Kendrick Lamar & Miguel Cover VIBE

miguel-kendrick -vibe

With locking in last year’s top rap and R&B albums, K-Dot and Miguel point the fingers on VIBE‘s upcoming “Big List” issue. Peep the excerpt below and their individual covers after the jump.

You’re both carrying the torch as the leaders of the new generation. How do you define musical genius?
KENDRICK: Somebody that don’t really have any boundaries, that’s not confined to the traditional structure of a song or traditional sounds. When you listen to “Adorn,” it feels like he’s not even trying to structure a radio joint. He just felt the music, felt the instrumentation and wrote the track.
MIGUEL: Good looks, bro. My favorite artists always took whatever they loved out of music and made it their own. It was their take on it. Kendrick is one of those people where I can hear Ice Cube’s first two albums’ influence. I get the street edge, but then I hear like the poetic player, smoothness, creativity and smart street savvy of Andre on Aquemini. That juxtaposition is what I hear in Kendrick, but it’s his own take. If you listen to my shit, you’re gonna hear Prince, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin or a little bit of the Beatles. That’s where I’m pulling from.



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  • mrzee

    well deserved.

  • Black Shady

    They puttin in work.

  • Da Business

    That’s what’s up… Both of them put out the best hip hop and R&B lp of the yr respectively…

    Even more props to Miguel, his 1st lp was cool but he surprised me w/ that 2nd joint…

  • Brendon

    Miguel did not sell and was not hotter than frank ocean last year wtf is this nigga shit

  • LOL

    both are the future for the music genre, they are gonna have a bright future ahead.

  • Nic

    Brothers like shit

  • Oj da Cornball

    funny haircut crew.