Big Daddy Kane On Good Day NY

Yesterday morning, Big Daddy Kane and his group Las Supper appeared on Good Day NY. After a brief interview from the lovely Rosanna Scotto, they performed their song “I Believe In Love Again”.

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  • DOPEST – “I got a flower, you my whole Boquet/” – dope line BDK

  • rahrahrah

    “Can I call you big daddy by the way?” I hope her husband can take a joke!

  • Diamond

    very dope

  • really 23

    Big Daddy Kane gotta have the best wordplay/punchlines in rap history. I’m convinced…

  • 8

    boring, till Kane came in, the dancing was corny though.

  • Keep doing your thang Big Daddy Kane.. New Cut “Getting Paid”, Download Here!!! —->

  • Kaly

    “the father of old school hip hop”

    oh word? not one of the fathers of just hip hop?

  • whois_datnigga_ondat_nag

    That was dope!

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I should’ve known, when I saw that scarf around his neck, why was I hoping to hear a new smooth rendition of “All night long?” Come on Kane, you never let “it’s a Big Daddy Thing” really grow, just do it again one more time for the hood, with all this cold weather I just wanna ride through the streets, top down, blasting “vintage new shit”.

  • Foreign luccini

    *pimpin ain’t easy*

  • Tef

    “Can I call you Big Daddy?” My man STILL got it!