Drake “Started From The Bottom” Hits Platinum


Drake started from the bottom and now has another platinum plaque.  Two months after it’s release, Nothing Was The Same’s lead single has tallied 1,085,087 receipts. Congratulations to the entire OVO team. Album coming soon?

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  • Hopefully we get the album by the Fall

  • 2 cents.

    “Love me” sold a mill as well. Looks like they’re eating.

  • leti

    welp. drake ain’t taking no L’s.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Oh wow a rap SINGLE going platinum that doesn’t happen in the 2010s. #sarcasm

    Impress me with a 3x platinum album in 8 weeks.

    ^ yup when numbers were proof.

  • TheOne

    YMCMB OVO leggoooo

  • Donn

    Anybody still hating at this point is just looking foolish.

  • JustMyOpinion

    “Album coming soon?”

    ^ NO disrespect but why do people act slow?

    Doesn’t he refer to himself as OCTOBER’S (*hint,hint*) very blahhhhh blahhhh?

  • fh

    Drake run rap haters sit down

  • Black Shady

    Drake refuses to lose. I dont see how yall can hate on the kid

    I still think Take Care was too weak for me, but this nigga is constantly killin it (with his songs or features). Do your thing…

  • YunG based god

    ^ drake has never released an album in October

  • M.T

    “Album coming soon?”

    ^ NO disrespect but why do people act slow?

    Doesn’t he refer to himself as OCTOBER’S (*hint,hint*) very blahhhhh blahhhh?
    The only one slow here is you. Drake released Started From the Bottom 2 months ago. A video has been shot and everything. He pro set to release his second single right now so why would he drop his album all the way in October? smh

  • Young Dopamine

    Drake realest rapper in the game. Never lied in his verses. Y’all haters feel the wrath by the numbers sold.

  • Devante

    I called this shit last summer
    “Drake is gonna mumble on a track and sell millions”

  • dave

    Love this song and freaky canada hoes

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I Started from the bottom and gave Drake a reach around. He also squirted in my mouth…Y.O.L.O

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ M.T

    ^ My bad if I don’t listen to rappers that tell people they “started from the bottom.” When, in fact, they were getting money on Nickelodeon. Silly rap “fans.”

  • Word

    “Nothing Was the Same’s lead single…”

    When did he announce the album title as “Nothing Was the Same”? Must’ve missed that post. (seriously though)

  • hiphopfan

    can’t wait to hear the remix with riff raff

  • Dream On

    explain how this bish started from the bottom?

  • M.T


    Your assumption was just silly and stupid. Being a fan of Drake or even listening to his music has nothing to do with it.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ I don’t listen to Canadians rappers. Assumptions don’t have question marks. You ignoramus. I asked a question.

    I know nothing about the guy except 1) he on a Disney label fronting as an actual rap label 2) ALL his songs sound the same 3) his fans pretend that they don’t.

  • M.T

    u said “why do people act so slow” and referenced his label and then assumed he should be dropping in October just cuz October was in the name of the label in a form of question. Thats still assuming dumbass.

    U claim u dont listen to Canadian rappers and then state all his songs sound the same. How could u possibly know that if u don’t listen to him. idiot


    Any nigga supports this shit is a faggot. Only bottom you niggas know is another niggas asshole.

  • Westside

    @M.T Stay winning.. Haha

  • the brain trust

    Lol @M.T schooled that nigga with simple logic.

    Yo, Drake actually can’t be stopped.

    I wonder if he’ll ever get a billboard number 1 though

  • hovvvvvvv no.1

    he gonna drop the album probably in october or november

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ M.T
    ^ congrats you won an INTERNET argument. Hope you feel great about your accomplishments.

  • jayzuz

    drake will sell a milli first week..

  • G

    ^^ Dont know about that. Though, it is possible, his fans are very supportive,

  • Didn’t know so many people liked his crap music

  • Started on Tv now I make shit music

  • Showboat

    Albums only or it doesn’t count.

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