J.Cole & Miguel “Power Trip” In Brooklyn

Alicia Keys’ “Set The World On Fire” tour stopped at the Barclays Center last night in Brooklyn. During Miguel’s set, he was accompanied by J.Cole for the first live performance of “Power Trip”. Video coming soon.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Cole got himself a hit here. To be fair, it’s another melodic “rap” song. But, a hit nonetheless.

    Side note: There are very few (emphasis) entertainers that can be heard clearly (emphasis) on a mic. Everyone always sound las if they’re yelling during a performance.

  • daff

    Still dont understand why this song isn’t all over the radio.

    • B.Dot


  • Drizzy Drake

    Get it while you here boy, cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy!

  • eat a D

    gay cole on his daily bedtime story raps.this nigga sucks major dick damn

  • Greggsybabe

    If the label pushed Cole’s song’s half as hard as Young Money or MMG he would do huge numbers

  • joe

    this song aint all over the radio coz its not commercial garbage. as a cole fan i have learnt not to expect his work to be all over the radio, however good his shit is.

  • PsychoBoy

    I support dude to the fullest but i ain’t gonna lie his boring

  • Word

    I don’t know where you guys are, but I hear it all the time here in Baltimore on 92Q. Even on some of the DC stations as well. I see it on Twitter as a “now playing” a lot. Folks post the song artwork on instagram daily. Its a hit in my opinion, more so than Work Out even. Regardless, he’s on the right track.

    Lmao found it funny Cole and Miguel dap’d each other up like 6 times there at the end..great song tho. Is this the first time he’s performed it? Because I was wondering if he ever would. He needs a more rugged hit next, something he can perform live that’ll get folks hype.

  • JHP

    Well I know the song is on rotation here in Upstate South Carolina, pretty much every teenager I know in my town loves it, but I can’t speak for the rest of the nation of course though. I really wish it was more successful than it is as far as chart and radio success go. Hopefully it will do like “Work Out” that record started off slow, but Cole pushed it and it really started to pick up steam.

  • poetic assasin

    I don’t hear it at all in the NJ area- other artists have their track on the radio the next day after it hits the net.

  • The Wise

    cuz hes a corn ball taking drake style an tryna run with it..always looking cheesy…an did i mention this dude is the most boring performer..hes lack personality an charisma..jay dropped em frm the team lmao

  • @tshiamofs

    This song will be top 10 on the urban chart next week, currently 12. On the white chart, it just touched top 50, hopefully the music video is quality and get proper push…then this is a top 20 hit

  • mac DIESEL

    Zzzzz Zzzzz thank you for the nap J Snore.

  • Mo

    Well it’s currently #48 on the Billboard Hot 100 without no video. The video is expected to drop this week so I think once the video comes out the song will blow up.

  • Respect

    Fuck the radio mannn, niggas got iPods now, u can just hook that shit up in the car

  • ECU

    Work Out also started slow then it blew up. like @Mo said once the video comes out it’ll blow up in due time

  • hey nah

    This guy J Cole is a struggle

  • Macmillteeth

    Man Mac said fuck this boring nigga

  • yo that song is nice live you gotta admit. i’m with daff on this one.

  • Tec1Nyc

    @daff @bdot Maybe Sony/rocnation not feeling the song and not giving the push it deserves… in my opinion it should.

  • M.T

    nice performance. song has been on repeat.

  • Cruel Thing

    Well its at #10 on Hip-Hop/Rap on iTunes… Thats pretty popular if you ask me

  • LuxuryRap

    Is his label even going for adds?? I don’t think so

  • Da Business

    I hope that y’all r right about the video giving it that extra push. [email protected]$ r hating but, Cole has a hit on his hands and it should be running the radio.

    Leaders of the new school = Cole,Drake, K.Dot, and Big Sean…

    Schoolboy Q, I see u tho…

  • SMH

    Y’all don’t hear the song b/c u probs live in NYC where radio doesn’t mean a fuckin thing b/c they don’t play joints until everyone else in the country is playing it. I hear that jawn on 106 in San Fran all day… and I’m from Philly and it gets love when I stream those stations.

  • Black Shady


    Work out took a while to get heavy rotation on the radio….same gonna happen to Power Trip. Plus video coming out soon.


  • Donn

    People still listen to the radio??!

    Why does it need to be on the charts??

    Why can’t he just make great songs and ppl who support it, just support it.

  • Jax

    Power Trip is #12 on the Rhythmic radio chart for all ya’ll talking about radio play. The song is already a hit. It’s #23 on Urban. His label ain’t playing around this time. They going straight for the cross over stations. That’s who buys music. I ain’t mad at em. Just read the comments on this board and its obvious fans of Urban radio don’t know $%#t about music.

  • the brain trust

    Co-sign the niggas questioning why this isn’t a smash.

    I know a hit when I hear one, and this really is one.

    This is a top 10 in the US Billboard kinda hit.

  • skinny

    Such a great song

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  • rea music

    this is the biggest rap song in London right now

  • Devante

    Now labels got rappers in studio to make the next Poetic Justice or Bad..

  • anonymous

    Wales “Bad” >> J. cole “Power trip”


    j cole got his own style just enjoy the music

  • As Real As It Gets

    Another Wale knock off. J.Cole is so overrated.

  • juju

    I don’t know what yall are talking about but power trip is # 6 on the billboard rap hip hop singles chart now. I love the song!!! It is a hit. I hear it all the time here on power 92 in the Chi.

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