Rick Ross Protest Outside Reebok Store

Is it too late to apologize again? Despite Rick Ross’ plea, various women’s groups protested outside Reebok’s flagship store in New York City. The organizations collected over 72,000 signatures and called for the end of Rozay’s endorsement deal. Earlier in the day, the chicks over at The View also chimed in. This will not end well.

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  • Rihanna

    50 doing this. Brilliant.

  • Brandon


  • Young king

    Serves him well for that dumb ass line.


    These Ninjas need to go to work! Can’t be protesting all day!

  • dumbass


  • datdude

    ahaha this is such a bad look

  • FTW

    These bitches never listened to Officer William Roberts in their life.

    Fuck the police but these bitches are fake.

    Shit’s funny tho.


  • Capricorn Religion

    Oh god…..

    People being bored again I see. AGAIN, I’m not condoning rape or anything like that, nor am I a Ross Fan…

    But c’mon now Ladies. Let it go. Seriously. This dude is not a Rapist nor does he support it. It was a Rap line. Tame at best. EXTREMELY tame if you heard Battles, Em music, Tyler, etc

    He is not going to influence no one to rape any female. Your just giving him and Reebok more attention..

    Just like GLAAD gave Em during his “The Marshall Matters LP” era… Let it go

  • blv


  • PsychoBoy

    I feel bad for the real Rick Ross who is alive and well doing positive things after serving his time for his mistakes and this looser who stole his government name and image and even made himself look like him keeps dragging his name through the dirt.

  • mac DIESEL


    ……..HA!!!! MMG GOT MORE L’S THAN HITS!!!!


  • Kush

    Wow that’s a crazy blow to somebody’s rep. I might go drive by bumpin eminem haha sike ain’t nobody got time for that

  • atown don

    Whether he’s dropped or not he’s still gonna get paid people… There’s somthing called a contract… LOL at the fucking faggot ass nigger in the commercial.. White folk call us nigger or worst & apologize, then everything is forgotten & forgiven, but when a black person does somthing an apology is never enough… Because ultimately we want to see one another fall as a race & thats why we as a people will never come up

  • Kush

    ^Na chill bro some niccas just can’t fucks with Ross. I don’t think it’s racism like that, you don’t see people protesting Jay or 50… Ha

  • Ran

    Co sign atown don to the fullest, but rap should stop promoting the bad things in life such As rape or violence…

  • Kush

    And contracts always have clauses for dumb shit and premature releasing. It really means a lot to Ross which is the only reason he apologized, he’s doing it for the money..

  • evol

    These bitches have never even heard a ross song. Rappers can talk about killing people, fucking bitches and selling crack but when you make one little mistake, the whole thing blows up !, fuck what you think

  • evol

    Fucking idiots man.

  • Beaming

    Where the protest at against the rappers that promote selling poison to their own people?

  • Black Shady

    LMAO….you know how its gonna end : Reebok will drop him SO FAST!!! being associated with “rape” ? yeah he’s done…

  • Rozay was describing the best way to date rape on that Rocko joint. Now a bunch of women who have been raped are protesting. Sounds about right. This is a testament to how big of a star Rozay has become. I can’t hate on these women because rape is a serious offense that often goes unpunished and most rapes are by someone the female already knew for example a Rozay buying u a drink that’s been drugged scenario. Imagine how difficult it would be to convince a police officer famous rapper Ricky Rozay drugged u and raped u. Most people will just call u a hoe whose trying to come up and keep it moving on u. Sad.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • Dashing

    It’s real simple. Come out with a statement with a journalist that respects you and will ask you pre-approved “tough” questions (i.e. Shaheem Reid, YN) and say on camera…

    “I completely understand why people would be upset about the line that I wrote in that song. In hindsight I see that it’s offensive and sends the message that it’s okay to condone rape. I was hesitant to initially apologize for the remark because it was never my intention to condone rape with that line.But after talking to a few women in my life I completely understand why people are upset and I sincerely apologize for writing that lyric. As a man with a young daughter and raised by my mother the last thing I would want is for my lyrics to make people think it’s cool or okay to have a sex with a woman without her permission. I’m not about that and have never been about that. I’ve changed the lyric to the song and we’ve stopped selling the previous version from iTunes. Again, I’ apologize for that lyric.”

    Then donate $25,000.00 to a women’s organization.

