Jay-Z Selling Brooklyn Nets Share?

New Jersey Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Meets with Jay Z

Grand closing? According to  Yahoo Sports, Jay-Z has begun the process of divesting his ownership of the Brooklyn Nets. Last week, Hov launched Roc Nation Sports and signed New York Yankee Robinson Cano. In order for him to represent NBA players, he would have to sever ties with the team.

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  • Donn

    Duhhhh. He single handedly created the new NY hat, got the awareness up, got his bread and bounced. On to the next one.

  • cookiesandapplejuice

    hov ain’t fool he knows what he doing i be he sells it for more than he brough it

    #BIGHOMEFROMTHEROC will not lose

    http://bigteespot.spreadshirt.com/ <<GRAB A TEE


  • cookiesandapplejuice


  • O block

    In HOV we trust

  • michelle michelle

    Since he will still own shares in the arena, I hope he still goes to the games

  • zod

    No Limit Sports all over again

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.



  • aint nothing more important than the moolah!

    damn hov I see u!

  • Slim Baller

    Uh oh here comes the Jay Z dick riders. Jay Z ain’t a good business man lets be honest.

  • E$SO

    @Slim Baller

    Well, lets see. If u buy something $1 million and sell it for more than than you BOUGHT it, i would call that good business, no?

  • nosir

    Slim baller must be a billionaire

  • Slim Baller

    Actually no smart ass, because if you buy something for $1 million sell it for $2 then your net is $1 million right. Ok let’s say he waits until the stock continues to grow, say 3 years when it’s worth 5 million. Then the net is $4 million correct? Simple business dumbass. A new investment such as the nets will ALWAYS ALWAYS grow exponentially for the first 3 years. Don’t challenge me when it comes to business. Just cuz his name’s “JayZ” doesn’t automatically make him “smart” and everything he does “smart”

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie



  • lol he’s birdman he got baby money!

    @slim baller what up bird man hows that baby money! u got a new crib yet?

  • Slim Baller

    I can keep going if you want me to?

  • juelz


    so he should wait 3 years to make 5 million dollars (estimate) instead of selling now and making that 5milli + more on nba contracts between now and 2016? yeah u real smart.

  • Macmillteeth

    Nigga got money yo heyyyyyy

  • Jcjr413

    Actually Slim Baller can’t just look at the stake in the team. Remember that also led to another 40/40 club at the arena and a Roc clothing store. On top of the opening concerts! Not a Jay fan but he’s a business not a businessman…

  • Lmao



    everyone is talking about jay’z money and business, what if dude doesn’t give a shit about money or business and all he wanted to do was bring a team to brooklyn?

    its not exactly like this dude is making more money on sports than from music, dude wants more money he can drop an album. this probably is a personal choice and not a financial choice.

  • Slim Baller

    The numbers I used were strictly example based… We all know the nets are worth billions you’re stupid of u didn’t realize that

  • Word

    Come on guys, if you don’t know or watch sports don’t comment. Cosign @Slim Baller to an extent. Having stake in the Nets gives him a constant stream of money that would probably go as the team becomes more successful and therefore more valuable. Thats common sense investing.

    BUT, this new business venture that he’s trading off for is NOT a guaranteed thing. He’ll only make as much money as the contracts he gets for his players. If he’s not closing deals and getting big contracts, hes not making as much money. Add to this the fact that only one major player has signed with him so far, and you start to see this is something that will take time. If he starts managing big players and getting big contracts, I’ll congratulate dude. But so far, Cano? Possibly Victor Cruz? But who else? There are A LOT more proven and successful agents than Jay-Z. Only sport i’d feel comfortable signing with him in is Basketball where he seems to have a lot of pull. Can’t say the same for the NFL.

  • Slim Baller

    @Word thank you

    But remeber in sports majority of your income in based on ticket sales and merchandise. Two things the nets have PLENTY of

  • @Slim Baller your whole argument is invalid.

    There is a huge difference between being intelligent and being articulate. You my friend, are the latter.

