. smh probably 900 and up.


    waynes wack now,, we all know it. when he became a superstar (after Carter 3) he fell through the cracks, got too complacent in his fame.

  • peterperenium