• headedhard


  • Sounds Different http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwpzNYDZz_k

  • Chronic

    This is coming from someone who actually used to like fall out boy…if they really want to “save rock and roll” maybe you should stop putting rappers on your songs.

  • Truth.

    “Rock & Rock”? y’all RR niggas are wayyy too deep in this “blogger” game to not be proof reading before you post. smh.

  • onenutned

    thought they broke up?

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    This isn’t rap just because a rapper is on it.

  • ECU

    Big Sean laughable.

  • T

    this is so whack its funny

  • T

    i cant believe mainstream music