    Jay-Z purchased a stake in the NETS.

    How much did he purchase it for?

    How much is he selling it for?

    How much is he making (profit)?

    Now take into consideration the amount of publicity Jay-Z has garnered since the first word of his association with the NETS was made public. Including the multiple posts you have made on this thread alone… how much is that publicity worth?

    That is what would commonly be described as “Good business”.

    You on the other hand are single, not at all rich and are egotistical, arrogant and flat out naive.

    You are quite frankly, a prisoner within the cage of your own ignorance.

  • Beaming

    lmaooooo I am dying at these comments. I wish there were pictures behind your comments so we could see how stupid you look. We already know how stupid you sound. They should make a comedy skit outta this shyt

  • Cemal

    The nets could go, 0 for 82, when you look at you like this shit gravyyyyyyy..

  • Loaded

    another L for the camel! They just keep piling up! lmao!

  • Slim Baller

    @Buggin Out

    Blah blah blah blah. Who are you to call out my income ? Wtf. I forgot you knew me and how much I made. You, sir are a dumbass

  • Donn


    JayZ does one thing and it sparks conversation from everybody. Damn this guy is powerful. We could be commenting on a million other things but we’re typing paragraphs about other niggas who are getting money lmao

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shawn C. Carter is hustling on a different level. If he becomes a sports agent he is going to have alot of Clients. Remember Jay has a marketing company too he can get his clients alot of endorsement deals.

  • Belize

    He single handedly created the new NY hat, got the awareness up, got his bread and bounced. On to the next one.



  • Whut?

    @SlimBallsuck…You do realize investments of almost any kind can either grow or depreciate over time right? The only investment that I know of that doesn’t loose value over time are non renewable resources. Basketball is a renewable resource.

    PS. I hate it when niggas listen to “Trap or Die” twice and know how to use a metric scale, think they know business. Don’t even read a book dude. Google some common sense bruh…No investment is guaranteed.

  • Izzy_Ballin

    Jay-Z has a 360 deal with LiveNation. They get a percentage of that money he gets when he redeems those shares and everything else. This dude is not a businessman he is owned by big business man! Don’t let his hyperbolic rhymes fool you. This guy owns all of these business and makes $40 Mill? Tom Cruise came out with one movie last year and made $75 Mill and Tyler Perry Made $105 mill off of his bum ass movies. Those are real business man.

  • mike

    “faggots hate when you getting money like athletes” . . …”it cost you nothin’, pay me no mind”

  • smfh

    selling his on fifteenth of 1 percent lol that nigga was a mascot

  • Hammertime

    Yo lets be real Jay-z didnt own much on the Nets, and was the mascot spike lee to his BK nets.
    I mean its smart for him to dip off since the Nets suck anyway

  • watch my move$

    id chill

  • Black Shady

    Yall niggas arguing about another man’s (who is not related to any of yall) money. Pathetic…

  • MaaD kid GooD city

    co-sign Black Shady

  • Trent Dupree

    I Love When People Who Can’t Even Afford To Get Into An NBA Game Are So Quick To Mention The Fact That Jay-Z Owned A Small Percent Of The Nets…
    He’s A Multimillionaire, Who Parts A % (More Than All Of Us) Of An NBA Team, Record Label, Clothing Label & Much More. How Do People Have The Audacity To Question Him As A Business Man? Ha! If You Had Such A Better Business Plan Maybe Wed Be Talking About You On This Post… Ha! But You Don’t, That’s Why You’re Here Commenting Like The Rest Of Us…

  • sealey

    Everyone is missing the point. He’s rich and can do whatever the FUCK he wants to do.

  • Swag king cole

    ^^^ True. Hov has the cheat code to life he cant lose, this just another power move for him.