    That’s how you handle this if you want to keep your endorsements and get future endorsements. Otherwise this shit won’t go away.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Shit I don’t know what to say , that was a pretty tasteless line but he was following suit with the song and it just sorta fit, either way he shoulda known he’s too big an icon to make that sorta mistake

  • buking

    something bout rocko features that bring out the worst in people lol first wayne, now ross.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts involved in controversy again. MMG groupies and stans should be outside the Reekok store supporting their BOSS. Yet not a single supporter hahaha

  • sean

    where is all these illegal drugz coming from…why ain’t there a protesting for a drugz free environment, Even if you slip a molly in a lady drink…she is still knowledgeable of whom she is fucking R goin’ home wit…slippin’ a molly in a bitch drink doesn’t mean U gonna end up fuckin’ her probably a next man will so is that rape on a next men will…

  • This is just an opportunist move right ( IDC if you say im sexist or anti-feminist cos I aint and I would say the same thing to anything else ) They took this line blew it over board and now they wanna make moves C’mon. The Only winner at the end is Ross cos Bad or Good he’s getting the publicity and he’s still gonna get the check. Who is gonna get influenced by Ross to rape a chick lloool

  • DJ Game


  • Young king

    @atown don. Have you heard of a breach of contract. If Ross didn’t care about his contract, he wouldn’t have offered that bullshit apology.

  • yea

    All he had to do was apologize genuinely..this shit would’ve been blown over.

    Here’s the thing about the line..In Ross’ mind it was a misunderstanding and had nothing to do with rape. It’s implied that the woman who he’s talking about is going to have sex with him (as with all women in rap songs) she just did not know that she was having sex with him while on molly. That’s what these women are not understanding. He’s not saying that he’s putting a molly in her drink so that she would have sex with him, in his mind the sex is already going to happen so in his mind rape has nothing to do with it. That’s the misunderstanding he’s talking about but for some reason refuses to clear up.

  • @dashing

    That’s perfect and swift PR thinking. Very nice way out of this.

  • Dave

    What Ross has to understand is that this isn’t even about ‘hip hop’. This isn’t like his beef with 50. It won’t blow over. This is REAL LIFE. This is about a lyric that suggested the intoxication and rape of a woman. He HAS to address it whether he wants to or not. Dashing has the right idea about how he and Reebok can go about settling this.

  • FYI.. These women are bored, Single and mad about nothing.. 1 line dont erase your catalogue…. broke folks with no life .. misery loves company..

  • df

    these woman are looking for attention ross don’t condone rap

  • Jinx

    don’t these women have jobs????

  • Romeo

    This is actually more promo for reebok and for Ross once this blows over watch how many more reeboks gets sold if anything is a win

  • Prince416

    those 72,000 signatures are so far from reebok and rick ross’ demographic that would be so retarded if he was actually dropped for these women… for hypothetically speaking on something?! smh get a life ladies

  • LOL

    this is what hip hop has come to these days? keep killing off the genre, rappers are all hypocrites whether you want to believe it or not. we listen about killing, selling drugs, fucking broads calling them bitches & whores. this is only gonna ruin hip hop to the broad consumers all over the world.

  • sean


  • Oj Da Cornball

    Drop him please. And may def jam drop him too

  • mac DIESEL said it best, quote; ANOTHER “L” FOR RICKY!!!! WUT ELSE IS NEW!!!! < lol


    eminem – “shut up slut ya causin too much chaos jus bend over n take it like a slut OK MA! oh now he’s raping his own mother abusin a whore snortin coke when we gave him the rollin stone cover”

    eminem – homie il be nicer to women when aqua man drowns n the human torch starts swimmin

    eminem – Young girl by the name of Brenda and I pretend to befriend her
    Sit down beside her like a spider hi there girl you mighta
    Heard of me before see whore your the kinda girl that I’d
    Assault and rape and figure why not try to make your pussy wida
    Fuck you with an umbrella then open it up while the shit’s inside ya


  • atown don

    Calm down people (HATERS)… This is just an endorsement… Meaning REEBOK Paid $$$ to Rick Ross (Extra money) to endorse their product… Endorsements are side checks or side money paid to big dogs to endorse a product for a major corporation… So this has nothin to do with his Rap career nor his other buisness ventures like his label, Ciroc, WingStop,ect. So even in the event that he is dropped from Reebok i seriously doubt Rozay would be financially hurting LOL… & 72,000 names on the petition they gone have to do better than that 2 get the cat dropped from Reebok just saying… Oh yeah Talib Kwalib yo wack ass album gon go WOOD! 3,000 records sold in the 1st week…



  • vvv

    for the dummies here every one will win expect ross…..how?…..the women group will get publicity not just any but a great one….reebok wins because dropping ross will make then good…but ross loss big money for just a sentence and he say he is all about money.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @atown don. Look at you a young upstart MMG employee earning his stripes.

