• SHIT! New album gonna be fire. This is crazy.

  • G-cass

    Turn this up full volume and tell me this isn’t the future of hip hop music

  • Jacob

    Always a good day when a new danny brown song comes out

  • Sheeshhh nicee, might be the only twerk song i like

  • Lightsaber Leg

    NiGa this nice

  • toad3527

    this white boy be feelin this right here

  • Space Ghost

    This is refreshing. Dude is weird but hey, so is Kanye and I rock with him so I guess I can rock to this dude as well. Shit bangs tho.

  • BrandonTex

    ….sigh….this is why i cant listen to anything after ’05….no substance

    now to cleanse my mind with some 95′ redman…..Ahhh….hip hop lol

  • I dont really like this track but dude is tooooo ill

  • mikey

    Why check the blogs then? Most of the posts are about “New Era” rappers….not hating just asking cuz Redman is the ish.

  • BrandonTex


    I check the blogs cuz i know quality hip hop is still out there, there is still lyricism, gotta look to people like immortal tech with a message, or raekwon with the stories. termanology is another guy who puts in tonnes of work.

    all im saying is its there, and i search

    lol glad to know someone out there remembers what hip hop’s supposed to sound like

  • chan

    @brandon tex

    How about the Bada$$ he pretty good his young and has that 90 style, j cole has that storytelling , the whole blackhippie crew is dope and raw each in their own way, rap and hip hop still has substance you just got to listen to full bodies of work to dicover talent

  • BrandonTex


    oh trust me, im all over hip hop,
    I like Kendrick but the style he was known for on like section 80.
    his messages were more gang banger-ish in maad city which i didnt really care for.
    im not a huge fan of the whole tde.

    I really like bada$$ tho, hes solid, him and the whole pro era
    . j cole jus never really got into too much

    Tito Lopez is prolly my favourite guy thats being overlooked right now. Him and Termanology, but ive been following term since like 04 lol

  • DenCO

    This beat so TUFF!!


    @BrandonTex lives in his grandfathers attic and eats utz classic potato chips while listening to redman on his walkman 95

  • G-cass

    BrandonTex wakes up everyday thinking Clinton is still president

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  • eDUB

    Dipo, nuff said.
    The beat is fire.

    Major Lazer > Trap Music

  • Brooklynmintz

    This shit is fire! Bruiser Brigade Bitch!