New Video: Plies x Xtra “Yay”

Plies and his crony Xtra confess to their illegal activities in this new video. Ain’t no business like snow business.

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  • Homie

    All the real D-boyz gotta hate rappers sometimes. They get on camera and tell erthang. This one of them ol get indicted videos.

  • the lum

    what a stupid song.

  • Trillazznigguh

    At what point do real, ” I hustle cause I have too” niggaz start to check rappers like this for DRY SNITCHIN’!!! Niggaz Youtube crimes now and give game away for the police to see. It is no such thing as a code of the streets now!! No laws, No rules. 2033 gone be crazy cause these stupid muthafuckas gone have even dumber kids!!