  • Space Ghost

    @ SLIM BALLER- While your premise is theoretically plausible, the error comes in not knowing Sean Carter’s intended long term purpose for buying “ANY” stake in the NETS in the first place. Did you know that Mr. Carter is a MAJORITY owner in the real estate development connected with the area surrounding the stadium? That’s right. He doesn’t need the stadium anymore. He only needed the stadium to be put there in the first place so that all of his real estate investments would soar in value. Did you know that he is also a lead investor in a conglomerate that is planning to take another shot at bringing a Casino to the area as well? I know you felt as if you were impressing someone with your half witted attempt to seem fully aggregated in the world of business, but sorry sir. You need to enroll in Financial Investment?/Business Mgt. 101

  • StarFox64

    id say jays new guy is having a good game tonight…five rbis right now..

  • HOV

    power moves niggas…catch up.

  • Oj da Cornball

    it wasn’t worth much or he would’ve kept it.

    it’s amazing how this dude make investment that are often questionable in the long run and people always ride hit nut sack as some superb business man. his 40/40’s always closing. his label ain’t selling jack records right now.selling share.
    Rockarwear was only lucrative BIG move so far.

  • blackJew

    They can’t hold us –

  • Hammertime

    Word I heard he’s managing Beyonce now so thats where he makin real money but
    all his other moves were failures from
    40/40 clubs
    BK nets
    But the real money is in sports agents. So he doing da smart move

  • The_Insider

    Literally SMH @ some of these fuckin comments

  • Whut?

    @Space Ghost…Facts. The difference between knowledge and random flakes of information…Kudos.

  • Jaymalls

    @Buggin Out!


  • WestCoast


  • Tbones

    Stans actually thought Jay owned the Nets, Baclays center, etc when he was just a glorified mascot that was pimped by the Russian billionaire to market the Nets to hood rats and hipsters alike. This is the real story according to ESPN

  • Diddy is the Forbes Cash King. Sports are fun. Liquor sells like crack.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers dont.”

  • That .07% of the nets?

    Jay Z is to the sports agent what Beyonce is to sports agent

    Just another gig for Jay to be the “face” of something.
    Anyone who thinks Jay does anything other than show up w/some dumb athlete
    excited to meet him and hopping to meet Beyonce is delusional

    Fabolous has been speaking out for the Brooklyn Nets than Jay
    He did some concerts, sat at a few games & then what?

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester bangs of hip hop
    You all probably think Jay was really doing paper work as “president” of Def Jam too smh

  • FTW

    Jay “only” invested 1 million in the Nets. That’s nothing to sneeze at but considering how much he’s invested in his other ventures, that’s really light work.

  • / R K V N E

    2013 Where blog sites argue about the next mans money and financial decisions. further confirms there aint anymore REAL niggas left butch of bitches.

  • PsychoBoy

    He has less than one percent ownership in the nets but he never wanted you to know

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  • Jungle

    U can bullshit w rap if u want muhfugga

  • The Truth

    Jay-Z’s .067% of the Nets is worth $350,000. He took a loss from the original million he spent. But that doesn’t matter cuz Jay has proved he can sell you foolish niggas anything. If he said the sky was green you niggas would argue bout that shit too. Salute to Hov, business before anything.

  • kurtdeluxe

    Reblogged this on J.C. and commented:
    Just though y’all mught like this.

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    I have to admit these comments are hilarious

    @SlimBaller is hilarious with his subtle disrespectful rebuttals, “You, sir are a dumbass” hahahahahahahaha classic

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  • Ray

    @Hammertime most of his cake comes from flipping Rocawear. Don’t know how making $100,000,000+ on any business venture would be considered a failure. If that’s the case I’m trying to fail at life as well.

    Don’t know the fate of Jay’s foray into the arena of sports management, but I think it’s smart he’s diversifying his portfolio considering he’s reaching a point where he won’t be able to rely on the music like he use to. I’m a huge fan of Jay, but I don’t see him dropping albums at 50. Ha

    @Slim Baller, son, you too eager. . .obviously you are Jay’s investment banker. It has to be against company policy to reveal the inner workings of business deals on RapRadar. smh

  • Fre$h World Tremier Floyd

    I just cant believe how much effort/energy yall put into this s#!t

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