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  • Uptown215

    It is a damn shame how ppl will sleep on this album, this track hasn’t even been the most commented on post. This song is crazy, especially that killa sin addition. Like damn wtf, Ghost steady droppin classics, fuck all that other bullshit ppl listen to, this lyricism n a hard beat all in one.

  • jeanius

    not really bro, im a ghostface fan.. and aint no body checking for this project… this collabo got forced written all over it… no authenticity not genuine… you can tell ghost getting alot of support and budget on this… why dont they do this with Ghost’s project that he really wants to push? not this Adrien yonge bs?? who the fuk is adriene yonge??? lmao

  • Another banger. This album is gonna be serious.

  • evolve

    YA! this is real hiphop! YA! not that other ish! YA!

    so basically if it’s not about women, money, or partying- it’s about murder!



  • RockinMad

    @Jeanius So an artist always gotta be famous to be relevant ?
    Go to listen to Lil Wayne please.

  • slick

    ghost and deck featuring the worst wu rappers . the only wack nigga they left off was rza

  • The Thinker


  • 007