New Video: Fabolous x Chris Brown “Ready”

No more trailers. With Chris Brown as a wingman, flattop Fab searches for Mrs. Right down in the Dominican Republic. In the end, mami seems to be worth the trouble. The song will appear on Loso’s Way 2: Rise To Power dropping June 18.

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  • Starkylove1

    wtf is fab wearin?

  • ^^^ first comment worthy….trying to be subtle with that weak ass shirt showing his shoulders like a female. what is going on in this industry. Boy oh Boy.

  • Starkylove1

    ^^he saw shorty in the video rockin it and took it from her dressin room b.

  • this dude breezy can get any bitch he wants damn

  • Hammertime

    Drake featuring Drake?
    Nah this look more like
    Fabam Shumpert

  • DEF

    This song wouldn’t be a hit without Chris Brown – dope video though.

  • deo

    fell off hard..



  • Chris

    I hope he gave Drake some publishing or broke him off with some paper for so blatantly biting his whole steez.

  • Black Shady

    WTF was this? LOL

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Another beat that sounds like SHe will..

  • MeMo

    Man I fuks wit funeral fab but this nigga sound like drake taking off in free spirit on this one.

  • Will Will

    He’s close to retirement age. He had a good run. He’s the Jason Kidd of the game right now.

  • Mii o il

    He ain’t been the same since ray j punked him…

  • df

    fab hang it up bro you had a good run

  • brza

    I’m not mad at Fab for this record. This has been his lane since the day. Artists reinvent themselves all the time it’s part of the game. And with Chris Brown under constant scrutiny (for obvious reasons) and still winning = Talent.

  • real

    hit record for bicthes, you niggas get no pussy on this site, i wouldn’t expect y’all to fuck with this, fab always gotta solid album, first loso way was classic i expect the same.

  • gammaboi

    Making Drake records while looking like Wesley Snipes in Blade – just stop!

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  • Reg

    YO wtf. this nigga Chris Brown fought Frank Ocean just so he could steal his fashion sense?

  • Foreign luccini

    *preschool bars* nigga think this 2002!!!

  • Breezy u da best nigga!..f*ck Drake u a coward nigga lol