Dame Dash On The Combat Jack Show


Combat Jack’s relationship with Dame Dash goes way back. So far this week’s episode of The Combat Jack Show, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder laid it all out on the table. Below is a synopsis of their conversation.

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Damon Dash talks Aaliyah, life without Jay Z, how he’s completely done with the music game, why he was an asshole to anyone who got in his way and why the kind of “broke” he is might be the best thing in the world. We also get some very tense moments as Just Blaze finally airs out why he didn’t eff with Dame.  Ya’ll truly ain’t ready for this dynasty thing.

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  • matrix

    They be having some interviews i be wanting to hear……but i aint sitting here for 1 or 2 fuggin hours…lmao…fugg that…chuuch….

  • the shows are lengthy but its a good show. you will learn shit from the artist that you never heard before.

    IG: CinematicFresh

  • This is going to be one of CJ’s best shows.

  • No way…

    …in hell is Dame Dash worth two hours. I cant think of any entertainer outside of 50 (just because he’s intelligent and funny) I could listen to for two hours. Hell Howard Stern isnt two hours.

    I know some one will, so post where to fast forward to hear the good stuff…

  • onenutned

    I don’t even fuck for two hours…short attention span.

  • Black Shady

    I really…REALLY wanna listen to this, but 2 hours?

  • RoeLuv

    Listen while you’re on the treadmill, plus you don’t have to do the whole 2 hrs in one shot.

  • Kemosabi

    It’s a good interview. CJ has the best interviews plus Dame has been silent for awhile.

  • And people need to understand Combat Jacks guests never speak for two hours. They do current events, joke around, play muSic, and then interview their guest.

  • rahrahrah

    @29:50 “At times there is really a lot of guilt from pushing a movement that’s not healthy to your culture. I was pushing that it was healthy to sell drugs and get it however you can, and disrespecting women and all that you know. For a 20 year old being ignorant, without a male figure to guide you, that shit is somewhat acceptable to a certain level, but for a 30-35 year old you can’t justifiably keep doing that knowing you got children, and the harm that it does to your culture.”

    Props to Dame for saying this. When will we learn?

  • RealNiggaShit

    Just Blaze you spent to much time on the past bro that’s a convo you could’ve had off the air. We could’ve got more of a step by step on Dame but you trying to repair your Ego over something that happen 10 years ago.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts Loses Out On Between 100K-250K Payday After Ottawa Concert Cancelled Over Rape Lyrics.

  • rahrahrah

    “like a rhinestone cowboy..” Just Blaze!

  • blackJew

    His new artist has a huge upside –

  • @rahrahrah

    Good Looking on homie!

  • @rahrahrah

    looking “out”

  • I have to be in a meeting in 3 hours… This shit 2 hours bruh

  • Jones


  • dope interview. def worth a listen.

  • Vision77

    Good interview….shows growth…and is actually inspirational….and funny as hell Jus with the rindstone belt lol

  • Novakaine

    By meetimg you must mean the meeting betweenyour apron and register at the 99 cent store then why yes you do

  • Frank Ocean

    Just Blaze sounds like a sensitive girl…GTFOH

  • Bcr

    Just blaze needs to let it go.

  • cru

    dame needs to be on the real housewives of harlem

  • gammaboi

    Honestly, though.
    This attitude is why Dame is where he is now.
    Respect for his achievements but ask yourself how come Just Blaze is still eating well post The Roc.
    Blossoming into the Electronic music scene and all that while Dame’s a dinosaur who’s still clinging onto his past achievements.

  • jewls

    this is exactly why no one fucks with dame, Dame is lost

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    Damon Dash, one of the best things to happen to Hip Hop (In my opinion). Hip hop will NEVER get another CEO like Dame. He was great for the game, so what he was an asshole, he got the job done! Salute and respect to Damon Dash.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just Blaze is my dude. Dame messed up that ROC by bringing DIPSET in the fold.

  • E

    Dont forget that Just Blaze is also part of the interview. It’s worth a listen just to hear about him and Dame’s relationship. Dame – “I used to tease him, most times it went to far”.

  • zeee


  • FTW

    Just Blaze is using this interview to get closure.

    After years of being basically punked, Just get’s vindication in 2013.

