• ilexx

    These “breaks” posts, what the fuck are they about… seriously? Every single time I see one its some weird picture and an even dumber song. What is this and how does it relate to Hip Hop/Rap?

  • ?!?!

    They are songs that have been sampled.
    The point of it is so that you can figure it out.
    You’re a dumbass for not knowing it.
    Btw this song isn’t dumb.
    If you think hiphop/rap is the only good music in the world then you don’t know music.
    Your ears should be taken off.

  • Kid Cudi?

    kid cudi?

  • Ravi

    It’s to show you some depth. These are song rappers have sampled. They usually come out shortly after the rapper drops the song, whether the artist does it on a album or release a single. Pay Attention and you might just learn something and grow…..or maybe you don’t want that. I’m sure you don’t. Good Day.

  • Ravi

    ..and this relates to Hip-Hop. These are the songs they Sampled! Do you understand now?!?!

  • Exile


  • ECU


  • Herc

    Thanks for posting this… I just downloaded Cudi’s album, and I was literally sorting my playlist as I checked this out. Now I don’t have to keep Cudi’s version, because this is way better. Dude got pretty bad on this album. Lots of rambling and bad singing, but the production is pretty cool.

  • First things first I didn’t know the purpose of the breaks posts, thanks for clearing that up. Secondly, because I don’t like a song doesn’t mean Hip Hop is the only music I like, get that str8, I probably have more musical depth than half u assholes above me. Lastly, whether it was sampled by Cudi or not, i still think this song is wack. Thank you very much. I will be checking back for the “breaks” posts in the future.

  • Mesut Cenan Konal

    this is one of the greatest “break” moments for me. i loved the song, the video even dearly. for all those who ask why this “breaks” keeps moving i only want to say a big FUCK YOU LAME BITCHES. keep on doing more breaks. thanks.

  • LIMB0

    love cudders but this is way better

  • dmfslimm

    it never fails. why does every time a new break gets posted somebody asks what are they for or what is it about. if you been coming to this site you should know by now.

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