• Anytime I see I Declare War I automatically think of Jiggas show where he officially squashed the Nas beef thus winning that war.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers dont lie”

  • rahrahrah

    Where is my Priest verse?


    Streaming the album now…it might be a little too cinematic for some. It’s a movie contained in an album, not just unrelated songs.

  • Jinx



    GHOST TOP 5!!

  • DJ Game

    Anyone who thinks jayz won the war over nas doesn’t understand hip hop, period.

  • 8

    congratulations dj cocknap 4 ur comedyskills

  • @DJGame you couldnt possibly think Nas won the war. Nas won the battle definitely but Hov won the war. I love Nas but just like Jay said years ago he is a hypocrite.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers dont.”

  • Crooks

    Ima big and nas fan but nas won the battle but loss the war how ? The whole purpose of HOv getting at nas was for the simple facts of nas at the time was in the way & on top of his game from newborn wit the buzz to back it up also nas neglected the hell out of HOv when HOv was trying to reach out to work wit nas not one time nas ever came through for HOv this resulted to HOv dissin nas even though HOv loss the war but HOv successfully blowout Nas out of number one & set the bar on way higher standard that’s why nas worked for HOv on Def jam that cray smh

  • tiffany jones

    these wu cats are wack with RAEKWON THE CHEF..seriously this is corny!!!! Can we have Raekwon and Ghost just make an album. As far as Nas and Jayz..Nas’s fucking JAYZ’s slave..keeep your enemies close..NAS IS WEAK AS HELL as a person. I would love for Raekwon and Jayz to make a record. Verbal Intercourse part 2. Now thats a movie!!!!! Nas stays getting played..by the IRS,babys moms and Jayz.

  • tiffany jones

    ok this is really wack and the styling is horrible!!!!! Wutang needs the Chef…OMG seriously…Ghost Face knock it off. this song is so annoying…