J.Cole Announces New Album Date

Jermaine reignited the “Cole Stream” tonight and announced the name of his upcoming sophomore album, Born Sinner. Coincidentally, it’s set to drop on his 28th birthday, January 28th. Opposite of a winner.


UPDATE:  Same album. New date: June 25, 2013.

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  • M.T

    his birthday? thats whats up. #COLE WORLD

  • Aggie Pride

    Can’t Wait

  • Joe

    That ustream was so legendary. yall need to post that asap

  • Roll out

    yea that ustream was very well put together

  • CR8ZzY

    The real is back!!!! Should of named it Cole World:Born Sinner

  • Roll out


  • k

    that was a dope way of announcing it. nice work

  • tris

    shits gunna be fire. coppin it for sure #TheRealisBack

  • King.P

    Are your favorite rappers ready to die cuz right after Cole DESTROYS them you know Drake gon be coming a month or 2 after to finish em off…….may we all pray

  • leon

    all these rappers going to hell whats with them inverting religion?

  • Black Shady

    oh shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


  • That Guy

    J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar: The Atlas of Hip-hop.
    This album will be contending with GKMC, Cole want’s that top spot. Good. Competition breeds excellence.
    There’s a song on this album I believe it’s called “Knight Rider” that Cole himself said is one of the best songs he’s written. I’m hyped for that alone.

  • Ash Ketchum

    ^ Stop riding dick

    Friday night Lights >every single mixtape and future shit he puts out.

    FNL should of been the album.

  • Yeezus Christ

    @That Guy damn your a fucking nerd rofl shut up

  • Cali760

    Hope it’s as dope as Kendricks Album.

  • LongPene

    Kendrick and J Cole are way below Big KRIT, but I’m still expecting this nonetheless.

  • Da Business

    That’s what’s up. Hopefully, he lets some other producers handle the beats. That’s was my only beef w/ the debut.

  • Loyalty

    FNL was the album until Jay Z kept pushing it back because he wanted a hit single. In an interview he said it hurt but he had to bite the bullet and put FNL out as the mixtape to hold people over until he had a release date.

  • Cruel Thing

    Cole’s back with his fire! He’s been improving a lot lately.

  • Tiiz

    Cole is 28?!? I thought Hov was old enough to be his father.

  • Mark

    T.I. #TroubleMan 12/18/2012

  • IamRealTalk (Now That GFID is 2 Times Platinum…My Job is Done! ) ( Undastand Meh? Understand Meh? If Bloggin Was a Category Id Win a Grammy !! )


  • IamRealTalk (Now That GFID is 2 Times Platinum…My Job is Done! ) ( Undastand Meh? Understand Meh? If Bloggin Was a Category Id Win a Grammy !! )



  • Papi

    So…..this clown gets another release date and Jay Electronica doesn’t even get his Debut released? Smh @ Roc Nation!

  • herohiro

    mixtape or album?

  • Cali760

    LMAO @ Iamrealtalk. *Dead*

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  • The Cool Hunter

    So we should expect this to release around May after the push back?


    Fuckin ready for this shit.

  • the brain trust

    Can’t see this dropping in January if i’m honest.

    AFter his 3 excellent mixtapes, his debut was a mild disappointment… but we have Jay to thank for that.

    Still hyped for this album though.

    LOL someone said Big K.r.i.t is better than Cole and Kendrick? FOH that nigga’s album was an abomination (and I loved his mixtapes).

  • lets pray

    j.cole is the most boring rapper around 4real
    zero flow mobby verses=boring rapper

  • Sooo glad he scrapped the old title… Cole World: something or another..

  • Tev

    Ayeeee my bday 2!!!

  • Sherane

    K. Dot won

  • prime dawg


  • dave

    I want phillycheesesteak with some hot pussy in my lap.shout out cole

  • Looking forward to this one.

  • Musikal

    Glad to see Cole back in action again. Can’t wait to hear his album.

  • Word

    Can’t wait! Now that he’s done dropping mix tapes, all his GOOD SHIT will actually make the album this time. Can’t tell y’all how painful it was listening to songs leading up to the album and wondering why its not on the freaking album. Premeditated Murder being the main one, cuz that song was classic and should’ve made the album. But oh well, his album was decent. GKMC destroyed it tho so I’m hoping Cole now has all his great songs on the actual album this time.

    Cole world. Born Sinner.

  • Word

    …And yeah I’m pretty sure Jay Electronica may never drop. Dude ain’t getting any younger, waiting this long to drop his DEBUT! I’m pretty most stopped caring. He been keeping niggas waiting for like 2-3yrs now. A shame how great dude could’ve been. The buzz from Exhibit C has long passed.

  • chucktaylor

    this shit has arrived finally. I hope he knows us fans have some high expectations for this shit. no slip ups nigga

  • ECU

    definitely gonna buy tis 1 aswell. Cole aint the 1 to get pushbacks cant wait

  • nigga was quiet when TDE was walin now he back I want all the real artist to flood instead of taking turns and shit




    wait hold on no single no promotion and its out so soon?

  • Donn

    I’m a fan but the dick riders do the most. Just say ur excited and leave it at that. Bashing other artists and calling it a classic before u heard it, can’t wait to hear the first single

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    might as well be a mixtape, nobody said about an album, and it was nowhere in the video that it was an album. anyway, gonna be the SHIT

  • HollyWood

    I think Jay Electronica hasn’t dropped because people aren’t ready for it. It’s ahead of its time so they’re waiting for the perfect moment to release it. They want that album to make a big impact. Not just come by and say it was great but most people don’t understand it. It takes artist like Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole to take us to the next level. Can’t wait for this though. I hope it doesn’t get pushed back for 3-4 months.

  • Me

    Ppl are too freely swinging around religious symbols for their own glorification. Just keep God out of it, what’s the point? i’m actually a big J Cole fan , but I wish this wasn’t the direction he was going in.

  • Exile

    I agree leave god out of it if your also glorifying sinful acts and putting big bootie cheek freaks in your video’s. Is disrespecting god in style or something?

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  • Dan

    These visuals were crazy. I can’t wait to see what J. Cole does on Born Sinner. He has some other upcoming album pics on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/JColeMusic.

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  • Greggsybabe

    Gonna run the summer

  • M.T

    niceeee! power trip vid dropping tomorrow too. Lets goooo!

  • epinz


    Krit is better than cole. And live from the underground is better than cole world….if we get anything close to fnl, im all in.

  • watch my move$

    damn son 28
    they gotta chill thrwn numbers roun likedat

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Cold and Wale drop on the same day? That should be interesting.

  • Surge

    Same date as Wale?? Interesting… Both great artist not sure if its a good idea. Wonder what’s up Roc Nation’s sleeve.

  • Josh T

    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DMVinyourchick

    Doesn’t wales album drop the same day?

  • …..

    Born Sinner & The Gifted arriving on the 17th Anniversary of Reasonable Doubt. Should be an interesting summer.

  • stuart scotts eye

    Cole world…hopin power trip rises up the charts

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD…..summer is ourssssssss

  • Respect

    Cole World!!!!!, this gonna get him a grammy

  • Honestly

    Bundle up its gone be a Cole ass summer

  • Pardonmyswag

    Hollywood I agree…. I’m just aggravated that Greatness takes this long. He def on another level. Def hope it’s more cole beats the *jig is up* Krazy and that’s was light. Can’t wait for the album. Not gonna front My little nigga Jaden is not havin it. Wait

  • Money pouch

    Looks like a mason lodge