  • vinny

    This nigga started loosing as soon as aaliyah took that flight.

  • godvin

    dame dash is not perfect by far. but just blaze sound like a scorned bitch!! what a fucking flake.


  • Kay

    Dope interview.. Dames a genius

  • GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY INFORMATIVE!!!!!!

  • markmyword


    jay was a worker and decided to listen to all the white people around him and cut ties wit dame.. sell ya soul, but cant sleep at night

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    @markmywords you foaming at the mouth with hate bro!!


    Dame really locks in on niggaz loool even apologizing he be takin lil shots a Just Blaze who really confirmed he a studio geek, beats still fire though, Dame funny as hell, y’all talkin about how he fell off but what he did alone is enough for popping shit, he sold mad records and had awards and he damn sure ain’t broke so stop being suckers for so called relevancy, niggaz be livin their life yo

  • Marko V

    Dame is one if the best that did it. If you ever hustled you know the logic of controlling everything and not being taken advantage of. Otherwise you might as well get a nine to five and take orders. So show some respect to the dude who chose to do things his way regardless of perception in the public. All in all this was actually a mediocre episode. They really never got into enough stories of the Roc. Definitely felt more philosophical than anything else. Not saying that’s bad just saying II expected more.


  • ironic

    I’m willing to bet Dame was far from honest about he truly feels about where he’s at in his business life. He is, however, masterful at manipulating shit. Just Blaze started out using a jersey example to challenge Dame’s claim that his asshole persona was all performance. Dame, in turn, flipped that whole shit to the point where Just looked bitter because he was teased. Interesting dynamics.

  • Ea$y Bread

    Dame sounds like he’s in a good space. That’s awesome to witness.

  • brollya

    a dis is worth the 2 hours…… listen to it….. just blaze a mufucka…. dats all i wanna say…nigga had 10 years worth of hurt in his heart

  • HK

    RealNiggaShit: “Just Blaze you spent to much time on the past bro that’s a convo you could’ve had off the air. We could’ve got more of a step by step on Dame but you trying to repair your Ego over something that happen 10 years ago”

    ^c/s Just got caught up and they wasted too much time on his rhinestone belt, etc. Wanted to hear more detail about the art and other stuff Dame is doing now

  • 2hours!!

    Dames kid got a business! #Respect

  • First off salute to Combat Jack! Street intellectuals at their finest! Dame was an inspiration for a entire generation of young black hustlers trying to enter the music business. He was always upfront and motivated to move his team and himself further. He was not in it for the accolades or the politics but for the money and to advance the culture! I took a little bit of what he did and used it when I was managing artists in the entertainment game. Go to http://urbanpulp.blogspot.com/ and see how G affected my mash down!

  • Xzibit

    only 50 cent worth listening for 2 hours! not wasting my time!

  • LOL

    Just Blaze acting like he caught fleas! Cotdamn! His bitchy voice don’t help his case either.

  • ctg

    I feel like Dame wasn’t being honest when he said he walked away from the music business on his own accord.

    Doesn’t anyone remember that he tried to launch Dame Dash Music Group shortly after he sold his stake in Roc-A-Fella? It was to be a joint venture with Island Def Jam and would distribute labels for Noreaga, RZA, 7 Auerulis and M.O.P.

    The only thing that came of that was Dame Dash Music Group marketing Beanie Sigel’s album The B. Coming (which was still released on Roc-A-Fella). Shortly after the label was dropped.

    I mean, dude was kicked out whether he wants to admit it or not.

    Pride is a motherfucker though. He won’t admit it. Wish they pressed him on it.

  • Coney

    Good interview but there’s parts of it where he’s lying his ass off. He said he was “estatic” when Rocafella ended. Thats bullshit. He may be ok with it now but he was bitter for years. I’m glad he’s at peace with everything now but he act like cool with how everything went down and we all know thats a lie.

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  • TH

    Yeah, what about jumping on Cam and Jimmy’s d*ck when they was dissing J?? Even being in the video with JJ from Goodtimes.. Dude was so bitter then!!



  • WorldFamous_Kev

    Loved All 2 Hours Of It. Thank You Combat Jack and Rap Radar For Sharing