  • davirus212

    Shouldn’t of said that line. Nothing cool about rape. Ross looks bad in this one. Can’t justify that line

  • kush

    @Atown down

    You dont have to explain what an endorsement is. No one cares about his pockets personally. Its about his image which is being sabotaged. When your image is ruined, other companies won’t be so quick to cut you endorsement checks. I personally don’t really care about his business ventures, if he has faith in them and the capital to back them good for him maybe they will be successful. Its not hard to make money from money. But to say that this won’t have an effect on the bigger picture , his image and brand, is silly lol. If he’s smart he can definitely still be very wealthy through less public endeavors, but this is just bad publicity for him perood


    good, maybe ross will learn not to be such a giant fucking liar. his raps are filled with lies. dude never sold drugs, dude never killed anyone, dude never did shit.

    ross is a fake liar, this is just the first time anyone is calling him out on his bullshit lyrics.

    fuck ross, fuck wayne, fuck drake, fuck gucci, fuck all lame rappers who dont have lyrics.

  • ayyeee

    These bitches are way too sensitive and never heard rap song in their entire life for them to bitch over one silly line.

  • onenutned

    this shit is all bad….do you really think a nigga wit millions has to rape a bitch? please!..hoes be fuckin for wing stop and a ride to the mall, C’MON SON!

  • Some of you commenters are dumb fucks. Reebok is going to drop this nigga by the end of the day. it’s over. Rick Ross gonna be sponsored by Kennedy Fried Chicken.

  • sean

    reebok willnot dropping ross old white woman is not there target market.

    only way ross would get drop if the mainstream media picks up and ross isn’t big enough star for this get picked up

  • Wall

    MMG, the empire, right?

  • Nic

    The blake due made sence tho. I think thats how we all was thinking. How could it be a “misunderstanding”?….

  • Nic

    The black dude* made sence tho. I think thats how we all was thinking. How could it be a “misunderstanding”?….

    Shout out Blake

  • Romo

    If rap didn’t speak on the negatives in life then to be honest it would be boring … That’s like telling the porn industry we need cloths … I’m not a Ross fan but he didn’t say he would tie somebody up and fuk them…. If you wann talk rape talk every negative subject in rap such as violence, false perceptions and drugs

  • Dashing

    @sean and others saying that Reebok won’t drop Ross because old women aren’t their demographic, let me learn you something…

    For Reebok it’s about bad publicity and liabilities vs assets. Ross is no longer an asset and has become a liablility. Why would they stick with him? They could just as easily replace him with Kendrick Lamar or Drake or J Cole or Big Sean or anyone who’s “hot” right now and on the radio. There IS ZERO benefit to rding with Rick Ross on this one.

    Sometimes all publicity isn’t good publicity. Rape or conding rape being associated with your product is never a good look. And Pepsi dropped Ludacris (who’s way more respected than Ross) for MUCH less.

  • Jason

    If this whole Ross business isn’t You Played Yourself or Blackout worthy, I think we’ll know whose pockets Rick Ross and Maybach Music are truly deep in.

  • 80Griots

    This is one of the lamest protests ever. Misguided energies towards a moot effort. To think that someone like Dream Hampton also championed this cause, when she is a huge supporter of Jay Z is amazing to me. Jay Z’s lyrics have been immoral or wrongful towards women on several occasions and I don’t see her out there bitching about it. FOH.

    There are still laws on the books that make it okay to rape unmarried women and these trolls are out here protesting lyrics? It is called artistic license, fools!! People forget that not too long ago, our music was being banned from TV and Radio for so called graphic lyrics and ppl had to fight the idea of censorship tooth and nail. First Wayne comes under fire for that Emmet Till reference, now this…. This PC generation is a bunch of BS.

  • Dashing

    @Romo, people view talking about violence very differently than rape.

    Scarface, Godfather, Terminator, Boyz in the Hood, Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained, Jackie chan flicks, Jet Li, horror movies all cool.

    People understand violence as entertainment.

    Rape is not entertaininment. When it’s shown in films, it’s not glorified. It’s demonized and uncomfortable to watch. It’s not “sold” the way violence is sold. And it’s not at all accepted in popular culture.

