Jay-Z & Roc Nation Partner With UMG

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Jay-Z and Roc Nation have inked a multi-year partnership with Universal Music Group. The label will now house recordings from Jay and his roster, including Rihanna. Says Mr. Carter

“We are looking forward to working with Lucian and the incredible team he’s assembled at Universal. We would like to applaud Lucian for collaborating with us to strike a new age deal. This agreement presents a unique opportunity for Roc Nation’s artists—being able to continue to operate as an independent label with the strength, power and reach of the best major. I look forward to a long and prosperous collaboration with UMG. It feels good to be home.”

UMG’s chairman & CEO Lucian Grainge adds:

“In just five years, Roc Nation has established itself as one of the most successful brands in music with a reputation for developing some of today¹s most influential and popular talent.Not only does this agreement provide a dynamic platform for Roc Nation’s exciting emerging artists, it extends our relationship with the extraordinary Rihanna and represents a homecoming for JAY Z—a brilliant artist and entrepreneur, who has been a creative cornerstone of our company.All of us at UMG are thrilled that JAY and Roc Nation chose UMG as their partners, knowing we will support their artists with a level of resources, expertise and passion that is simply unmatched in the industry.”

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  • Clos1881

    Who’s on roc nation? And I’m not talking about management.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Honestly tho isnt sir hovs doing well enough and have enough insight to completely do his own thing without the Talmud reading evil Jews?

    That’s why J immediately does well and those around him need to fend for themselves off his opportunities for them.

  • @tshiamofs

    Damn Jigga, a new deal everyday! This nigger love money so much next week he is gonna patner with E! Entertainment to broadcast Blue Ivy’s whole life from when she turns 5…..congrats, I wonder what this means for J.Cole

  • The_Insider

    Muthafuckin power move after power move. UMG and Live Nation have the longest arms and deepest pockets in their fields. Only thing left for Jay to do is BECOME Universal. What I mean by that is Roc Nation handling manufacturing, marketing, promotion, distributing etc on a major level in-house for Jay, his artists, imprints, indie labels etc. But that probably won’t ever happen, Edgar Bronfman Jr would do everything in his power to stop that.

  • mac DIESEL



  • juelz645

    the grammar in the headline and post is atrocious.

    cant you guys afford to get big homie some english classes? makes yall look stupid and unprofessional.

    • B.Dot

      Um, what are u talking about? And no, we’re not hiring.

  • King

    dayyyyyuuummm Hov stay winning

  • DMVinyourchick

    Wait so does this mean meek and wale are UMG as well?

  • S

    Cash Money is also on Universal

  • michelle michelle

    Don’t bother trying to knock his hustle

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “I’m not a businessman/I’m a business, man !!!”–Jay-Z

  • Nathaniel

    so y’all niggas STILL putting the hyphen on JAY Z, huh? your rap radar is off, big homie.

  • Nathaniel

    and to the nigga that said “isn’t he doing well enough and have enough insight to completely do his own thing” or whatever was said…

    sure he has the insight. but he has neither the resources nor the finances. UMG is a multi billion dollar house, AND the jews control distribution and production. we aren’t at a level where we can access the ships, planes, trucks, manufacturing, and access to the jew owned entertainment media platforms to NOT have to deal with them. they’re the owners. it just is what it is.

    what’s important is “This agreement presents a UNIQUE opportunity for Roc Nation’s artists—being able to CONTINUE TO OPERATE AS AN INDEPENDENT label WITH the strength, power and reach of the best major.” – Hov

    ^^^that’s the kicker. and that’s what we want.

  • Congrats! Still wont be able to outsell Weezy even in the same building.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie”

  • juelz645

    hey bdot

    Jay-Z & Roc Nation Partners With UMG

    Partners? It aint plural dude.

    Jay-Z and Roc Nation has inked a multi-year partnership

    has?? it’s HAVE.

    learn this shit in grade 4

  • John John

    ^^^^^^DJ Cognac

    Outsell Weezy???? hahaha. Weezy can sell all the albums he wants. I bet you even if Weezy sold 5 million albums and Jay sold only 1 million he still would make way more money off his sales than Weezy. Everybody knows that. Why? Because Jay doesn’t have a Birdman taking half of his royalties and all of his publishing. Birdman (along with Jay) is in the top 5 Forbes Hip Hop List NOT Weezy!! So you’re right….numbers don’t lie!

  • JOHNYblaze

    @Nathanial cool I troll exactly for response s such as yours..

    He DOES have the ability but im sure its easier and more convenient and also more accessibility dealing with the Jews, unlesd jayz could pull an Oprah, heh!

