• That was dope, but fuck Jeezy anyway for letting Gangsta Gibbs go

  • matrix

    I thought kendricc would have done his verse…guess its too new lol…

  • KingJuggaNott

    Jeezy is that Dude man.

  • slicksax

    Wrong Again Rap Radar….it was at Georgia State…hence the college tour…I was there. too dope!

  • MyOpinion

    Kendrick flirting with that line of bullshit right now. I don’t wanna see him get too far from his message working with these niggas. The 50 joint was a red flag. Now Jeezy? What’s next a you ain’t even know it remix?

  • flo

    ^^ u ever hear westside right on time bruh

  • Snowman brought it bruh