    The criticism isn’t on “speaking on the negatives in life” It’s in boasting about that particular heinous act, an act that is never shown for entertainment value because of how heinous it is.

    It’s just…different.

  • # i was trying to condone rape y’all ain’t een know it #BOSS

  • HOVA

    I thought big homie apologized, what is this?

  • sean

    @Dashing…Django REALLY do U know how much of our people (forth parents) av been rape by our oppressers don’t get me start ….

  • Hanna

    Sorry but even me being a woman really feel like this whole thing is blown way out of portion. Seriously if that one line was so offensive to the women who are protesting than they should be protesting against 99% of all rap records. I fact they should be protesting the record companies not Reebok! SMH!

  • Shake

    Be careful what you say.
    This may be good for Hip Hop.
    Although RAPE is disgusting and repulsive and should be the focal point in the matter…the fact that they are going after Ross is brilliant. Hopefully it raises awareness in the music industry among artist and causes plp to clean up their act and use actual talent, verses the ignorance of people so in love with commercialism.

  • Dsunn

    Fuk the fake Rick Ross. Cheers to his body rot

  • Dsunn

    Fuk the fake Rick Ross . May he rot in pieces

  • Dashing

    @sean, you entirely missed my point. ENTIRELY. Let me simplify it.

    Films (even Django) don’t depict rape as entertainment. They don’t condone it in films.
    They do condone violence (see Django) and they do view it as entertainment.

    It’s cool/common place okay to say “I’m gonna kill that guy” or “I’ll slap the shit out of them”
    It’s not cool or common place for someone to day “I’ll rape that girl.”

    It’s just different.

  • brza

    He got a pass as an identity thief but this is what slows him down? Have they listened to any of his records prior to this one? Not the first time that he said something offensive. What a surprise.

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    This is gonna get interesting.

  • BK

    He’s been trying his damn hardest to portray this ‘gangster’ his entire career.
    Now that something’s finally stuck? Y’all know what they say about knocking on the devils door right?

    Over 70,000 signatures? Shyiit Triple C’s couldn’t sell 70k throughout their entire run!

  • ThaTruth

    My question is, how did this song get from a street rapper’s, Rocko, mixtape to middle-aged white women protesting it? Maybe I wasn’t tracking the journey of the controversy but somebody catapulted it from the urban Black community to the masses.. Only a few issues like this (bc there are so many examples in rap period) get spoken on a year by the masses, and Ross just got unlikely.. It’s like that kid in school who gets caught cheating and he’s like “WTF, I’ve been cheating for 3 years! Why now?”

  • ThaTruth


  • Only need one word


  • Philly

    Well, Rocko is getting a lot of views for this lol

  • the brain trust

    @ Dashing

    I find it incredible how you can utter the phrase ‘it’s just different’ at such blatant hypocrisy.

    We all know that rape is not worse than murder, kidnapping, torture (all themes which are present in the rap music we all know & love).

    And the notion that rape is not a source of entertainment in bullshit. How many movies have you seen which portray men getting raped in prison as something to laugh at? Quite a few right?

    I call bullshit on this entire movement. It serves as another demonstration that many ‘womyn’ see themselves as a special/protected class of people, who should be coddled & treated better than anyone else.

    Fuck these man-hating feministas

  • Troofy

    Well to all those saying its just lyrics, how about bloody sheets he and his crew left in the hotels where I work at after his shows when some young ladies were taken from the clubs , I won’t say what city but if investigation is thoroughly done y’all would be suprised what these dudes are actually doing to underage girls taking their virginity and such!smh . Ya killed the real rappers and replaced them with frauds all for the sake of fastfood music dummy.country music has waaaay more integrity than hiphop now!

  • Eminem got major flack over his lyrics whether you remember it or not, this is a fact. Protests, marches and various major media outlet debates and coverage. So don’t act like Ross is getting it any worse right now, the difference is largely due to the advent of social media.

    Eminem is a more reserved artist and didn’t have an endorsement deal from a brand which originally built its name marketing predominently to women.

    If this shit storm doesn’t get under control Rick Ross will more than likely get dropped by Reebok. Companies have done this before (see TI, Tiger Woods) and Reebok can’t have women boycotting their brand because of a rapper.

    IMO this situation is on the tipping point. If one women was supposed to come forward and even suggest alleged rape, it would be a wrap. If protests continue and an a boycott starts to actually take effect and is recognized in Reebok’s sales, he’ll be dropped. Or if this story gets more coverage like this over the next 7 days, they will can him too.

