New Music: Big Sean x Common “Switch Up”

switch up-cover

It’s G.O.O.D. Friday all over again as Big Sean drops off a new joint featuring Common off his upcoming Hall of FameAfter the jump, he talks CuDi’s departure from G.O.O.D. Music with Power 106.

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  • HOV

    not sure what to make of it…



  • Tev Milli

    This jawn is cool might have 2 grow on me 4real..
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • s

    meh, same old content

  • Tev Milli

    Nah nvm this shit hot 2 me…..
    Cuz a nigga can relate….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • Chronic

    It’s a straight song, has some clever lines and flow like usual…also had zero substance like usual. Commons verse was ill.



  • Yeezus Christ

    lol this sucks

  • This shit is nice

  • imoney

    This gotta be the worst verse Ive heard common spit in a while. Is he serious? What is he talking about? He sounds lost… “moving,making money got them trash bags”? “Im the shit yall fly around”? “got stippers and divas”? Who is this guy. Common got brainwashed by Kanye and the Commercial wave SMH

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Throwaway track.

  • Andrew

    Yooo Common ate that track… “I’m the shit y’all fly ar

  • imoney


    I know right. couldn’t agree more. throw away track that he’s using as his second single LMAO

  • gbaby

    Is it me how does he have that Rick Ross flow on here….

  • SugarShane

    Music for ignorant kids.

  • Dashing

    Common sounds real out of place here. Doesn’t sound comfortable with that flow. Or with that subject matter.

  • mac DIESEL




  • Jaymalls

    I CAN get jiggy 2 this! #SWERVE #SWERVE #SWERVE

    Might just be a shot a Cudi… nigga left Plain Pat and Emile on some sucker shit.. now he left GOOD to do his own thing w/ chip is somewhat understandable w/ me!


    @Jaymalls exactly ,cudi still koo tho just kinda fked up how he took off all the G.O.O.D. music features on his Indicud album, he had Ye’,pusha t and others on their at first but not no more,

  • big sean

  • let the dick riding begin!

    its ight. not great.

  • Only need one word


  • the cudi split is a business decision, probably get more def jam money if he by himself, as far as promotion goes. also he’s producing all his own stuff now. you’ll start hearing cudi beats with other peoples verses

  • StarFox64

    wtf was dude trying with the whole voice thing??

  • gammaboi

    I can see why Cudi would leave.
    GOOD Music is making generic Trap music now.
    ‘Ye and Co. used to be trendsetters, fam.

  • dave

    cudi left before niggas try to bamboozle his artistic expression.they got Common aww shit.another one down.

    aye post that new Ray J artwork shit is hilarious

  • Troofy

    Started from the bottom way better than this! Sorry Sean back to the drawing board this is wack and common used his verse yeezy took off click ! Lmao! This is weak! Drake I guess winning ! Good music is done! Only yeezy selling records from here on!

  • Truth.

    it’s cool. nothing out of this world.

    SIDENOTE: post that ray j artwork! that nigga has lost his mind. lol 10 years later and her pussy is still on his mind. #goldenclit

  • J MART

    Common’s flow sounded like Lil Mouse on “Get Smoked” towards the end of his verse.. This is Chi right? Sean and Com both delivered. This shit is straight.

  • @ Big homie change that picture

  • ayyeee

    He delayed his album for this!…. what next? A Common track with chief keef “Chi-Town plug bros (making that money)” lol

  • chasee

    i dont know what to make of this. I know its just a single but wtf

  • h

    common….wow that shit was insane

  • Space Ghost

    Damn Common came hard as hell. Big Sean did it as usual.

  • kobbydope

    arent you gonna post the new Ray J?

  • f*ck your opinion

    very eh

  • Leon Sandcastle

    I didn’t know what y’all were talking about so I googled “ray j artwork”


  • Peekay

    Subject matter is so dull & tired. If Big Sean ever rapped about something interesting I’d listen. He’s still the most overrated rapper IMO. Even Common couldn’t save this

  • Hater

    Can we get a version of this without Common on it?

    wtf is he rapping about?

  • Mo

    Eh it’s good for what it is. It’s a banger. Suprised to hear Com spit like that tho.

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  • boss don

    wow dude obviously tryna take shots at cudi .. dude is always sneaky like that. you’re telling me this guy never directed shots at drake? common now

  • LIMB0

    this shit had me cringing…what the fuck Common?


  • Foreign luccini


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