LL Cool J On “Accidental Racist”

A few days after the release of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s audible bomb, the tandem sat with ABC News to discuss the record. LL also explains his comparisons between a du-rag and confederate flag. Some things aren’t always black and white.

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  • TheTruth

    No one cares. Just go somewhere and fade off into obscurity….

  • Slice Bread

    good interview, love the song

  • Dashing

    LL defended the song about as well as he could. The context makes his lyrics a lot less bad, but the song is still cringeworthy, primarily because of LL’s ad libs, but it’s worthy of respect for the attempt at making a unifying song.

    Maybe LL will still be a laughing stock for this, but it does open up a dialogue that people need to have.

  • Whut?

    They tried message was cool…the medium that was used (aka. Country music w rap) poor combination. It just doesn’t work.

    Truth is, the confederate flag is …well…a flag. The sole purpose of a flag is to represent something. Unfortunately this flag represents racism and oppression. A durag or baggy pant’s or any other article of clothing only has one true purpose…A garment.

  • Kemosabi

    It opened up a conversation that many people wanna ignore because they like to pretend that racism no longer exists. If you do that than you’re doomed to repeat. I’ve heard different people speak out against even black history and say its time to do away with these things that differentiate us… It’s bullshit. Good on brad Paisley and ll cool J for trying to make music w substance. I know the song does suck but atleast it wasn’t some gangnam style bullshit. Y’all are angry about the wrong things.

  • zeee

    so lets talk about it. first off all a black person cannot be racist. when we get the definitions and what the word actually means correct then we can talk about it in more detail.

  • jamesrowdy29

    Who the hell do they think they are, they smelled money and thats all, LL looking all butt hurt, healing my ass. LL from New York and been rich for a long ass time what the fuck he know about race relations.

    That motherfucker LL sound like all those white assholes who always telling black folks to get over slavery but has nothing to tell the Jews. LL is out of touch with reality, he probably aint talked to a regular person in a long time, and Brad Paisley gave it a try but showed the usual white ignorance on black folk.

    At 9:50 LL basically said get over slavery u dumb black folk, tell me he didn’t. Sorry but LL is off subject in this whole video and had the nerve to bring up Trayvon OFF TOPIC, talking in circles. Dennis Rodman is more in touch with the people than LL. No such thing as an accidental racist.

  • @Lmao

    Confederate flag doesn’t represent racism or oppression dumbass. It’s the flag for the southern states which ummm retard the blacks fought for also! Damn i can’t stand ignorant ass jits who don’t read up before opening up their mouth. Do some research before looking like a retard

  • @Lmao

    Btw sagging your pants did represent something also. If you were someones bitch in prison you would wear your pants lower. It represented a bitch. Why kids do it white, spanish or black is beyond me. A bitch came out of prison, acted cool so everyone did it? Anyways a du-rag is just a garment. Good job, at least you learned something in school and on the streets

  • http://www.imperfectenjoyment.com Dewan

    Ludacris and Andre 3000 have actually worn the Confederate flag, no one said much. LL’s du-rag exchange offer was wrong (and hilarious) but he had good intentions.


    We Love Drug Dealer Rap and We Hate on This ?

  • realness718

    stop fucking hating on LL!!! wtf respect rap niggas tryna do new and next shit,.. he has a right to come out with something lame hes the GOAT, yall rather talk about ray j smashing kim k and ross bullshit lyrics than something positve, thats y this culture is fucked up , hip hop heads confused as fuck, want substance but want foolery at the same time

  • LIMB0

    the only Country+Rap song I can co-sign is “Over and Over Again”

  • PistolPistol

    A flag can represent different meanings for different people.. No so black and white there pal

  • Despite

    @zeeee That was one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever seen on here. And there’s been a lot.

  • dre

    both of them are accidentally stupid

  • http://gentrification moreffa

    ll look like a old slave sitting near that wet dog smelling cracker

    give up rapping nigga

  • Devante

    I hate to see a legend ruin their career..

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot



  • Traz

    People up here really ignoring the power in this song.

    1) The song ain’t wack. It’s honest . It just isn’t “Hot”. Which is the most overused word in the game right now. This song was not made to shoot up the charts. It was made with the intention of getting whites and blacks to begin having the kind of conversation about race that this country has refused to have since the south was defeated by the north in the civil war.

    2) They both did something that NO MAJOR STAR in music is willing to do other than Nas (The Nigger Album). LL and Brad went into this knowing that they had everything to lose and not much to gain doing this song, yet they had the balls to do it anyway because they both recognize how important it is.

    3) The message in the song is one we all need to start addressing. Race is still something that divides Americans whether we all want to admit it or not. But the truth is, no race is really a threat to one another. The new division in this country is class. Rich people in this country and corporations….they are blatantly saying “Fuck poor people” “Fuck the middle class” with their actions. The thing is, when they do it now, they ain’t discriminating. They shitting on poor and middle class whites, the same way they shitting on poor and middle class blacks. We need to start healing the wounds of slavery and racism, because poor people of all races have to stand united in order to have a chance against those who don’t care if we can feed ourselves and our kids.

    Real Muthafuckin Talk

  • moreffa

    rolling over niggas like a redneck trucker-llcoolj