• jon B

    the song is called “What I Do”

  • jon B

    and i was there. it was so turnt up!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/djcognac dj Cognac

    Everytime I see Dallas I automatically think of the lil homie Jesse Is Heavyweight. Surprised Machine Gun Kelly knew to get up with Bun.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • Slim Baller

    This song is dope ..pump up shit

  • blackJew

    Check out the dude who opened up for mgk!

  • df

    he sucks

  • StarFox64

    i put rappers like mgk in the “blue collar rapper” category..

  • http://www.aquilonhotel.be/cufon/admin/css/uwokj.asp www.aquilonhotel.be

    Hey, are you having issues with your hosting? I needed to refresh the page about trillion times to get the page to load. Just saying

  • http://www.ifnotnowwhen.org/images/planting/rpvulsj.asp www.ifnotnowwhen.org

    thank you.