Nardwuar vs. Pusha T

Nardwuar’s SXSW interviews aren’t over. This time, he runs up on Pusha T and puts him through the ringer. He says it took nine months to break “Grindin” and that Pharell threatened to give the beat to Jay-Z. Don’t drop the vinyl Push!

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  • Canyonero

    Lost all my respect with the last 40 seconds.

  • k

    Love Pusha but this shit was fucked up.

  • Black Shady

    lmao I always feel some kind of way when these rappers act like bitches at the end of Nardwuar’s interviews.

  • ^ according to my homie Kester all rappers ARE bitches. I’m from the south where our rappers kill people so the verdict is still out.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • Mike Johnson

    Wow… A Pusha T interview without him mentioning his idol Wayne??!
    Whats the world coming to…

  • LoverofHipHop

    Pusha is one of my favs, but that was wack how he did that at the end. First off, who at this point hasn’t seen a nardwuar interview to know that, his ending is part of his signature thing BUT secondly nardwuar is part of the I am other channel, which is owned by his friend Pharell so why disrespect his mans peoples like that, especially after giving you that dope Gza album/package?

  • epinz

    Pusha is your favorites rapper competition…fickle fans look at pusha like he aint shit, but all the top rappers respect his pen game. Thats why when he say somerhing they respond. Pharell been said jayz, ti, and jeezy was major clipse fans..u can hear it in they lyrics after clipse dropped.

    Hes a dick for froppin the records though

  • pointgodkg

    thanx for the shoutout dj cognac, a rapper that kills isn’t a rapper, he’s a killer that raps
    “If you’re looking for me I’m in Gtown, Guyana”

  • @djcognac rappers everywhere has killed ppl.Steady B and Cool C,Chi Ali,Nore, Big Lurch from the west,Gdep,RZA,DJ Quik etc We won’t even talk about deathrow.The 90’s was way more violent than now.many ppl got bodied before the south was even thought of

    IDK how I would react to Nardwuar but I saw enough to not be completely bugged out.The Clipse been around some real musicians their whole life.Missy?really Pusha?

    Pusha will be sick when they take that chess set away.They usually don’t get to keep that shit.Nas got mad.Couldn’t have a big deal cuz they took pics after this


  • dodo

    Pusha Bitch, you don’t drop anything Nardwuar gives you as a gift.



    all day.