New EP: Smoke DZA Ringside


In light of tonight’s Wrestlemania 29, Smoke DZA releases a 5-track extended play inspired by wrestling beats produced by 183rd. Stream below and download here.

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  • nosir

    Lies!! He is not a god. Don’t believe his lies. He doesn’t possess bad bitches, he is a married man. Smoke dza, you are a grown nab rapping on wrestling beats. This will not end well. Learn from Ross, lying will catch up with you always. Repent!

    Seriously, why even do this to yourself. You can’t play this music back to your sons. It’s not gonna stand the test of time. Study the greats. This is throwaway music. Michael Jackson recorded.two versions of the album “BAD” before selecting the finaƂ tracks.

    Dza, this is trash. we shouldn’t allow this type of garbage to overestimate the internet waves. This is unacceptable. I listened to tracks 3 through 5

  • nosir

    *man (not nab) & *Oversaturate (not overestimate). I’m sorry for the typos.

  • Sonic354

    Damn, how bad is your life when you have the time to write a paragraph (with typos) just to showcase hate?

  • Leanin’


  • dave

    peter rosenberg wrestling nerdass is gonna forsure be playing this tonight on his show

  • Honch

    nosir sound like a scorned bitch!

  • dondadda

    Nosir some scorned slut that didnt get hugged enough by daddy… prolly cuz daddy was busy watching WWF.

  • King Hoover

    I hope they sue his wack ass

  • Strong Johnson

    The tape dropped at 10:06pm & buddy was calling it trash at 10:20pm… o_O… hurt… Most be a chick DZA smutted out or something

  • Wasnt Smoke zda the 20th man on Dipset??

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie”

  • mike


  • Ricflair

    Ask ya bitch I hit it first

  • Riiiiiiiight check this video out yall too!!

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  • Foreign luccini

    $keep pushin$

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