New Music: The-Dream “IV Play”

iv play-single cover

Forget foreplay, ladies. Terius wastes no time and gets right to it on the the title and opening track off his forthcoming set, IV Play. Pretty smooth. Album in stores May 28.


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  • Forgiveme


  • mrholloway

    Damn….I don’t think anyone could go wrong with this beat. This is ill.

  • The Great

    This song right here is that shit

  • Balla

    nice. im feelin it

  • Tev Milli

    This song is hot 4real…..
    Reminds me of falsetto a little bit (beat wise)…..
    That’s all I have 2 say

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    Gotta admit that I’m not really feeling Terius on this one…mainly because it’s known within R&B circles that nothing compares to 12 Play.


    lol @ the dream commenting on his own music posts

    this is trash, just like all of his songs. dude has the gayest voice ever

  • Ea$y Bread

    One of the best in the business.

  • Iran The Race


  • Young Black & RIch

    Damn Dream took it back to that 90s R&B, I’m feeling this jawn heavy

  • StarFox64


  • Pardonmyswag

    Genius he makes the world adjust to whatever he puts out… One of the beat writers of our time

  • Nic3 !!!!!!!

  • Carl Winslow

    Beginning beat sounds like a weeknd song

  • bumpy johnson

    dope real dope 90s vibe to it

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiiiccee ! The Dream is that dude. His first album is a classic.

  • W33d~RolL-Up

    yeaH Dream KilL’T thaT

  • Space Ghost

    @Carl Winslow

    Get your history straight. The beat at the beginning is “Falsetto” from the Dream’s 1st album circa 2007. Long…..long…..before ANYONE outside of The Weeknd’s mother ever heard of him in the states. The Weeknd has yet to make a ripple in American culture while the Dream writes and produces most of Rihanna’s songs…Beyonce joints…Mariah Carey…..need I say more. Not to mention, The Dream has a Gold solo album, 2 gold solo singles and obvious multi-platinum selling songs for the aforementioned artists.

  • G

    how can anyone hate this? best Dream track in years,

  • LikeJordan45

    Yeah this shit is crack nigga

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  • AA

    @space ghost – bro he did 5 riri songs and 3 b songs. don’t say most of. but the rest of what u say is correct

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