New Music: Crooked I “C.O.B. Anthem”

crooked i

Crooked I reps his Circle Of Bosses clique to the fullest by adding his own personal touch to Lil Reese’s “Us”. Yea, this is my first time listening to the beat all the way through too.


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  • JustMyOpinion

    Crooked I….is always on his lyrical game.

  • Lil Reese*

  • sean

    errr body on there boss shit…rozay ERA

  • Facts

    sean obviously started listening to Rap in 2009

  • sean

    ^nor 80’s baby

  • Facts

    So how come you don’t know that Crooked I was repping Circle of Bosses long before most of the Rap world knew about officer Ricky

  • sean

    it’s obvious he wasn’t reppin’ right pussy boy…snoop dog west coast boss of all bosses

  • Facts

    Do your history youngin’

    People like you are the reason for the wack side of this culture

  • sean

    @ facts….err body is a BOSS PLAYER nigga….NIGGAZ been reppin’ boss shit way before ross but the nigga makes it cool so even the kids B sayin’ BAAAWWWSE ‘rick ross voice’

  • matrix

    @ sean get off that fat cops dicc you lame…

  • sean

    @matix look who the fuck is talkin’ y’ll be the same mutherfukers snitchin’… calling the cops when trouble comes knocking at ur doors…where I’m from police don’t CUM…ALLO TIP AN BLACK RYNO

  • prai$e

    lol sean getting herbed. shhhh lil nigga.

  • sean

    yall sum fake ass character…love to throw stones but livin’ in GLASS HOMES

  • nah son

    yo, this song isnt good

  • @Lmao

    Sean you gotta be the dumbest nigga. Ross is gay and you all these kids are the reason for this new age of rap/hip- hop. Swag, swag, club and more swag. Shady records, Grand Hustle, Strange Music, Independent and the rest of the underground rap scene. Rappers now are so ABC. Go pop in some 2 Chainz lil niglet

  • sean

    @lamo U need to learn how to comprehend Homo…I DON’T fuckz wit any of these niggaz out right now…MAKAVELI THE DON still runs these STREET

  • buckets

    sean = confused child

  • sean

    ^NIGGA ur nane changing = ASININE

  • sean


  • HK

    @prai$e: “lol sean getting herbed. shhhh lil nigga.”
    Haha hilarious

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