    Shit it hit The View right?

    What did B Dot say? “This will not end well”

  • ilexx

    Shit done hit The View? Not a good look.

  • thafuck

    obviously rap music has gotten plenty of illiterate teenagers burpin from all that lean. I guarantee at least a couple people were contimplating drugging sum hoodrat they kno.

  • mayweather

    rape is too bad

  • Dashing

    @the brain trust, I can’t think of one movie that showed an actual male rape and tried to make it funny. But even still there’s a difference between making prison jokes about a guy getting raped and women being raped. That’s why you didn’t bring up women being raped cause you know it’s perceived as much worse.

    And i didn’t say rape wasn’t worse than murder or any other crime. I said it’s not used for entertainment purposes. It’s viewed differently.

    Try this. During dinner with your family, talk about your boss and say “I’m gonna kill that guy.” or “One of these days I’m gonna hurt that dude”

    Now try saying “I saw this girl and at my office I just wanted to rape her.” See how far that takes you.

    Some things are more taboo than others. And rape is more taboo than murder. FACT.

  • StarFox64

    i wonder who set this little shindig up…

  • M.T


  • M.T

    cosign @ Dashing

    Violence and Rape are viewed differently. A rapper can talk about killing niggas or even selling drugs and wont catch much flack but rape is something different. Even Eminem got protested at and criticized for his rape lyrics. Dont even know what Ross was thinking when he said that line. smh


    wow its crazy out there, its a stupid line at most, every right thinking adult can tell he didnt mean what he said, but he has to deal with it now, i wish i was part of his PR team, i could help him work it out


    This protest isn’t going to stop Rick Ross.

  • TheReal

    You know what? I defended Em’s music, even though not a fan of Rick but I’ll defend that rape line. Every singer, rapper, should say whatever the fuck they want to. Is Ricky out there raping women? No, of course not. Why take it so serious? I say they need to pull the stick out of their ass, and go protest for something like child molesters getting a slap on the damn wrist instead of receiving much harsher punishment.

  • REAL SHIT. The truth is too much for them to handle. ROSS WASNT TALKING BOUT RAPE YOU DUMBASSES. A sideeffect of mollys is numbness in your private parts… THATS WHAT HE MEANT. If he said slipped her a roofy, and she didnt even know they had sex… this would be justified… a molly is a type of ecstasy u dont rape bitches with it.

  • the brain trust

    @ Dashing

    I never said rape wasn’t perceived as worse than other crimes. My claim was that, this perception is hypocritical & should be challenged.

    Watch ‘Wedding Crashers’. There’s an attempted rape scene of Vince Vaughn & it’s supposed to be ‘hilarious’. Do you think an attempted rape of a woman would ever receive such laughs? Now, tell me why you think that is…

    As far as my fam, neither joke would go down too well if i’m honest lol

    To clarify, it’s rape of ‘women’ which is perceived as worse than other crimes, not rape in general. That’s why I can’t take this protest seriously.

  • FamLife23

    These hoes dont even buy reebok shoes. FUCK OUTTA HERE!

  • slaughter

    this guy is a tool fake and nothing but, and people refering eminem did the same? difference was eminem never said shit about a real victim idiots its obvious fake fugs listening to this fake rapper calling eminem a honky fat boy you got it comming

  • jose

    Well done for you ross, you are a fake nigga,officer ricky……


    These bitches needa get a life, if we had a protest for everytime a rapper rapped about killing, selling drugs to the youth, and doing illegal drugs i’ll be rich

  • ridge

    They must’ve not heard Tyler’s music yet.. lol

  • Wow this is not a good look for Rozay at all… He will lose that Reebok endorsement for sure after this.

  • Dashing

    @the brain trust, male rape is just as bad, but the numbers just aren’t the same. Chances are you know a woman who was raped or seccually assaulted. The numbers are like 1 in ever 4 women. It’s just not anywhere near as prevalent with men which is why it doesn’t incite the same kind of rage.


    Police?Rapist? This nigga stays winning

  • Sam Frohmaier

    Haha fuck sake, women – any excuse to moan there big ass mouths off! It’s rap, as previously stated, MARSHAL MATHERS LP and so so so many others. Pathetic, Ross is a boss and a fucking legend. Lol @ the 50 comment too man – qualtiy. MMG, from probably one of the few supportes in the UK.

    FUCK UK RAP!!!

  • ser

    that dont look like no kitchen bitches

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