Beyoncé “Mirror” Pepsi Commercial

While previewing her new song, “Grown Woman”, Bey reflects on her most memorable video looks for Pepsi’s “Live For Now” campaign. Kinda reminds us of Mr. Carter’s Rhapsody ad a few years back. The Timbaland-produced song debuts next Monday. Behind the scenes clip after the jump.

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  • Tev Milli

    Damn she looks good…..
    Song sounds ok….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • King

    Hov’s commercial was epic!

  • Capricorn Religion

    Uh oh….. 3 songs in already and. . . . “Eh”….

    Is the Beyonce train slowing down? Lol. Let me hear the rest of the song first. MAYBE I’m speaking too soon

  • onenutned

    Hov slackin that bitch’ll have like nine of my kids by now like fuck yo’ career!…bend over.

  • Tev Milli


  • Reality check

    Big hommie is a fool. What do you mean by Beysus Christ. Niggas taking dick riding to a whole nother level

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Gotta love that sub-title “Dream Deferred”, nice R/R

  • Black Shady

    1. Beyoncé is still the baddest good lord

    2. that Jay commercial was real great

  • @RealityCheck Remy Ma brought that to the culture when she dropped a mixtape titled…. drumroll please… Shesjus Khrist. Know your history.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • Carlito R

    No way does her commercial remind me of Jay’s. His sh*t was super creative!

  • blackJew

    Funny thing is b has been spotted with this young MC –

  • Winston Churchill

    Didn’t she used to be black?

  • Yeezus Christ

    pepsi is fucking disgusting

  • Gbushthebutton

    It was more like this Gatorade ad:

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