  • BlackAnastasia

    Another slave deal to the fake Jews and there devilish agenda.Niggas jumping from Plantation to Plantation,but still has no power to distribute their own music.JayZ you’re Rich,but you’re nothing but a Rich Slave at the end of day..

  • chasee

    jay went from a drug dealer, to a rapper, to a business mogul. take notes people, anything is possible

  • Kush

    I dont think roc nation develops artists, just scouts and signs really good ones. Jay electronica>>>>>>>

  • poetic assasin

    They do develop artists thats y it takes them so long to come out

  • Devante

    Roc Nation doesn’t develope their artist?
    Cole got signed in 08 and didn’t drop till 2011

  • Jay STAY winning check out this playlist too!! #RocNation http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3FEF7D4549A889F0

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  • Welcome home, Hov! UMG has always been with Jigga after all… Def Jam, Rocafella… it’s all been UMG.

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    @Juelz645… I’ve been pulling b dot and ’em on their grammar for a while now and all they do is crack some stupid fucking joke about me being mavis beacon. It makes the site come across a tad unprofessional. Then again this a hip hop website, who needs grammar and spelling when they are getting all that money, eh? Ignorant shit…

  • Brutally Honest

    What does that mean for Cole, Rita Ora , Alexis Jordan & Willow whom had their records distributed through Sony ?

  • cracker jews and them white dog Europeans control these niggas

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Thanx Jay now Kanye is gonna dress in a dungeon dragon and roar roar about illuminati fucking with him!

  • brollya

    roc nation lik aftermath… once the person who got signed to em get enuff buzz to come out, den they come out…. they jus aint throwin out they releases lik other people….

  • watch my move$

    this makes me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i thought he was goin to WB

    wtf son llamf

  • watch my move$

    i know they so happy to have him there

    new hov album clearly coming

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    We all know if Jay Z was to ever step off the Zionist plantation and decided to setup shop totally independently (him and his wife is worth several hundred mills combined, more than enough) they would systematically destroy him through various methods including MURDER if needed. They have no problem making a couple house niggers rich while millions of others struggle to survive and settle on idolizing their wealth because at the end of the day its not about money its about CONTROL and until we take firm stance for our own financial independence (just like they did, that’s how they eventually became the biggest powe rbrokers) our music and culture will continue to be manipulated to our own demise.

    Word to Emmitt Till

  • HK

    This negroe is printing money

  • Pow!!!!!!!!!!! Right in the kisser!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eXtreme.com

    @Your Life Is A Lie, so basicaly to summarize your paragraph: White people own everthing and control everything.

    Well Duh! we know that already, but atleast the “house niggers” are smart enough to take advantage n live a stable secure life


    @Your Life Is A Lie, so your another one of those Black people who believe we as Black people can only Succeed if we kiss the whiteman’s ass?!?!?! I suppose white people who control the world gave Jay-z his 1st Real Deal (DefJam) & they bought all his album’s as well!!!! You Racial Conspiracy Loser’s make me sick!!! Based on your ways of thinking we as Black people shouldn’t ever try to aspire to Greatness because to do so requires not hardwork, talent or determination but some random help by some mystery White Guy! As I always ask YOU people, As Black people what are we here for?!!?!?!… to just barely survive & live paycheck to paycheck?!?!!? GTFOH!!!!!
    Everytime one our people accompolishes something to be proud of some crab’n the barrell ass scumbag wants to say “they took some sort of oath”. Oprah has no talent, neither does Quincy Jones or whoever apparently they just met the right people & they decided Oprah your going to be worth almost $2 Billion Dollar’s. I used her because people always say the White man is using rap music to destroy our people, so who is Oprah corrupting! Keep Motivating Real Player’ Jay!!!

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!!

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  • Juelz645

    Hey whoever fixed the grammar good job.
    Lol @ bdot saying they ain’t hiring like I’m begging to work for u nigga please stop feeling yourself

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  • PsychoBoy


  • Your Life Is A Lie


    I’m saying the exact opposite, we need to STOP thinking we must fall under their umbrella in order to be successful. Fuck the plantation and build your OWN nation. The first self-made female millionaire in this country was a black woman by the name of Madam CJ Walker, go ask yourself why you was never taught about her in your school and you will understand exactly where I’m coming. Take the shackles off and stop worshiping these high-paid house niggers cause they definitely don’t give two shits about your ass believe that

  • JOHNYblaze

    Yea my point went right along with your life is a lie…

    Jayz could attemp complete independence whose to say no he could still market, make and do ALL the behind the scenes work at his own private headquarters rather than in house at the biggest publisher, even though were talking about music in a digital era now. He doesn’t even need to sell on I tunes just from himself but I just say that to say jayz still a slave independence is your at your own top not in return backed by billionaires.

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